Thursday, July 6, 2017

bleary eyed but alive


Slept in today as Gus was out all the way to 6:00 instead of the normal 4:30.  Of course once I got up to let him out I took 30 second too long looking for some shoes and he piddled on the cat tree but so far week one has been basically smooth.

I will never forget last Saturday when he discovered fire flies for the first time.  He was playing in the grass and a bug flew up and glowed. All of a sudden he sits up perfectly straight and is watching this bug float up and then it glows again. He literally did a back flip with joy and went nuts.

Fireworks?  no problem.  He actually turned towards them and watched for awhile and then fell asleep.

He's getting a bath at the moment and the cats are horrified
(yet laughing on the inside).

His daddy is 75% poodle and 25% Retriever and 10 lbs and his mommy is 100% AKC Retriever and 40lbs.

Both cats are getting used to him and making progress. Hissing is not as common now.

But with so much going on in our lives we totally missed almost anything 4th of July except the fireworks. But when you are retired holidays are more of a nuisance then anything else LOL

Dealing with hospice care and new puppies it's been a tag team of trying to get normal life things done.  Just the constant attention to what Gus is putting in his mouth NOW is wearing me down.

Yesterday I put up a display of images in the Waupun Library that will be up for 2 months.  I found out another gallery is closing in Paoli so there goes that revenue stream and Saturday I'm giving a presentation on how to take better photos at the Columbus Library.

Tonight is a Thursday City Council and of course there are the thunderstorms coming this afternoon into the evening and some could be on the severe side as the VERY warm, humid and unstable air mass gets hit by a cold front.  Should make for an interesting evening.

So that is about it.  Our lives are centered around puppies and Mel my FIL who is in rough shape but is feeling zero pain and I'll have some funny stories that will be much funnier a year from now.  He has a good sense of humor but is sadly fading.

One person asked him if he had ever gone on a cruise to Hawaii or anything.  He said "only once . . and it ended badly".

He is still answering questions from directors for a book for an HBO series in the works.  HBO has approved a screen play but they can not produce a series without a book to go with it. Weird.

Nuff said - I need coffee