Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jobs jobs jobs and no one to fill them.

So I'm in two different SOM baseball leagues - I was in the International League and then a team became available in it's sister league when a manager dropped out.  I took over the team and asked if the leagues used the same constitution (about 50 pages).  I was told maybe a small difference here or there.

I played 6 games in the new league to get a jump on things before a road trip to the Rockies. WELL - seems there is one big difference - In one league you play all AWAY games so you can experience different ball parks and their uniqueness and in the NEW league you play all HOME games.   DAMN IT!  I played all the away games.  sigh  Start June over and delete all of my time saving games.


Could be some interesting developments in Council tonight. Stay tuned. MAYBE some good good news for Columbus. Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.


Last night we had the pleasure of   watching the Brewers (well, that was not so much the pleasure) from the AmFam luxury suit at Miller Park.

Pretty darn nice if you have to sit through a somewhat boring game.

And the parking was do die for and I won't even go into the free food.

Thanks Mary and Jason for the invite it was really fun (except those last 2 innings).


LOL - Kelly Anne Conway said Americans need to stop listing to what Trump says and instead listen to what his staff says instead.  ummm . . . . . . . .

After Trump took to twitter and insulted the mayor of London after the terrorist attack (seems like a good thing, the UK should have insulted Giuliani after 911 I suppose) he blamed the Democrats for not approving his ambassadors.

Well - the GOP needs ZERO Democrats to approve hos nominations and in FACT (something the GOP are very loose with) there have been 117 approvals and STILL 442 of very important positions have yet to even be looked at.  The bottleneck comes from Trumps brain.


Heading north tomorrow to look at puppies tomorrow. We have the 9th draft pick (out of 16) Saturday but will need to make a list of our top 9 tomorrow.  We have the beauty part all listed but tomorrow will do the social tests to finalize the list.  The last time we saw them they were just puddles of sleeping fur balls.

RIGHT NOW - this one is the top of the list

SADLY - this one seems to be channeling his inner Donald Trump - poor baby :-(

Of course they will change a LOT in the next 3 weeks.  Once we choose we can pick him up the last week of June when our lives become topsy turvy.  Luckily we have the electric fence in place but that is a love hate thing.


The economy - right now (It's D-DAY BTW) America has a record number of job openings - never in history has there been so many unfulfilled jobs   6.04 million positions are needed to be filled.  Jobs jobs jobs and no one to fill them.


See ya