Thursday, August 31, 2017

Golf is vexing

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. 
Don't teach a man to fish . . . . and feed yourself.
He's a grown man.
And fishing's not that hard.

Well, I suck at golf.  It's a stupid game for that matter and now I'm afraid to ever golf again.  
Bring on The Oaks tomorrow, confidence is high.  At least it rained AGAIN.

We were on the 6th hole and things were turning dark and I looked at the radar and saw the outflow from the coming storms. I mentioned that in about 15 minutes we were go from complete calm to very windy as the outflow (air column of air from being displaced by rain) would hit us.  

Calm before the storm - 6th hole at Door Creek
I didn't get my swing back until the cigar started to make me dizzy and then it all came together as I aimed for the middle of the 3 fairways.  My ball is way up there in that last shade and then I flew the 2nd shot to 10 feet of the hole.  . . . and 3 putted (guess I was aiming at the wrong hole). 

Then as we are about to tee off on 7 the wind hit. All four of us tee'd off and could not find our balls which were about 30 yards farther then we thought.  I heard the group behind us all when 30 yards shorter  LOL 

So I ended with a 53 which seemed a lot better then what it felt. 


We got a new refrigerator yesterday  . . AND IT DOESN'T fit.  Remember, if you physically measure the height of a refrigerator it's probably on carpet in the show room and the wheels sink down 1/4 inch.   I'll have to take off the shelves above and reattach them 1/2 inch higher . . . I hope.

As luck would have it we saved about $600 exchanging the 1st "too big" frig so we purchased a new Bosch dish washer that is 42 DB.  Literally can not hear it in a quiet room when it's running.  AND - It's Energy Star so we can get a rebate from Columbus Water and Light

Next step is seeing if we can get a gas hook-up for a gas range.  We have a WHITE glass top electric range. DO NOT EVER GET A WHITE GLASS TOP stove.   What a mistake that was.  Looks great clean . . . which is only after cleaning after EVERY use. 


We now have to be very quick to read the paper as Gus has decided his best diet would be one of all paper products.


His legs continue to grow while the rest of him stays the same.  I think it's because of his paper diet. 


Trump has lost his ability to influence Republican primary voters and Alabama is about to teach Trump a lesson.  Although in reality endorsements rarely have any type of influence.


Lots of organizations are looking to help Texas by sending truck loads of stuff south.  Talking to disaster relief people last night.  It does not help.  Cash is king.  All those trucks of junk just get in the way with no roads, no places to stay and just add's to the crowds. If you REALLY want to help. Send money to the organizations that know what is REALLY needed.

When Haiti had their earth quake they ended up burning over 40 tons of clothing and other garbage people sent from America to "help".


Seriously - this happened while I was typing 

Bad news for Thornton Colorado.  As they were digging for a new Public Safety Building they uncovered a triceratops bone.  Everything is put on hold now as scientists are flocking to the site.

460,000 people in America have pacemakers that can be hacked and need a firmware upgrade.


This year Albert Pujols is the worst every day players in baseball.  His WAR is -1.99 which is the absolute bottom of all players.  WAR takes everything into account. 0.00 is your average player.  this means if you would use ANY player you would win 2 more games.

Giancarlo Stanton leads the Majors in HRs with 51 which is 14 more then the 2nd place player Aaron Judge  The last time someone was leading by 14 it was Babe Ruth.  And he lead by 14 seven times in his career.


Aaron Rodgers has a HUGE article in ESPN magazine and online it seems.  5 full pages.  I have not read it but they were talking about it on Sports Talk radio and it seems he was pretty disappointed in winning the Super Bowl.  "That was it?"   He said it was sort of a let down . . . . I tend to agree.

When the Packers win, I still had to go to work the next day and nothing in my life changed at all.  It's the journey, not the destination that is the fun part.


Weather is looking good . . .but cool.  High of 69 today and 70 tomorrow.  74,81 and 78 for the holiday weekend and sunny.  Middle 60s all next week and sunny.

See ya!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Summer of chaos

The Summer of chaos continues which is totally not as much fun as the Summer of Rum or the Winter of Vodka.  A totally different experience.

Now we are pretending we are settlers and living in a home with no refrigerator for another 8 days.  I went to the Crawfish river to chop some ice but could not find any. It would have been to green anyway because of the toxic sludge caused by the meaningless dam that does nothing (according to the Army Corp of Engineers).

