Thursday, May 4, 2017

Are you recording this?

We got a free upgrade with DIRECT TV with a new tiny genie.  But there have been issues.  Things recording that we have never heard of,  remote being REALLY slow with what seems to be a SMALL cone of radar and screen freezing for a few seconds every 10 or 15 minutes.

WELL - the recording of random programs, THEY SAY, is user error.  FAIL - I think not. But it's an easy issue to delete. I can't believe we would randomly - BY ACCIDENT - record 3 or 4 random shows.

Screen freezing is a known issue they are working on and the remote was an easy fix.

Press the MUTE and ENTER at the same time and your remote goes into RF mode and can now see through things as opposed to being in a direct line.  That works GREAT.


My virtual golf world with TheGolfClub (TGC) and IRL (In Real Life) golf met last night and I tell ya -  TGC helped my game.  I visualized greens much better and on one hole last night it was uncanny.   I was standing over a 7 yard chip shot saying to myself "this is exactly like a shot I had a few nights ago online".   I sank it.

My only problem was the greens were MUCH slower then Augusta and so forth  LOL  Still - I had my best 1st night round since 2013 with a 49.

I've had GolfShot on my iPhone for 6 years which records every round, so the other night I made a spread sheet of all my Door Creek league rounds.  On average I improve 4 strokes up to week 12 and then lose 2 strokes on the final 6 rounds.  My average first round score is 52.5, 49 last night. Average 2nd round score is 51.5.  Average of 86 rounds 49.6.  Yup - that is what a 25 handicap dude scores.

SADLY - I see my best year was 2011 which was also the year I stopped working full time AND golfed a lot more.  Weird how practice makes you better.  WHO KNEW!!!

Then there are my new golf balls.  MaxFli SoftFli which have a 35 compression golf ball. yes - THIRTY FIVE - lots of myths about low compression golf balls.

One is that they are only for low swing speed golfers.  Test results show that there is very very minimal difference in velocity and distance between high and low swing speeds with low compression balls.

Low compression balls do do better then at low temps then high compression while high temps they are basically the same (but still better) as high compression.

"Testing of a significant number of golfers indicates that low compression/soft feel golf balls are preferred by a majority of players regardless of handicap. With the correct design, low compression golf balls can be produced that have distance performance that is as long or longer than higher compression golf balls."

I REALLY like my balls.  I'm not sure they are longer off the tee but so far I'm consistently hitting them farther with irons by 10 yards (when I actually make contact) and the feel great.


DJs dad.

Some of you know he had some time in the Columbus hospital last weekend.  Verdict - Rectal Ulcer. Drink more liquid and eat more protein is the main takeaway.  DO IT.   He's "fine" now. Or as fine as a 92 year old USS Indy Survivor can be.

BTW - have I mentioned that the movie "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage"  is a HORRIBLE movie?

"Marine! why did you sign up to be a Marine".  "To kill Japs Sir!".   A cliche' ridden movie based loosely on a book nobody ever read.

In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors

Seems the guy that made racial slurs in Boston now has a lifetime ban.

This whole fluoride controversy has popped up again and I refuse to believe fluoride, as used, is poison.  CASE CLOSED!


Seems about right to me - who does he think he is - DON'T MESS WITH AMERICA!

"An Australian man was imprisoned by U.S. immigration officials after getting delayed at the Canada-U.S. border and subsequently overstaying his U.S. visa by 90 minutes".


Of to yet another dentist appointment - WISH I would have had fluoride as a kid.