Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Arby's responds

 My strategy for drafting my SOM team is working out fine.  Everybody needs starting pitching so when I drafted I went for as many young relievers that also started games hoping they would get a chance to be a starting pitcher.  My 40 man roster has 25 pitchers.

Working GREAT.  AT THE MOMENT I have 5 full time starters with ERAs under 3.75 and 3 more in the middle 4.00s. 

Of course my offense is hurting with both middle infielders on the DL. All NEXT year.  This year 20-9.


Got a call from a "NO CALLER ID" and they left a message.  Problem was the message was unintelligible.  I played it back a few times and heard the word "Arby's".  The person on the other end of the line had a THICK Asian accent. 

I called back and got a guy with a THICK . . . Caribbean accent. They are sending me more free meals and asked if I could be open to another call.

Reminds me of when I complained to McDonalds  about the Columbus McDonalds.  My Big Breakfast scrambled "eggs" were literally pea size pieces.  I took a photo and asked for a spoon as even a fork was worthless.  Got a bunch of free breakfasts but did not go back there for a while.  Our McDonalds continually make the worst Big Breakfast's, STILL.


Watched Doctor Strange.  Is it me?  Are all superhero movies now 80% boring fight scenes?  I have not seen a good superhero movie in a LONG time.

Speaking of superhero.  Started watching Iron Fist on Netflix.  Loving the show so far.  Also - I watched the season finale' of Sense8 on Netflix.  I literally was applauding like a little child. What an outstanding show. Eight strangers from different parts of the world suddenly become "sensates"; human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked. Politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion are all explored  from different parts of the world.

They all come together for the finale' with their unique talents.  It's written by Lilly and Lana Wachowski who wrote The Matrix series, V for Vendetta, Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending . . they seem to do better in a series it seems. 

Check out the season 1 trailer 



Don't by Coach bags.  They are so yesterday and sales are plummeting.  Gotta by Kate Spade bags now. 

OH - that Yankee game Sunday night. 

Longest interleague ever. Longest Sunday night prime time game ever.   I turned the game off after the Cubs tied it up in the 9th.  Was not going to watch the Cubs win.  SADLY, I missed the last 3 hours of the game as it went 18 innings.

It seems after the 9th inning comes the 10th inning and with it 10 consecutive strikeouts.  Along the way (earlier in the game actually) there was a home run hit and the outfielder never even saw it.  The ball went straight up 143 feet and the OF never budged in the twilight!  

On that subject - can the Brewers announcers get any more default sounding? God awful to listen too!  In fact I thought it was one guy because his partner sounds almost exactly the same AND, they sound exactly like 90% of the other announcers in MLB.  What happened to having a personality in the booth. 


Bovada came out with their over/under for next years Super Bowl race. So - what do you think. How many wins will the Pack get next year. Bovada says

Packers are at 10 wins.
Bears  5.5
Browns 4.5
Cowboys 9.5
Lions 8.0
Vikings 8.5
Patriots 12.5
Eagles 8.0

And in case you REALLY need a fix, the Packers are 3.5 favorites over the Seahawks September 10th (3.25 starting time)

The Derby - yea - my horse . . .ThunderSnow - seems he really did not like racing that day . . . did he even make it out of the gate?  sigh!  No I guess he didn't until they like walked him around the circle.

Where was my mom - she was GREAT at picking horses.


I'm reading astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  I'm already up to 1 second after the big bang and so much has already happened.  The universe was the size of the Milky Way after 1 second.  Where does the time go.

I like where he says - "After 9 billion years of such enrichment, in an undistinguished part of the universe in an undistinguished galaxy, in an undistinguished region, an undistinguished star, our Sun, was born".

Earth is a  meaningless small dot of rock in the back alley of the universe.


James Comey - just keeps getting deeper and deeper doesn't it. Someone is not telling the truth. A LOT of what he has said seems to be totally inaccurate.

OK - don't get me started.