We finally decided to pull the trigger and dump the builders crappy Frigidaire refrigerator that created dry rot from a leak that was never found.

We went to Grand Appliance (really nice place to do business) and purchased a fantastic frig.  The guys came yesterday, took to old frig and started to put the new one in . . OH OH . . . . . the tag said height was 68 3/8 which was perfect . . .except in reality it was 68 7/8 which was not perfect at all as the cupboard doors would not open.

Not a problem, send it back and get a shorter one.

So yesterday we went back and found a better fit (and cheaper) but they can't deliver it to Columbus until WEDNESDAY . . .NEXT week (not in the proper warehouse it seems).  SO, all we have is my kegorator for cold storage.

MEANWHILE - I have 5 gallons of East Indian Porter all ready to keg up but now no place to put it.  The good thing is when it comes to making beer, procrastination is a good thing.

Once yeast is done pooping out alcohol it's not done yet doing it's thing.  Most home brewers believe that once fermentation is finished it's ready for CO2 when actually another week is needed for the yeast to clean up it's by-products.  This is typically skipped by many people that keg and can give an off flavor.

SO, procrastination is a good thing.

MEANWHILE #2, Gus continues to grow legs and continues to make life slower when we are out with him.

We went to The Hop Garden for a brew in Paoli and as normal everybody had to come up and ask . . .

"What kind of dog is that?" and we would explain "A mini Golden Retriever with a bit of poodle" and they would ooo and ahhh and ask questions and they they would say "I bet you get asked that a lot" and we would say "yes we do" and everybody laughs and they move on and the next family would see Gus and as "What kind of dog is that" and we would say "A mini Golden Retriever with a bit of poodle" and they would ooo and ahhh and ask questions and they they would say "I bet you get asked that a lot" and we would say "yes we do" and then  the first family would laugh because that is exactly what they asked and on and on and on.   sigh.  

It's like the movie Grounds Hog Day

Yesterday we went to the amazing dog park behind the Columbus Vet Clinic (6 acres) and something funny happened.

When Gus gets all wild and nippy (twice a day it seems until we cut off his balls . . .which would make me less wild also) the best thing is to cross your arms, turn you back and ignore him.

Yesterday Gus got a little wild with a BIG BIG dog and that huge dog went

WELL - Gus looked really startled, jumped back, turned his back and sat up perfectly straight with perfect posture and shivered for a few seconds.  It was hilarious.


Golf - I am one stroke off leading the League Handicap Championship.  Hit a 45 last week.


Trumps approval rating is 0.3% off his lowest yet.


Amazon purchased Whole Foods and immediately has started cutting prices.  To counter Amazon, Wal-Mart has brought in more fresh fruit and Costco more organics. Kroger stock (Pin-n-Save) have tumbled 37%.

BTW - Pic-n-Save in Columbus has REALLY upped their game and I tell ya - their Chocolate Eclairs are literally the best I have ever had in my life (no really they are) and teh store is looking really good with more changes coming.  Bravo Pic-n-save.


A judge tossed out a lawsuit against Kraft Foods Parmesan cheese which states it is 100% cheese when in reality there is wood pulp and so forth.  The cheese is 100% Parmesan and all other ingredients are listed so . . . . go away and sue some other day.


15% of homes in Hurricane Harvey's path have flood insurance.  Means everyone else is not covered at all.

Speaking of Harvey. It's moving at 3 mph.  I can walk faster.

As of Sunday night Harvey has dumped 9 trillion gallons of rain or a cube of water 2 miles high and 2 miles wide.


Check out what the Dodgers are doing.  Their lead is so mammoth they are using the new 10 day DL as a vacation hiatus for their star players.   Plus by putting a starting pitchers on the the 10 day DL he will miss one start but open a slot for another fresh reliever to join the team. Genius      


Who is the best coach in the NFL?  At the moment it is Mike Zimmer in Minnesota.  The way I look at it is who beats expectations and with limited data Mike Zimmer has done the best with a 67.3% winning ATS.

Next is a tie between Belichick and McCarthy at 58% ATS winning %.  Garrett with the Cowboys is last with a 46.6% ATS winning %.


