Sunday, June 11, 2017


We're off in the Rockies enjoying the last stages of head colds at "elevation" - about 8900 feet but enough to feel it the first few days.

Near the Devils Thumb Ranch 

 Just driving around mostly the first few days as the head cold/elevation combo hit hard but we're all good now for the most part.  Cannot complain about the scenery.

Taking a road trip to Central City tomorrow. Mostly for the uniqueness but there seems to be a casino and it's the home of Poker Alice. An amazing poker player about the turn if the century. She used her looks, card counting and figuring the odds to win and would draw crowds. No poker on Sundays and she always wear the newest NY outfits.   She wore a .38 on her thigh and was not afraid to use it.

Colorado River Headwater Scenic Byway

Well - except for a new member of our family.

Meet Gus 

Mini Golden Poodle
Yea - Blake was a rescue and he had issues and needed rescuing but we went the other route this time so we're 1-1.   We put all the pups through tests to see how they responded and "Orange" as he was called zoomed to the top.  We will bring him home June 29th. 

That's about it.  It was a hot day here - 77 I think the high was but gets down to 45. (insert evil laugh).