Thursday, April 27, 2017


So now I'm sad.

DJ and I have been looking into travel trailers - mostly RPods 179s. And in our research we have been following a couple on Your Tube in a series called "Keep Your Daydreams".

This couple NEVER owned a trailer before and have been filming every adventure with tips, hints and so forth as you follow them around the US for 20,000 miles.  

Many tips such as the 4-ways you have for taking the lug nuts for your car is useless for trailers and that most trailers have tires NOT MEANT to carry the load of that trailer

Anyway - they have 63 videos of them and their 3 kids and dog Maddie traveling around the US> 

The sad thing is that Maddie passed away.  They made a video of some of the fun things Maddie did on their trips which is so heart warming even for people that do not know this family.

If you have ever owned a dog as a member of your family - this is such a nice video.


I did not know that staying in WalMart parking lots for free is called "boondocking" and if you can get to a Cebelas  you can get water and electric hook-ups for like $5 or something.

Anyway - now we are looking into Rpods AND dogs (in the future).


Columbus had 0.98 inches of rain last night and I guess it does not take a lot of rain to fill up a rain barrel. I'll have to figure out a way to get the overflow to run off . . . correctly.


Don't get me started on the Presidents tax reform . . . memo.   One page, double spaced with big margins.  Absolutely no specifics on how anything (odd - TRUTH - I thought I typed "anything" but the word when I reread was "thievery" - seriously, that actually happened)  will be paid for except don't worry, your children will pay for the huge debt.

SO - no REAL tax reform, NAFTA is here to stay, Obamacare is not changing, infrastructure is no longer on the menu, China is fine and does not manipulate money, a war with North Korea is on the horizon or more chest pounding, the WALL idea has sort of been scrapped, and the government might be shut down this weekend because the party in power which has TOTAL power, can't get their act together.

Everything is running better then any other administration, in fact the best EVER.    


Fox Fake News  (FNN) is ONCE AGAIN having issues as 11 present and former employees are suing the company over racial discrimination.


In 2016 there were 373,807 jobs in the solar power industry, 398,225 in natural gas and 160,119 in coal.

In the very VERY good TV show "Designated Survivor" which stars Kiefer Sutherland and Natascha McElhone,  which, to me, is a cross between "The West Wing" and "Nikita" their was an episode where the President is having a town hall meeting.

A question was from a guy that had lost his job "How will you get my job back in the coal mines" (or whatever the default occupation was).  The President thought a while and said "I can't, your job won't EVER come back and if anybody says it will they are outright lying to you".


I have found that I actually get an adrenaline rush when I watch Survivor. My mom got that same rush as she was a HUGE fan.  I understand why people do not like this show  IF,  they have not seen it from episode one of a season.  It's like watching any scripted series starting in episode 7. You have no idea of what is happening and why, no back story.

HOWEVER - I will guarantee if you that if you give Survivor a chance from the very beginning of a season you will see what it is all about. If you have ever played board games or any game that has strategy it will be an eye opener.  It's the greatest social experiment ever. You kick off people one by one knowing the same people you have eliminated are the ones that will vote WHO wins the million bucks.

Good guys win, bad guys don't.  And if you hear people saying reality shows are all make believe - that is BS.  90% are but Survivor is not. If you have a camera on you 24 hours a day for 30 days. Your real self will show.

Look at last year. The contestant was informed he was picked to be on the show WHILE his mom is dying of cancer.  They talked and he went on the show at her insistence. While on the show he kept saying he felt his mom was playing along with him and he only told one person.

Here is the kicker. His family said his mom was doing VERY well the entire time he was on the  island.  Once the show was over (but not broadcast yet) and no one knew who would win for another 4 months he got home and hugged his mom.  He said "mom I won" but not really knowing. She said "I know".  

A few hours later she passed away.

Four months later he found out he won.

John Cochran - a total 100% geek won a couple years ago.  Brilliant guy.  Or what about Tia who came in 3rd place but at the awards show someone in the audience came forward and gave him $20,000 for showing what an amazing humanitarian he was.  Good people normally win. Bad people lose.    

This year we had relatives from Texas up and we said the season premier Survivor was on.  The typical "saw it once, didn't like it" comments.  We watched it anyway - now their entire family is hooked.


The GOP cronies that now run the Department of Education has rejected 2,400 low-income high-school students who applied for Upward Bound grants because of trivial formatting errors (not putting in a double space in a line).


This blog took a little longer then expected.  I was typing away when DJ says OMG - my appointment is in 25 minutes!!  We got to the Hospital 35 minutes later.  . . . . the DR was running late.


Remember - these guys NEVER owned a trailer before. You see everything, good AND bad.

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