Monday, July 17, 2017

here come da humidity


After today things turn sticky - FINALLY, real summer.  It's not going to be that HOT but it will be sticky with pop-up thunderstorms at least until Sunday and dew points near and above 70 until Monday.

The good news is Mullins will offer 1/4ers and $5 lunches this week so get'r done in your tummy.


Mel is doing well-ish for his conditions.  Funny story.  He is at the Sun Praire Healthcare facility and I was taking Gus out to go potty.  An older gentlemen and his wife were sitting there and the guy asked "How old is your puppy" and I say "10 weeks"  "Oh what a cute puppy".  We go on and as we are coming back we pass him and he asks ""How old is your puppy" and I say "10 weeks" and he says "what a cute puppy".

AS I am leaving because Gus is a little over stimulated they are still there and as we walk past "How old is your puppy" and I say "10 weeks" and  "what a cute puppy".   LOL - I chuckled on the inside.

As for Gus OR Gustav, when he is in his . . . . Tasmanian devil mode that we have had to learn how to deal with, is doing fine and learning,

He now rings the bell to go out  . . every so often but more and more he is understanding.  He has learned to walk on a leash much better, and somehow has learned what "SIT" means.  And he also LOVES to play fetch and actually brings things back except when he is outside.  I guess his "retriever" is showing through.  Blake NEVER fetched.  My cat Sophie fetch's but only brings things back 3/4 of the way . . .like she is pimping me a little.

Seems Gus gets distracted with fire flies, birds and anything else that moves.  He is NOT a good gardener as he will see me pulling weeds and wants to help by pulling anything green. It's almost like he does not understand the concept of "weeds".

I took Gus for a walk on James Street with multiple dump trucks being loaded with gravel and backhoes and all sorts of noise - not a problem.  Getting past bars was a problem as he is a magnet for humans.   I look SO MUCH BETTER with a puppy next to me.  I'm very popular.


I STILL cannot find ANYPLACE that sells a 31x36 refrigerator tray that goes under the frig. THOUGHT I did but the the trey measures 31x36 on the OUTSIDE. Not where the frig actually sits which was 28x33 and it's completely useless.  Anyone need a 31-36 tray?  or a real good almost like new lawnmower?

I really have run out of options and will have to buy a new refrigerator at some point.  The service man says unless they can tip it upside down  . . . . . . and after 8 years we still do not know exactly where the water comes from as it only leaks at 2 to 4 in the morning.  THUS it must be the defroster which is dripping water on the OUTSIDE of the hose.  But the entire frig bottom is bone dry in the morning.   Drip pan is dry.

How do we know it's leaking somewhere?  Dry Rot under the frig.  a lot of it.   sigh.


New poll ABC Poll which gets an A+ for accuracy has Trumps approval ratings at 36%.  Historically low.  No President has ever been hated this much so early YET, the GOP all stand behind him like a bunch of lemmings. No wonder more and more people are saying the GOP no longer stands for what they stood for 10 years ago.

439 counties were polled on Trumps approval rating.  These counties were important on getting Trump elected.  Of those counties his approval rating is 50%.


6% of weddings have banned ALL songs by Justin Beiber

A New York City Taxi medallion today is worth from $200,000 to 500,000.  These medallions allow you to drive a yellow cab in New York.

Three years ago these medallions were worth 1.5 MILLION and backs were allowing you to use those medallions as collateral in loans. No longer.