Thursday, July 13, 2017

a small rant / baseball / and stuff

Had an angry round of golf last night for various reasons - however - playing angry I hit a pitching wedge 145 yards and a 6 iron 170 . . sadly NOT the intended distance (115 and 150).

One reason was that we FINALLY got Mel accepted into a Nursing Home and then could not find a way to get him there.  Ryan Brothers Ambulance, when contacted said.  "ummmm we're sort of busy on Thursday"  how about Friday we asked "yea, we're busy Friday also and we don't deliver to Nursing Homes"  WELL F U!  What kind of a service are you???

Then the company that was providing 24/7 in home care (and doing it poorly at $500 a day) called and said they need a 1 week cancellation notice so there goes another $3,500.

I went through this with my dad who was bed ridden for 3 months with lung cancer (you die by FINALLY choking on your own phlegm) and all of these companies that are there to help you are money grubbing useless pisses of shit.  24/7 care means you get a 20 year old with a summer job for $500 a day.  yea yea there were some very good attendants,  but some that seemed to be clueless.

OK - got THAT out of my system.  Good thing I'm not a President on Twitter.


Speaking of baseball.

The Astros and the Dodgers are in 1927 Yankee range as being the best clubs ever.  Well, the 27 Yankees at the 90 game mark were only in 13th place of all time greatness at that point in the season but Dodgers are 16th and Astros are 19th.  Last year the Cubs were in 144th place at this point.

Elo-based prediction model simulates the rest of the season, it calls for the Dodgers to finish the season with 108 wins (which would tie for the ninth-most of the World Series era) and the Astros to end up with 105.

The actual greatest team of all time?  The 1939 Yankees! 


I love Pandora interweb music service.  But after 17 years it STILL has never turned a profit.


Seattle has the most construction cranes of any city with 58.  I'm keeping this from my buddy who is always on top of the tallest crane in Madison.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has to come out of retirement because he owes the fed 22 million dollars.   Just because you can MAKE money does not mean you are GOOD with money it seems.   Oddly handling money is something that is skipped in high schools.

Speaking of which.  I brought up the need for a new schools in Columbus and one guy said the schools were good enough for him.  YEA - they SUCKED 50 years ago so lets keep them sucky.  We certainly don't want to get BETTER.

Nevada is having a cannabis emergency.   In the last 4 days Nevada has sold over $5 million in legal cannabis but shelves are becoming empty.  The reason is because in Nevada the only way to transport wholesale legal cannabis is through beer distributors and they are refusing to do it.

So warehouses are stocked with hundreds of varieties of cannabis but no way to get it to stores.

The beer industry is not fond of cannabis it seems. In Wisconsin this is a problem as one of the bigger funding organizations for the GOP is the Tavern League and they are anti cannabis.  Get caught drunk driving you get a ticket. The GOP does not  have the balls to go against Tavern League and their funding to make tougher laws.

And get this - if you are a winery in Wisconsin that serves . . wine.  The current law says you MUST close at 9:00.  Brewery's are fine but wine?  Gotta close at 9.  

WEATHER - fantastic stretch of weather coming - 5 awesome days. Then next Tuesday we could get to 90 and then 3 days of rain possible.

Weekend looks FANTASTIC    83 and 76 and mostly sunny