Friday, June 16, 2017

Back and well.

Vacations are awesome but it's always good to be home. I see we had some tree damage from a storm . . . or some people from The Cage were hanging on a branch for practice.

I hear there are some complaints about the new sidewalks downtown looking terrible and they never cut out the spots where the trees were going to go.  I'll have to wander down there and take a look.

The Emerald Ash Bore is now on Columbus.  Friends in Fort Atkinson said it was there and ash trees are coming down.  If you have an Ash tree better prepare to say good-bye.  Remember the 70s with the Elms?

OH - My brothers son Chris has qualified for the OCR World Championships.  The OCR Worlds are an extreme obstacle race - not unlike that TV show like American Ninja but a LOT harder and a lot longer (15 kilometers) AND, it's in mud.

Anyone unfamiliar with Chris he is an adventurist and has a few stories to tell include being held at gun point in some el' Presidante' county when he stumbled upon a secret government prison in the jungles.

So we're home and I need to go pick up my lawn mower from Prairie Power Center as they have had it for 6 weeks and not fixed it yet so that will be fun. 

It's now on my bucket list to see a concert.  Amazing place 

I'll have more on this venue in the coming week but for now a few other shots from outside the place first  

This is Denver from Red Rocks. I'll be honest with you. I thought this venue was in Arizona LOL You know, Red Rocks and all that.  My Bad.

 I wish I was a geologist to know what was going on.

The one other shot I want to share this morning was from a hike around Monarch Lake near Grandby CO.

This is one of my favorite images - if you look you can see the fishing line going off the edge of the image.   We saw a moose on that trail.

OH - health.

WOW - DJ and I both had head colds as we traveled to Winter Park, elevation about 9500 feet.  We were crushed.

The mantra is DRINK DRINK DRINK before you get to altitude.   Denver is one thing but then it's UP UP UP and your sinus's will take a hit. YEA - especially if you have a head cold.  What a nightmare for our brains.

We did not have these problems last year so it had to be the colds.  Plus - we got a double whammy.

Both of us were suffering on the way home as all of a sudden the sinus decided it was time to drain with humidity and lack of elevation.

I just thought I would have a quick blog so ya'all know we are alive.  Next week I'll mention our stop at a cannabis shop and how that all works (who knew you would get a senior discount). You can't take anything out of the state but while you are there it's all good.  Had to try it right?  They are pretty anal with rules which is a good.  

And BTW - cannabis did help with sinus issues.