Wednesday, May 10, 2017

pure energy with no mass

Well, I tell ya.  One thing I'm no longer going to worry about is aliens stumbling upon earth.  Seems we are in the far off regions in the back ally of the universe.  SO - check that worry off my list.

FUN FACT - there is a reason people pay attention to light years (some people).  It's because that is the fastest ANYTHING can go.  It's one rule that cannot be broken.  Pure energy with no mass. Faster then light cannot happen.

However - pure energy with no mass can move a sail. Of course a very special sail. Blows my mind.

I'm loving Astrophysics.


hmmmmmm - what else has happened lately hmmmmmmm

OH - seems there was some sort of hub-bub at the White House last night.  Seems thd con-man President was so excited because he was going to do something that his aids told him would be WIN WIN.  Fire the Director of the FBI (like Nixon did) and BOTH sides of the aisle would be cheering.

So - he gave the order and fired Comey . . .without telling Comey first (Comey found out on TV).  In fact Trump tweeted "They will all be thanking me".


And then the shit storm hits and Trump who sat down to watch all the good news he created is shocked. And then he is shocked even more when his aids are not backing him.  In fact is now RAGING mad as he see's all his aids are attacking each other for not realizing this MIGHT go badly.

The rookies running the country are clueless about their actions and results. I guess when you hire an auto mechanic to do open heart surgery because they both fix things it might not go as well as you thought.  WHO KNEW!!!   Well, this is what people wanted right?  Some new blood and a new way of doing things.

Who cares that the 3 people investigating a con-man in the White House that con-man fired those same 3 people to shut them up.

Sounds like the the Saturday Night Massacre?  when Nixon fired independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, and as a result the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973, during the Watergate scandal. - - - this is looking more and more Watergate-ish.

"Comey and his department have been investigating ties between the Russian government and the Trump camp for months. The investigation seems serious. The con-man President has now fired a man who was a major potential threat to his presidency."

Of course the GOP spokesperson said "It's time to move on, and, frankly, it's time to focus on things the American people care about." Oh yea - for sure, totally with you on that one - thank goodness THAT'S is over.  WHEW!   Everything is once again running smoothly.


OH - John Ossoff the liberal in that run off for Georgia Special Election for the red-ist of red counties in Georgia is ahead in the polls.

Seems the GOPs savior con-man woman groping President is pulling the GOP down the tubes with him.  When I said last year Trump was the death of the GOP . . . I might have been right but not the way I was thinking it would go.


Going to be a mudder for golf tonight.  I hope I do better then Thunder Snow did last Saturday in teh rain.


Got my lawn mower back from Sun Prairie Power Center after 4 weeks in the shop for a broken wheel and I'm taking it back today because the front wheels are locked. sigh.  EVERYTHING that Kirchberg Repair repaired last year has now broken.  This is the last repair for this lawn mower. - EVER. It's been a good boy for 12 years.

Speaking of Fall River - We have been touring assisted living places (not for me) and there is one in Fall River that is AMAZING. The same people that are building the HUGE complex across from the hospital run this one and it is truly a fantastic place.  The Meadows of Fall River.

I would not move a child to Fall River (no fluoride) but an adult is fine.  If I had a child I would move out of Fall River ASAP.


Recreational marijuana goes on sale in Nevada on July 1, six months ahead of the scheduled deadline.


Gotta run - going to Sun Prairie Power Center AGAIN ASAP.