Monday, February 27, 2017

Wednesday blog . .what? OH sorry wrong calandar - MONDAY blog

I've been fielding questions about the new cell phone tower that might go up in Kiwanis Park in Columbus. Mostly about the aesthetics of the tower and how it's not one of those girder towers but more of a very tall light pole.  People like the fact that Columbus and Kiwanis Park would reap the benefits of the $$ we would be getting.

In other news - I have made it a life goal to ask every restaurant I go into to make sure someone knows the Heimlich maneuver (invented in 1974) after my near death experience.   I decided this when I returned to the place that brought this to my attention and asked the manager if anyone knew this procedure - she was not sure but said it had happened to her once and as she was walking to the bathroom the obstruction became dislodged.

I have had CPR training and DO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOM. That is where people go to die.

So - I jumped onto that horse again and ate there. Then on to home brew club where we registered 3 gold medals in 3 separate competitions last month.  We lost at the Fond du Lac beer fest where oddly all the Fond du lac brewers meddled.  However - since we brought our mega traveling 8 tap kegorator to the brew fest and there there was a problem.

They left everything outside overnight and once they got it into the facility . . it was literally frozen. 40 gallons of beer and not a drop could we drunk.  WELL! - we now have a traveling Sun Prairie Worthog hair dryer.


I spoke of Stra-o-matic - this is a photo of the 1981 All-Star game which was canceled because of a strike.  In it's place and broadcast on many radio stations was a re-creation of the game using Strat-o-matic.  It was played on location .

Then as I was reading my book the author  mentioned SOM

What you don't see is he was not a geek . . YET!!!

What I learned yesterday was that the SAFE percentage on Sac Flies with 2 out was 90% in the majors. WAY WAY too high.  The actual percentage should be more in the 35% range.  Once again, 3rd base coaches are so afraid of looking bad they do not take chances and create less runs.

OH Rickie Weeks. Remember when he was a Brewer and refused to play the Outfield? WITH GOOD REASON.  He played OF in Seattle past year and literally (no really LITERALLY) he is the worst person I have ever seen play the OF.   If he played 162 games in the outfield he would have 22 errors on the very very VERY few balls he would even get too.

France has trained 4 Golden Eagles to attack drones.  I loath drones with all my heart.  Invasion of privacy and all that.


Like to ski?  Mammoth Mountain CA has a 350 inch base.  That is a little over 29 feet!


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has requested $3.1 billion a year for breaking up families that have lived in the US for decades.  A YEAR!

A 2015 report by the the Office of Management and Budget said that all the regulations that were put in place by Obama for the EPA cost $35 BILLION.  But saved taxpayers between $160 billion to $788 billion.  Those are now gone as the Republicans could not care less about the environment.

Actually it sounds like the plan is get rid of the EPA and use that money to bolster the military and build a wall.

OH - In Congress there is H.R. 899 running through the votes that will eliminate the Department of Education

The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.  

And finally.  Republican will lie about anything.

When asked about Trump golfing they said he is only golfing a "few holes".  when in fact he was golfing an 18 hole round.  WHY would they lie about something so trivial.  Good Lord


The Oscars - WOW.  Didn't see THAT ending coming!!  What a cliff hanger!

And is Kevin O’Connell the new Susan Lucci?  I guess not.  After 20 years and 20 nominations he finally won an Oscar for Hackshaw Ridge.


I just read about that guy ion the movie in "Killing the Rising Sun".  The book also had a little in the USS Indianapolis.

OH - DO NOT RENT OR PURCHASE "USS Indianapolis Men of Courage"  Horrible horrible movie.  Really cheaply made and a ton of wrong things.  Not one Survivor likes it and so many people just turn it off.  A travesty.

Instead watch or rent USS Indianapolis The Legacy Project

Based on the largest collection of original source material available on the subject, The Legacy Project is a complete re-telling of the story of the USS Indianapolis,


Side note - I have to go into "work" today.  Seems there is a new boss who just realized I have not come into work for 4 months and I need to complete some security course.  I mentioned that perhaps I'm not really needed anymore??  since  . . well . . . 4 months and all that.

Perhaps I'll take a box in and get rid of all my pens and pencils and so forth.