Monday, July 10, 2017

rain, Brewers/Cubs, Big Brother, sidewalks and so on

Well - not sure why DJs phone's alarms went off at 5 this morning but it certainly did wake us up.  Was it an amber alert?  Flood warning?  Gus munching on the phone?

Columbus received 0.77 inches of rain last night but Madison was in the 3.5 to 5.5 inch range.  At the moment the next chance of rain will be Wednesday with thunderstorms.


We all know the Brewers are over performing and I expect them to regress to the means and not AS good the 2nd half but what about the Cubs.

WELL - the Cubs are in a historic area as only 6 other teams in MLB history have taken such a large fall when looking at run differential or Pythagorean expectation.  BUT, the Cubs, unlike the other 6 teams have basically the same line-up.   I'm blaming their stupid coach who many believe lucked his way to a Series win which had nothing to do with him.

Pythagorean expectation is a way of seeing how many games a team SHOULD win according to how many runs they score and give uip.

Win ratio = ((runs scores squared /  (runs scores squared + runs allowed squared))

The Brewers are exactly where they should be while the Cubs are one game below expectations.
The Brewers have to be happy with the trade of Tyler Thornberg (season ending injury) to Boston for  Travis Shaw and two pretty good minor leagers.   Shaw is in his 3rd year in the majors and has an OPS of .938 which is WAY WAY up there and is a good average defense-man.

Then there is Vogt.  An old time style catcher that the Crew got off the waiver wire because Oakland didn't want him.  In Oakland where he came from there was a chant "I believe in Stephan Vogt, I believe in Stephan Vogt" that was a pretty much a "thing" in Oakland.  He is awesome at framing pitches and his WARP (Wins above Replacement Player) has always been in the positive.  The guy was a steal!

Plus - as with Sogard who also came from Oakland you are getting players from one of the hardest places in the majors to hit a home run to the easier place in the majors to hit a home run. ESPECIALLY if you are left handed.  Miller Park is a lefty power hitters dream park.

Christmas Abbott
So we enter the 4 worst days of summer.  NO REAL BASEBALL.  Wednesday is the only day in the year in America where there are no major sports taking place.


Gotta say - Big Brother this year - as normal hated EVERYBODY in that house but the caricature's in
the house have world class bodies!  Gotta say it.  The men seem to be a bunch if knuckleheads and I don't mean in a good way. It's a guilty pleasure and  still the best pure strategy game on TV.

It's like watching 16 players play Diplomacy but you get to hear all the behind the scenes secrets.


   And then there is Gus.

 The whirling dervish puppy that is a Tasmanian devil 10 minutes an hour and a sleeping puppy the other 50 minutes.

He has learned to terrorize the cats but yesterday he learned how far he can go before Sophie said "ENOUGH".   He of whacked on the nose . . .and he learned.

DJ got him a nice little blanky and Iggy the BIG fraidy cat was sitting on it.  This morning he literally pulled the rug out from under Iggy!


Mel is doing so so.  He loves getting letters and if you want to send him a card he would love it

Mel Jacob c/o Rod Melotte
300 Vista Circle
Columbus WI 53925

We will get them to him  But do not ask for an autograph as a few people have.


The DOT will be in attendance at City Council on the 18th if you want to ask questions about the slanted sidewalks that MOST people have no issue with.


watched Fargo for the first time - The MOVIE!  I think this will be a hit.  There was one point where something happened and DJ say's "oh geez" and seconds later William Macy says "oh geez"  We had to stop the movie as we were laughing too hard.


Columbus has permits for 13 new homes this year and I have heard workers from Drexil have been looking into purchasing homes.  I know we have seen a good number of people driving in our area looking for homes.  You can always tell.

Columbus is having a growth spurt - the first since the early 1800s I think.


Mitch McConnell came up with a Wealthcare plan that would include working with the Democrats. Although he is just trying to force the Tea Party to budge. Not a REAL plan to work with the left who also agree Obamacare needs tweaking even though it's doing fine, even using Trumps numbers.

Obamacare is NOT in a “death-spiral”.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services, last week released a report about a wonky aspect of the Affordable Care Act related to insurance payments. Tucked away in the report, however, was evidence that the health insurance marketplaces set up by Obamacare were relatively stable in 2016. Contrary to the “death-spiral” narrative, the CMS report found that the mix of healthy and sick people buying insurance on the Obamacare marketplaces in 2016 was surprisingly similar to those who enrolled in 2015.

That doesn’t mean the marketplaces are working for everyone. There are millions of people who don’t qualify for subsidies, face high prices in the private market and likely haven’t enrolled in insurance as a result. That’s a problem that needs solving, but it’s a different problem than the marketplaces being in a death spiral.


Have a great Monday - Gus see's his first Vet today