Friday, May 5, 2017

Trumpcare Version 2A - don't worry - never happen

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would remove several protections for people with pre-existing conditions (like my skin cancer), cut Medicaid, allow states to get waivers that allow them to drop essential health benefits, cut taxes on the rich, phase out funding for Medicaid expansion and more. It now moves on to the Senate.

This version will cut taxes by $765 billion with the top 20% of healthy earners getting 64% of that money while healthcare for the poor are slashed.

HOWEVER - Everyone is getting all upset but Trumpcare version 2a and it will never ever see the light of day.

Now the Senate has THEIR health plan that is much different. They now need to reconcile the differences (merge) and then vote on the new combined bill.  THEN the House will take the new combined bill, make their changes  and again vote. THEN, it goes back to the Senate who will make more changes and then they vote.

A long long process.  The Senate has some important and very close races coming up so Trumpcare will be a job killer for many GOP incumbents (as it was for many DNC incumbents with Obamacare - and the reason Trump is our President).  This bill will quietly die in the Senate.  Obamacare killed a large number of Democrats and Trumpcare will do exactly the same to the GOP if they let it.

remember - 100% of the time in American history - the party that controls the white house starts to lose power almost immediately from Governors all the way up the line.    


Just to make you feel REALLY insignificant

I'm not a "photo gasper". I don't look at a photo and gasp at it's beauty . . . . normally.  This one I literally did gasp.

 That little spec is Earth as seen from between Saturns Ring's from the Cassini Spacecraft.  OR - it could be fake from the fake Nasa missions trying to pretend all that "science" garbage.


I took a tour of the new Library annex . . . house - what a totally screwed up house that is. One full bathroom in the entire house, upstairs in someones bedroom.


Still working on trees downtown.  There are issues with the size of sidewalks and ADA and all that but things are moving forward - trees are sill (or back) in the plans. What we need are business to step up and provide bike racks and so forth for downtown when the end game is nigh!


So my brother and his very cool wife narrate for books on "tape".  It's a very complicated thing they have to do with their voices to narrate a book for the public. MUCH more complicated they you would think.  They have a little studio and so forth.

ANYWAY - he has been accepted to narrate a book about the USS Indianapolis.  How awesome is that!!


OK - gotta run . WEATHER - we have an Omega block so what we have now is what we will have for a while across the US.  Whatever your weather is NOW, it ain't changing for 4 or 5 days.  We will be cooler then normal BUT . . . . dry (except for a cold front pushing through tonight with showers) and then back to what we have now!

Carry on