Monday, July 31, 2017

Among the living again

WOW - that was 2 months I wish I had back.  Yesterday was literally the first day in 2 months where DJ and I could sit back and relax with no BIG worries.

Mel was put to rest Friday in a full military funeral that was outstanding for funerals.  150+ were in attendance with great food and wine and some fantastic funny stories.

Then at the graveyard there was a 15 gun salute (21 is reserved for very high dignitaries) but here was the amazing thing.  There was no breeze and it was a little toasty.  When the 15 gun salute finished all was quiet and then, way off in the distance came taps.  Almost immediately a fresh breeze stirred and waved the flag.  It was so surreal and very, VERY moving.

I tell ya - next time I need to be buried Gunderson Funeral home in Madison is where my money will go.  They did a fantastic job.


For sale.  one 5x8 trailer in perfect condition ($2000) and one like new lawn mower with new blades, wheels, sharp blades and front drive wheels ($200).


My brother who had a difficult operation last week with a backward herniated disc (2.5 hour operation which was successful) JUST had his narration of a book published.  Oddly he got that herniated disc from building a sound studio for recording narrations.

Anyway - his first book was in is titled "American History, USS Indianapolis: The True Story of the Greatest US Naval Disaster: Incredible Secrets of WWII"

You can here an audio sample at the above link.

When talking to him a few things he has learned about this very complicated procedure.  Paragraphs and periods in books are problems.  When reading you see periods and paragraphs but when narrating they all blend together so you need to stop or pause or else everything runs together.

SO - his first book goes life on about the same day Mel pass's away.    

Yesterday, 71 years ago, The USS Indianapolis was sunk, and thus starting 5 days of basically swimming for their lives (life vests were useless after 12 hours).


58% of Americans are pro, transgender individuals serving in our armed forces, but of course America is split.  Only 38% of Republicans (the same amount that are pro Trump oddly) are pro transgender while almost all Democrat's are pro transgender.


Reince Priebus spent 189 days as Chief of Staff.  Shortest ever for a hired Chief of Staff. Seems to be a "thing" for Trump, hiring "the best ever" and then firing them ASAP.  Next up on the chopping block are national security adviser H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who both have been talking about resigning.  Everything is going great for the GOP.  OH!  and of course Attorney General Jeff Sessions is slowly being forced out and we know what happened to Shawn

Trump hires AND fires the best it seems.  BASICALLY the GOP is getting booted from The White House in favor of family and military!  What could possibly go wrong. YEA - Clinton would be SO MUCH WORSE!!

And if you missed it.  YOUR tax payer money sent over 1 BILLION in a down payment for a Wall that will never be built.  Bet you missed that one.  That cash went to contractors Trump has business ties with.  Coincidence?   Yea - and Clinton was the bad one?  


Ford, who build most of their cars in Mexico, found 227 pounds of weed stuffed in the cars coming across the boarder.  Ford sales have risen since this became known (no not really but . . . ).


OK - after 2 months of no working out it's time to motivate again.

WEATHER - rain Thursday for sure.  Maybe a thunderstorm Wednesday around golf time but the big news is what happens once this Canadian air mass flows through!!

COLD.  High in the upper 60s Friday but I think it will be warmer, more near 70.  After Wednesday 5 of the next 6 days have the word "rain" associated wit hit as off and on storms.

Saturday looks like the best day this weekend with a high of 72 and sunny unless ther is a T-Storm moving through.  

have a great day