Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Writers strike? AGAIN? and NO TREES downtown?

If I sound a little irritated just bear (bare?) with me as . . . . .I'm a little irritated about the tree situation downtown, or lack of.

Several things are on my to do list as alderman and one of those were getting trees downtown. They soak up noise and they soak up pollution, they cool pavement and sidewalks and give the pedestrians comfort as they soften the cityscape. We all know that the key to a vibrant downtown is to make it pedestrian friendly which right now (and even before construction) - it was not.

WELL - seems, even with almost constant prodding trees might have been left off the final plans even though the City Council voted on having trees.  DON'T MAKE ME CHASE THAT WINDMILL - THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT.



Been busy doing morning crap lately and thus no blogs.  Had part deux of tooth augmentation last Thursday and nitrous oxide is my friend. TURN IT UP TO 11!!

Just a photo of DJ when I told her it would have to be the NFL and not MLB! 
Part duex was drilling a post into the cadaver plug they put in 6 months ago. OH - the cadaver part is gone, replaced by my real bone so who ever it was in my mouth thank you.

Then Friday DJ had a Dr appointment about her shoulder and a pain she has had forEVER.  She was going to get a steroid shot which would blow her chances to play major league baseball but still fine for the NFL or Professional Golf so we still have a hope for getting rich once she learns one of those trades.


You know how wonderful it's been the last few days - well, yesterday we took a drive up to Kewaunee and CRIP - what is this god-forsaken frozen tundra.  72 in Columbus and 45 in Kawaunee!  WTF!

Well - expect NINE DAYS OF RAIN coming up.  Not continual but once that front goes through tonight 9 days of a good chance of rain each day.


Don't you find it funny how the party in total power is talking about shutting down the government because they cannot pass their own budget?  It probably won't happen but the plan is to build a wall that nobody wants at the cost of Obamacare which has a MUCH higher approval rating that our dementia laced President and his corporate con man (who are getting RICH on YOUR money).

Speaking of Obamacare-ish.  24 States are in the process of EXPANDING contraceptive access (backwards Wisconsin is not one of them).


Sounds like Illinois is fast tracking legal cannabis. Colorado broke a record in the  first 2 months of 2017 with $235 million in sales IN TWO MONTHS. This is up 30% from last year.  Price of cannabis has dropped significantly in the last year.

This sort of mirrors guns.  When Obama was President gun sales went through the roof as people were afraid Obama would take their guns. Now with a con-an in office gun sales are drying up. HOWEVER with the woman groping President with the onset of dementia people are buying cannabis like there is no tomorrow.

According to one report with cannabis prices lowering many who used to buy black market pot are switching to legal pot where they can get it.

Every year, a survey called Monitoring the Future polls over 40,000 high school students about their drug use.  Cannabis use dipped starting in 2008 but then started creeping up again. However in 2013 there has been a downward trend which oddly correlates to when Washington and Colorado became legal recreational cannabis markets.

So far their is no trend that shows legal cannabis leads to more smoking for teenagers.


From the Melotte Photo Imagery Collection.  tee hee

The VIDA Statement Bag, featuring bold, vivid prints, complete with genuine cow-hide leather straps, leather base, and trims, is the most coveted VIDA accessory of the year. Accessorize with this bag for a statement look that turns heads and sparks conversations - around town or across the world.


20% of the 395 member of congress do not live in the district they represent.

By the year 2025  the US will need 40% more oncologists. People are living much longer and because of this cancer is a bigger threat because people are not dying of "other stuff".  Of course it seems that many oncologists come from other countries (or used too before the GOP war on science started). So this is a pretty big problem.

The war with Canada has begun. The US placed a 20% tax on all soft lumber (for building homes) on Canadian lumber so new home prices to rise.  Buy AMERICAN.

Seems 20,000 retired coal miners will lose their insurance unless the GOP does something in the next few days.  The GOP has helped the people who OWN the mines but are ignoring the workers (which is what the GOP does).  Help the rich, screw the poor.


Brewers - Arcia is a VERY good fielding short stop.  In fact the brewers as a whole are fielding much better then last year.  The only big hole is Thames at 1st base but . . . .461 OB and 10 home runs will turn a blind eye to that LOL


Remember the 2007 writers strike from many years ago.  The strike that ruined many good shows.  The Mole and Deadwood are two that come to mind.  Well Deadwood writers have submitted a script to HBO for a movie and ALL actors in teh show said they will LOVE to be in that movie.

WELL - here we go again - 96% of members of the Writers Guild of America have voted to go on strike against the production companies.  Its not looking good.