Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The New Pornographers

Speaking of the Milwaukee Brewers and Thames (11 HRs now). Miller Park is BY FAR the easiest ball park in the Majors for a left handed hitter to hit home runs.  Right handed no so much.

another problem for the Brewers is the lack of left handed pitchers.


I mentioned before that the GOP in Wisconsin got rid of those pesky regulations about where cell towers can be built.  Communities have ZERO say if a cell tower wants to be built 20 feet from a day care or elementary school.  They can build ANYWHERE and you can't do a damn thing about it.

The only thing a community can do is complain  . . .so we are.

This is being sent to our representatives who believe making money far out weighs the health and well being of it's citizens.

The scamming of America continues with the corrupt GOP. I think it's funny how our Governor is sitting in his high castle picking his nose on how to fill pot holes on Wisconsin Roads while Illinois prepares to make 500 million a year with legal cannabis.

Illinois literally has not passed a budget in 2 years. They pay lottery winners AND State employees in IOUs (no really they do).


A few projects I've been working on at home.  Yesterday I put in a rain barrel.  Oddly the downspout stops ABOVE the barrel and gravity splash's the water into it (not how I had envisioned it but that is how it's done it seems).  I had to use a disc to move the water away from the house.  Temporary solution .  Also I don't have the nozzle in yet - it's a work in progress as I was in a hurry before the next 8 days of rain.

The The Jahnke Company, LLC came by last week and cut tree circles around all of our trees and while they were here I had them cut out some more areas and Elwood and I (mostly "I") have been working on filling in the blanks with Georgia Blue

Busy busy.


OH - when I spoke of Kewaunee being a God forsaken frozen Tundra . . .only when it's 72 here and 45 there.  Otherwise it's really a nice little town.  We shall see what happens when my brother becomes an alderman  LOL

I remember vividly when we signed all the papers for moving to Columbus.  They last thing the real estate dude says was "I hope we see you guys around, don't be strangers".  And DJ said to my surprise "Oh, I'm sure you will see us around".

Speaking of that . . . my plate is filling up for the summer.  With 2 or 3 photography seminars/talks at the library and now a Public Enemy talk to a group from Portage.


I know nobody every plays other peoples music finds but I gotta try.  This is a super group from the Vancouver music scene.  I call them  as a sophisticated B-52s and love All of the music I have heard from these guys.

Don't let the name fool you.  The New Pornographers