Monday, June 26, 2017

Gus, Trumpcare, Sidewalks and golf

Whole lot of things going on behind the scenes with hospice care and hospitals and bad doctors "calling it in" and so forth so I might morph into some absurd mood from time to time so just bear (bare?) with me.


I won't even get into the "controversial" sidewalk situation downtown but I drove and parked on the most controversial part (in front of The Cage) and DJ had zero issues opening and closing her car door.  Yea the 3 feet next to the curb is at a 20 degree slope.  Instead of the entire sidewalk sloping as it used too they had to make the majority of the sidewalk flat and slope the 3 feet that is near the curb.

Hopefully the people with the complaints will show up to City Council and tell the DOT how to do their jobs.  They will be in attendance at a future meeting to take questions, suggestions.  Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

In other news Drexel Building Supply has decided, after a good number of months in meetings with council and city government, to expand to Columbus offing 40 $40K a year jobs.  Seems like a wonderful company who believe workers are their greatest asset.  They actually pay employees to read books.  

They will build in the new TIF 4 area near Fromm Family foods is doubling their dog food factory and they will utilize the all of a sudden important rail hub.

So while everyone is whining about a half block of sidewalk nobody is talking about a major player in Columbus economics coming to our city.

For some of the out of towners here are some images from Friday of downtown Columbus.

James Street taken from next to Sharrows

See where the guy is cleaning?  This is the controversial part. Because of the intersection that needs to be somewhat level the street needs to ramp up a tad and level off.  The sidewalk has to be flat and then ramp down to the street at 20 degree's.  That area will have poles, street lights and trees. There will be no walking on that section anyway.

It seems nobody complains about broken sidewalks in that area downtown but brand news ones they come out of the woodwork even before it's finished.


Last week and next week are big golf weeks for  me. Friday was balderdash's birthday and  as customary he golfed 36 holes (54 holes in his youth I believe).   First they played Door Creek in the morning but half of that course was flooded from rains Thursday night.

Then they drove over the The Oaks where I met up with the clan and THAT place was flooded also with rivers running over the bridges but it was golfable.  I played my best 17 holes of my life I think as I was bombing drives (for me) and connecting on a good percentage of my shots.

That 18th hole was a devil though and more course knowledge might have help. Indecision killed my game.  I was on a down slop between clubs with no area to bail out. too short I lose my ball, too long would have been MUCH better.  I was so between clubs is was crazy.

In retrospect I should have kicked the ball 50 yards closer and then used a 9i but NO!!!!!   I took a 9 and ended with a 95. sigh!

This Wednesday could be the first Wednesday night rain out in over 3 years and Monday is the 18 holes plus afternoon Brewer game.  Tee time at Naga-Waukee War Memorial Golf Course is BEFORE 7:00 which means I need to get up before 7:00 . . . MUCH before 7:00.

Naga-Waukee is a muni course and is literally one of the best Muni's I have played on and after 18 holes we rush to Milwaukee to take in the Brewers.

Noted golf course architect, Lawrence Packard, transformed 200 wooded, Kettle Moraine acres into a beautiful and challenging, irrigated, 18-hole championship golf course. The rugged terrain and breathtaking views of Pewaukee Lake make playing this course an unforgettable experience. 


The GOP budget is about to kill 1 million people in sub-Saharan Africa as it defunds antiretroviral drugs for people with H.I.V.  But the GOP mantra, if it does not kill Americans who cares about people in other countries. George W Bush is not a happy x-President.

64% of people in nursing homes rely on Medicaid.  Too bad, you will be booted out of your nursing home with the new GOP Trumpcare -  lack of payment.  Remember the GOP mantra, the rich need the money more then you do but don't worry, it will trickle down eventually and you will be rich and can afford any nursing home you want . . . in the future IF it works (it has never worked in the past).

But, you are fine until AFTER the mid term elections because nothing bad happens until AFTER the elections.  What a coincidence.  

OH - The Koch Brothers that run the GOP hate Trumpcare also, none of the versions



This is Gus  week 1,2,3,4,5,and 6

And Gus at 7 weeks

Look at those eyebrows 

We pick him up Thursday and my life and sleep habits change dramatically.


If you have not gone past the water tower lately this is what Elwood and I have accomplished so far.

    Have a great cool Monday.  Sunday was the coldest day in 32 days.  It will get warmer this week with a good chance of  pop up thunderstorms almost every day.