Thursday, April 6, 2017

Brokmire / Joe Buck / Trump

WOW - what a day yesterday.

First the Government stopped supporting civil war reenactors by pulling all funding for the artillery. This basically puts all civil war reenactors out of work unless they have a LOT of money.  No artillery and it pretty much stops reeanactments.

I found this out when a local group got a message saying no more financial help for artillery upkeep and transportation.  History is to be ignored.   Budget and of course terrorism issues.  What if ISIS got a hold of a smooth bore 6-pounder.

THEN the President said Bill O'Reilly, who has paid off woman at the tune of $13 million to keep quiet about sexual harassment and now with 44 advertisers pulling advertising, said O'Reilly is fine and has done nothing wrong in his view.  Of course the guy that has no problem groping woman and bragging bout it see's nothing wrong.

THEN Putin says Assad is not as bad as people think. Syrians try to flee being killed by a not so bad person but Trump bans Syrians who are trying to not be killed because they are Muslim.  Assad then gasses men, woman and children and Trump blames Obama for it (but will do nothing).

THEN Trump holds a rally and talks for 20 minutes about how his electoral victory was a record and how amazing it is.

THEN Amtrak said it will stop service to Columbus and Wisconsin along with 23 States because the Federal Government is cutting a $499 million grant for improving rail service.

And what will be historians take on Mitch McConell be when he changes the rules for a president who lost the popular vote, has a 35% approval rating, and is under FBI investigation for his ties to Russia.

Making America GREAT again?  really?


We watched the first 2 episodes of Brockmire in IFC (333?) on DIRECT and it was a darkish comedy about a sportscaster gone bad and is back with a minor league team.  It is pretty good and dare I say . .raunchy.  Very different then most comedy's and well worth a look.   Wednesday nights at 9:00

And yes Hank Azaria is the voice of many Simpson characters.  The show was picked up for a second season even before the first episode was aired.   My ONLY rant was after working in the Minor Leagues for a few years - - it's not really like what they have shown so far.