Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Mel Jacob, my FIL, passed away early Tuesday morning peacefully.  Anybody that has not seen The USS Indianapolis: The Legacy should watch it.  The giant Navy cover-up of a disaster they created from incompetence from the top.


interim - E.V. Melotte

there is a world where
clocks have no hands or faces
months are unknown
and the seasons
crowd in where they can

time moves around you
in a circle
always facing you
just out of reach

it's never any later
always suddenly

it's too late.

from the book  - Snapshots along the way

The one thing I hope everybody does right now - is video and save your beloved ones.  My dad passed away in a long illness and all I remember of him is what he was like in the final few months. a dying old man that I loved.  I have fleeting 5 second memories of him younger and vibrant but that is all.

In times like this I wish I had "more".  

Create "more" so you can remember when things were fun and wonderful, not sick and dying.