Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy Cow Appreciation day

I read a fascinating article in "World at War: Strategy & Tactics in WWII"  called "Below the Blitz: London's Firefighters" which I have never really thought about that much.  WOW - those guys were prepared for the blitz. What a nightmare that was (understatement of the year).

April 16th the Germans dropped 150,000 incendiaries and 16,000 pounds of high explosives on London.  I'm going to copy this article and give it to Chief  Koehn, I bet his dudes will love the article.

On one of the first nights firefighters were putting out a huge fire when a dropped bomb exploded in the middle . . . sucking out all the oxygen and putting out the fire. 


Another great article I found on the web is called


Basically if you have a puppy you have until week 16 to get him ready for the real world.  Everything he learns up to 16 weeks he will think as normal life.  After 16 weeks things start to change and instead of a bicycle being something new and fantastic as a puppy it will be regarded as something to worry
about and not trust.  Now his brain is like a sponge and everything he see's is normal.

That is why it is so important to socialize on as many new things as you can think of when they are a puppy.  I took Gus downtown last week and he had no problem with traffic and noise. So I'm looking for all sorts of experiences I can  give Gus.

The cats are becoming more relaxed and will now be in the same room as Gus.  Sophie (shown) has given Gus his boundaries and Iggy is fine as long as Gus is asleep which is most of the time.

Gus just wants to play and will bark at the cats to get their attention.  Last night Sophie actually chased Gus which he thought was FANTASTIC fun.

Gus loves water which is so weird as Blake wanted nothing to do with water. He found a new wading pool that he thinks is just for him.

What I find weird is every time I go into a store with Gus the chicks come flocking to me. I must look so much better with a puppy in my arms.


A lot of the Trump Russia thing is so overblown and redundant I no longer look at it but the latest thing with Trump Jr has the makings to be a hit and a real pain for our weak President.

1.  It's the first confirmed meeting in which Trumps inner circle is involved.  Of course The Donald says he JUST found out so he is either totally clueless about what is going on around him or lying.  Pick your poison.

2. Trump Jr.’s reason for being at the meeting is at the core of the Russia controversy: He was hoping to undermine Clinton.

3. The story is well-sourced and includes support from on-the-record sources. Many of the stories about Trump and Russia are full of unnamed sources making complicated accusations. Not this one.


Shark Tank had an entrepreneur on once about an "umbrella sharing' business.  Like bike sharing in large cities.  The Sharks said that it was one of the stupidest ideas EVER and threw the guy out.  

Well, a company in China DID try this  . . . . . and most of the 300,000 umbrellas were never returned.


The movie "Dunkirk" was totally filmed in 70-millimeter large-format film.  "The Hateful Eight" was filmed in 70-millimeter large-format.  My favorite movie of all time "Patton" was filmed in 70mm.

What is the big deal?  It's like comparing a music CD to an album. Albums are MUCH MUCH better then a CDS.  70mm is much crisper with richer colors and more uniform then digital. You get much greater detail from film as opposed to digital.

In a theater digital will give you a resolution of about 2000 pixels, pretty much like Blu-ray. 70mm gives you a resolution of about 8000 pixels.

The problem?  Many theaters can't handle 70mm. Interstellar had 49 reels and had a total weight of 600 pounds.

I'm not sure there is a theater near Madison can do 70mm.  I don't think so.


IT'S COW APPRECIATION DAY - If you go to a Chick-fil-A dressed like a cow or have some cow themed accessory they will give you a free entree'.

On a side note for only $26 you can purchase this wonderful tote bag from Fine Art America

I will leave you with that.  I'm at home taking care of Gus and DJ is on the road taking care of Mel. 

OH - there are now companies in America where they will give you 2 weeks paid New Puppy leave.  You get a new puppy you get 2 weeks off to deal with the family member.  Is two weeks enough?  LOL