Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rainbow Falls (not gay it seems - not that that would be a bad thing)

So - it seems my brothers phone is like 2G or something, pre Blackberry I think so I'm just saying anybody at his work place . . . LET LOOSE . . .we can knock him off line just by making a phone call so his secret HD cameras he installed to monitor you are of no use. 

Just sayin'  wink wink. 


Just thinking out loud here - the good thing about our President being basically illiterate, in that he literally can not read more then 2 sentences at a time (his briefings have a lot of illustrations, he once said "explain it to me like I was a six year old"  NO NO maybe that last part is stretching it). Back on topic  I can say anything I want about him and I know I've lost him already!!


We arrived at Sapphire late Sunday in the dark and the roads are sort of like the roads on St John USCI.  up down around.  I swear there is one corner that is a 400 degree turn. Plus there was a steady moon crater effect with BLAST ZONE signs.  Lets just say it was a dark adventure.  OH OH once we get off the highway from hell we see that they close at 6:00 and we have to call security. But the security number is "not available".  It's like we are on a freaking island. There is more tot the story but those are the highlights.  I also believe the electricity here is only 211 and not 212.  Takes forever to charge our phones and then just sitting there they lose power in 2 hours.

Not many "far away" tourists.  Local, SC, NC Kentucky. Nobody from more then a few hundred miles.  HUGE HUGE homes on top of the ridges. I'll have to get some photos.

The four of us went to Gorges State Park home of a bunch of water falls. Water falls are everywhere.  This area gets 92 inchs of rain per year (45ish for WI and ILL) so there is a lot of water.

We took one short hike to Bear Wallow falls, rather unspectacular but it was a test which Rall's shoes
failed.  DJ and I just got back from a 4 mile "strenuous"  hike to see Rainbow Falls and some other falls which was well worth the grunting.  Was not so "strenuous" on the way down.   

Spray all over my lens and I'll have to wait to get back home on a real computer to work on some images.  My iPhone has some nice ones but mailing them to myself is proving a hassle at 1 meg per hour (it feels like)

We wanted to go to these falls on Tuesday but got to the parking lot and it was packed with people so we decided to wait until the next morning when no one was there.  BINGO.  Had the place all to ourselves.

As I type this Ralls is making a pot roast . . . I literally have never had a pot roast on vacation.  (Note - it was GREAT).

While I wait for images to download (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) here is a new one

I mention this as there is a retailer that contacted me about putting some of my image on clothing like scarves and shirts. Once I saw that Trey Ratcliff also was involved (my guru) I was sort of sold.  For instance:

that could be one of my photos.

So I get 10% of the sales and the people actually producing the product are provided literacy programs. They learn to read, write, and do basic math and build a better life for generations to come (at least that is what I have been told).

And since I've decided to not do as many art fairs I need to expand my horizons.  Look for galleries and other venues.

WOOP - another photo downloaded - this is where we had a little picnic. 

Outside our . . . . .apartment??  I'm not sure what to call it . . was this tree.

After consulting with people on Facebook it seem to be woodpeckers and not bears.  

SO today ended with Ralls, Stacey, DJ and myself playing billiards, Ping-Pong, mini golf, air hockey and some bowling game.  Drinking beer, wine and milk.