Thursday, March 30, 2017

Giannis Antetokounmpo / Floaty McFloatface / Black Insomnia

Truth is what the party in power says it is!


This whole coal thing Trump passed is really not THAT big of deal  . . . unless the GOP is in power for more then a few years which is a long shot. (I give Trump 2 years Max) 

You can't build a coal mine in 2 or 3 years and do you think any billionaire will sink money into something that will probably be canceled (or re instituted) in a few years?  Plus he is trying to save jobs that have already been lost to automation.  

The problem with the coal industry is not environmental issues. It's that other energy is cheaper. We don't NEED coal.  PLUS - if the con-man child is going to expand fracking,  coal becomes even less needed.  So once again Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth.   His Executive Order really has very very little practical effect.  Especially since his orders are canceling something that does not take effect until 2022 anyway.  So . . . ."the war on coal" was not going to really start for 6 more years.  Nothing he does will being more jobs for the coal industry.   It's all fluff as usual.


Coffee?  On this gray day are you still trying to wake up?  Starbucks coffee has the most caffeine of all street coffee.  That is why they are so popular.  It's a drug and Starbucks knows it.  You go there - get a jolt, feel good, the day turns brighter and you thank Starbucks and go back for more.

It's the same reason some places give you a piece of candy as you leave.  A little jolt of sugar increases your happiness and your brain says "that is a good place to go to, I will go back".

WELL - a new coffee arrives from South Africa today and it's called Black Insomnia Coffee.  Available on Amazon Prime.  A typical Starbucks coffee contains 5 to 6 grams of caffeine per pound.   Black Insomnia Coffee contains 17.5 grams.  They say that they had to actually cut back the amount of caffeine to keep customers ALIVE as it borders on narcotic.



We watched Allied - I would give it a solid "B". Very entertaining.



I had an opportunity to go to Opening Day Monday but NOOOOOO!  City Council meets Monday.  sigh!  Elections and so forth.


The Brewers look very interesting.  Did you know that they had 40 more stolen bases then the next fasted team in the Majors last year AND . . .they were sealing at a 76% success rate which is MUCH better then the 67% you need to to have it be a positive expectation play.  League average is 69%


there was a study between two almost identical baseball games played 30 years apart.  Both games ended 11-2, had 27 baserunners, 270ish pitches, about 75 batters. Yet the game played in 2014 took 35 minutes longer.  The reason?  The time between pitches.


Survivor Game: Changers is FANTASTIC this year.

The reason people do not "get" shows like Survivor is that don't watch it from the beginning, they don't see the personalities develop. My Texas relatives watched the season premier of Survivor after not liking it before.  NOW they have been sucked in because they see the strategy. They LOVE it.   A true All-Star match up.

But,  there was a reality game show going on in the Scottish wilderness last year. They dropped 23 contestants into the wilderness to spend a year on their own.  10 contestants made it the entire year . . .here is the kicker.  The show was canceled after 4 episodes.   LOL   SUCK!!!


The Isle of Wright (where all those mammoth rock concerts are held and on my bucket list) is having a naming contest for a giant floating bridge to the mainland.  Winning so far? “Floaty McFloatface.”



At least the Senate is acting like adults with this Trump Russian cover up.  I've always felt that The House are a bunch of children and wannabe politicians but when you get the The Senate things get a little more "adult".  

It's freakishly obvious Trump is/was laundering money for the Russians. Why buy a $50,000,000 house, sell it to a Russian oligarch for $100,000,000 who never sets foot in it and then 3 months later he bulldozes the house without ever stepping foot in it.  Seems fishy to me.


Fox news says the American Economy is tanking . . yet this morning the 4th quarter GDP numbers came out and the economy BEFORE President con man came into office grew at a MUCH faster pace then anticipated.

Consumer Spending was WAY up and Corporate profits were up 9%. There are not enough workers for jobs across the US.

The 4th quarter GDP is the last statistics for Obama's economy.  With a growth of 2.1%, most in 4 years Trump will have a hard time with his 4% promise because there are not enough workers for 4%.

The Milwaukee Bucks are the hottest team in the NBA winning 13 of their last 16 of which they were 7-2 on the road which is unheard of.  4-5 would have been a successful road trip. Giannis Antetokounmpo has gone from being a 19 year old amazing talent to a bonafide Star to a soon to be bonafide Super Star perhaps next year .  He has literally gotten better in every category every year (no really, I just looked at his stats and every year in every cat he has improved and he is only 22)

OK - no more coffee - gotta go and find a place to take my lawn mower AGAIN!!!

Rod Out