Thursday, June 8, 2017



Since our draft pick is Saturday for puppy's and we might not be around we drove up north yesterday to finalize our puppy draft order. We went from 9th to 6th as 3 puppy's were picked.  Sadly our 1 and 3 draft choices. We found out our original order was sort of meaningless as our order changed dramatically when we could interact with the furry mounds of lovable joy.  "Orange" was not even on our radar but he became the #1 pick. and "Green" really worked it and moved up to #3. We shall see what happens.  (Their collars were colored).

I'm pretty sure there are no losers though.


When I was a wee lad of 6ish I remember my parents taking my brother and I to Florida on a vacation.  We had a pop-up camper being towed my a light blue VW Beetle. HOW! No really, how is that possible.   Pop up campers actually weight more then regular campers, in the 2700 pound range.  Rpods, for example way in the 2600 range.  A bug can't pull 2600 pounds.

And how could my brother and I stay in the back of a VW bug for thousands of miles.  I remember it breaking down and I remember my dad flashing his Masonic ring and somehow getting help and I remember my brother getting bitten by a whip tail scorpion and my mom wrapping herself in moss hanging from a tree and getting eaten alive with chiggers!

It was an awesome vacation.

Mom and dad took Elwood and I to the Rockies once and I was on a vacation to NY City with neighbors during Hurricane Camille in 1969 (and Woodstock). What I remember about that one was my fascination and lack of news about the Hurricane as I was a weather geek way back then.

Elwood and I took our Rambler Sport-a-bout to the Rockies and as we were hitting the mountains the break light turned on which was a concern but it was a break light malfunction.  I also remember Elwood hurling in the mountains and hearing hurl echoes and him trying to sleep in his tent without the poles.  FAIL

That was the same vacation where we back packed in Glacier and had marmots jumping on our tent. Frightened the crap out of us as we thought it was a bear.  On the way home we were not allowed into Canada. I guess we did not look like the kind of young people Canada wanted. We had a combined $15 to get from the Canada/US border back to Madison (gas was cheep).  We made it but were a little hungry.  I literally ran out of gas the next day driving to a gas station.  

Then there was the vacation from hell to Door County where we dropped off our cat  Milo to board and also to be checked for some cancer growth and day 1 DJ breaks her ankle. That same night I came down with a really REALLY bad cold and 2 days later we pulled up stakes and headed home five days early.

On the way home I was sicker then a dog and a truck kicked up a stone and broke our front window. It was so much fun.

Well, here we go again.


Stay tuned.