Monday, March 13, 2017

Let the complaining begin!!

OH - our roads SUCK, why can't we have smooth roads, what are my taxes paying for. Why does our infrastructure SUCK in Columbus. Why are my property taxes so high.

Why are we cutting down all the trees for a new road and brand new infrastructure, nobody told me we would have to make things worse before they got better, can't we leave the 100 year old water pipes in the ground? They seem good NOW!  This road construction came out of the blue, nobody told me about this THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEETINGS!!   We have a newspaper?  Seriously? Nobody told me.  BIKE LANES? why do I have to pay for bike lanes, no one rides bikes in Columbus, the roads are too bumpy.  Where are all the squirrels going to live if we cut down all the trees!!!  

If I don't get a newspaper and I don't listen to the radio and I don't talk to people how am I suppose to know what is going on in this city. What is wrong with city government here can't they inform people what is going on?  Why is the water tower blue and not red! We don't have any cell phone coverage from US Cellular we need more towers . . . but not anywhere where we can see them.  US Cellular guy said "US Cellular puts towers where most others don't" YEA - I GUESS SO!    

Why can't I drive my snowmobile over peoples yards, it's WINTER for God Sake I should be able to go where ever I want - Its WISCONSIN.  

If I park where it says "no parking" why am I getting tickets all of a sudden when I was not getting them before.  

Are the Water and Light smart meters really selling my personal information to the Russians?   

And that was just last week!  

Trust me - the street, once finished will look different but great!  No over head lines, smooth thick cement with dark colored crosswalks outlined in white.  New trees if homeowners want them, bike lanes, sidewalks, new better and ornate lighting leading to downtown where there will be new better ornate lights with trees shading the new road. 

 Confidence is high!  


Yea - check this out!!  2nd place.  I'M NUMBER TWO I'M NUMBER TWO

What you don't see is that this is after I got demoted down a class from the previous week. Now I can try to get an exemption to play in the higher class tour and hope I can stick around.  The GolfClub is a great video game for PS4, Xbox and PC.  


HAPPY BIRTHDAY World Wide Web.   28 years old today! 


On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the addition of 235,000 jobs to the U.S. economy and an unemployment rate that dropped slightly to 4.7 percent in February. But  these numbers shouldn’t be attributed to Trump’s economic policies. Obama's economy is still here for at least another 6 months, and REALLY - Presidents have very very little control over any economy in the short run (meaning 4 to 6 years). They can only slightly influence the long long run.

What the job latest numbers show is that America is in a long slow steady job growth which was started 7 and a half years ago.  Nothing special.  77 straight months of adding jobs and an improving job market.

Trump took over a strong economy as opposed to Obama's fast-moving disaster 8 years ago.


Looks like it might snow.  The good news is I do not see anything massive cold blobs up dare in the North.  Normal March weather fighting to get warmed but winter still has it's hooks in us for a few more weeks.