Friday, July 14, 2017

Quick update

Just a quick update - Mel is safe and sound in a nursing home and all is well.  Stress level has gone down DRAMATICALLY in the Melotte household.  Well  . . .I did get up to take Gus out at 3:00 this morning and we have been up since 5:45 when he decided it was time to play but besides that we're all good.

Now if we can get some of Gus's anxiety to go away whenever we are not near him . . . A work in progress I guess.  I HOPE it's only a puppy thing.


Cubs made a good trade giving the White Sox their #1 best prospect in the Minors and he could be worth 1 more win for them this year and 3 a year the coming years.  Brewers don't have to respond. They are doing fine and I hope they don't give away the future in some trade for some St. Louis pitcher.


Seems there was a previously undisclosed dude in that meeting with Trump Jr and in the past that guy was a military officer and now turned lobbyist, Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-born lobbyist accused of having ties to Soviet military intelligence ???   It just gets deeper.  OH - I guess they forgot to mention he was there.  Simple mistake.

Then I read that  a major GOP donor and opposition researcher who said he tried to work with Russian hackers to retrieve deleted emails from a private server used by Hillary Clinton,  died in a suicide.   

Westworld and Saturday Night each had 22 Emmy noms.   LOVED Westworld.

OK - I have nothing else but will enjoy the calm as Gus is sleeping