Monday, April 17, 2017

Sapphire National Golf Club

As we all know I'm a huge Survivor fan and before I get into our vacation I have to show this Tribal Council that has been on the news

It's not often you get to see a TG individual outed to the world.  This was Zekes 2nd time on the show and this series is called Game Changers as they have All-Stars from the past 33 seasons who were big players.  NO ONE expected this.  The perp has been fired from his job.  It was a shocking episode.

What gets me was Sarah about the 9:45 mark who proclaims this was a BIG moment in HER life as well.  I was a very emotional show from the start.  Eating 1/4 cup of rice and a coconut a day for 18 days can wear on your and the Survivors were talking about how the show changes you and how they can not explain to non-players what it does to you.  Even Navy Seals have stated that it is MUCH harder then you think.

They say not not the physical but the constant 24/7 psychological game playing. You can not turn it off and you can not truly trust ANYBODY.


As for the vacation.

DJ and I started back from Cashiers NC at 7:00AM our time with the goal of getting to Indianapolis.  But 8 hours later I was fine driving so why not save a hundred bucks and drive all the way home.  Easy right?

Yea - it was - except for rain the last hour that made Wisconsin roads (truly the worse we had been on)  a downer.  Got home about 11:00PM

Herrin Knob - Smokey Mountains
The big news is my brother and I went golfing at the Sapphire National Golf Club and he did GREAT (for him).

Last year we golf together for the first time.  Typical new golfer with clubs that Ben Hogan probably used 50 years ago.  Non-forgiving clubs from 3 generations ago.

I handed him one of my clubs and on the 9th hole in Kewaunee he hit the ball a good 150 yards which was 100 yards farther then normal. WELL, that showed promise.

Over the winter he purchased a PING 5W with a senior shaft and then I gave him my Callaway irons since I have now ones.

Totally different golfer.

Obviously a work in progress but literally no need to play best ball.  The guy can "golf" with at least one club which is where it all starts. Get confidence that you can hit ONE club and then work on the next - perhaps a 6 or 7 iron next.

On the 8th hole we had this 162 yard carry over water.  "I can't possibly make that green" he proclaimed!

He hit the trap on the left.   Me?  See that flag pole way way on the right?  I was on the little island of grass the flag was on.

On another hole we had a 170 yard 50 feet down shot

Ralls hit it into the woods on the right twice before getting somewhere  . . ahead on the 3rd shot.  Me?

Well, I chinked the ball on one and landed near the red tees you see near the bottom.   I took out another ball for fun and

that is my ball farthest from the hole but still GREAT (if it was my 1st shot).

So that is the golf part of the vacation.  We did go to a driving range on Monday to stretch out the tendons but the range had a limit of 170 yards which was not REALLY a "driving" range at all.

So - nuff said on golfing. More next time.

BEAUTIFUL Course. Wide forgiving but hard fairways.  Not a lot of even landing areas.


In other news - I had been working on baseball wagering for the 45th year of my life and completely failing the other 44 times.

So far this new system has a ROI of 11% after 169 attempts but if I only wager on Dogs the ROI is 20% after 69 games.  Need more data but at least it's looking good so far.

System says Brewers get shut out tonight 6-0 by the cubs


Back feels great so working out today.

carry on