Rodgers ATS is 65.2% at home (45-24) and 67.9% in the division (37-17).
Carson Palmer (ARZ) is 42% as a favorite. (38-52)
Matt Ryan is 63.6% w/revenge, (40-26)
Joe Flacco is 40.4% off Back to back wins (19-28)
Matt Stafford (the highest paid player EVER in the NFL now) is 38.8% on the road (21-33)
Matt Stafford is 43% on the road
Matt Stafford is 38% as a dog
Matt Stafford is 37% in division
Just bet against Matt Stafford ALWAYS - the list goes on and on
Andrew Luck is 70.7% w/revenge (29-12)
Tom Brady is 69.8% as a dog( 37-16) which is exactly the same after a loss
Drew Brees  is 62.5% as a dog (55-34) and after a loss
Russell Wilson is 65.1% at home (28-15)
Russell Wilson is 77.7% s a dog (14-4)

Just sayin

have a great Tuesday


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

OMG - It's Mel, Semem trees, VOTE FOR GUS

Jenny was looking at random FB pages with images of survivors of the USS Indy in Guam that she had never seen before. She got thinking that there MIGHT be more new ones with the discovery of the Indy.  Googeling USS Indianoplis Survivors Guam a video popped up.  Looking at it closely all of a sudden - GRAMPA? 

We got a call about 10:15 last night (which is never good) and DJ all of a sudden sat up straight. Then excitement.  We see the video and 19 year old Mel Jacob is on screen for 26 seconds!    You can see Mel at the 1:08 mark.  The dude messing with the railing

SO - since Mels passing they found the Indy and a video all of a sudden appears.  Jenny has been in contact with the director of The USS Indianapolis: The Legacy and will get a hard copy of the video.

Now National Geographic will start making their big production featuring The Indy with a magazine and a National Geo Special
Mel about to be interviewed by National Geographic.


Before all of this I was in THE TREE MEETING discussing the tree situation on James Street.  I won't do any details here but I think most people will be very pleased at what we decided (but not voted on yet) to do with replacing trees on James Street with a nice surprise.

HOWEVER - in the conversations about Callery Pear trees such as the Cleveland Pear that McKay sells we discovered something.

I live in McKay-land (a McNeighborhood if you will) where there are many Cleveland Pear's in our area.  One day I was mowing and the Pear tree was flowering.  I looked at my shoe because I thought I stepped in dog shit.  No . . NO - it's the tree.  Just a God-awful smell when it flowers.  Bees LOVE it but OMG it was truly hideous.

So- back at the meeting we're looking up Callery Pears and we found numerous websites that describe Callery Pears like this:    

Actually, it doesn’t smell like shit, per se. It smells more like the inside of a scrotum that has been trapped in tight pleather shorts for six to 12 months. On a recent visit to my hometown, my girlfriend, meeting my family for the first time, asked if Asheville has a public masturbation problem. 


The tree is known for its pungent, often unpleasant smell during its flowering stage, which has been described as reminiscent of rotting fish, chlorine, or semen


Springtime in the city smells like flowers and cum and vomit. And I'm not talking about your neighborhood dive bar airing out after a long, dank winter—I'm talking about the trees.

So . . . it was decided this might not be the best choice of trees.  But a word of warning. McKay sells these and they are HIDEOUS smelling.  Look awesome and are covered with bee's flowering but OMG.



He is in 2nd place on the WKOW Cutest of the Pack contest.  Behind some dog that is not even wearing a Packer outfit.


Monday, August 21, 2017


12,000 mega watts will be lost because of the solar eclipse (I'll have to see it to believe there really is such a thing).   With the so called "solar eclipse" ruining the day with darkness,  many solar farms will need to have electric lights shining on them or we lose 12,000 mega watts.

BUT WAIT - it gets worse.  The NEXT so called "solar" eclipse will run over many MORE solar farms.  OH THE HUMANITY!!!

And THAT my friends is why we need to invest everything America has into coal, the other alternative energy.



But the big big news is that the USS Indianapolis has been found a little more then 3 miles deep.  So far we know that the bow did not come detached from the rest of the ship and maybe folded under.

I wonder what Mel would think of this.  He was not really a part of the ship. His very first deployment as a Marine was to guard the parts of the atom bomb so he was only on the ship for two weeks.  It was his first time on any kind of boat and fresh out of boot camp.   The only reason he made out alive was the brig (where Marines were stationed when not on duty) was 120 degrees so the Captain said all doors can be opened and sailors and Marines are allowed to sleep on the deck.

When asked once about vacations "Have you ever been on a cruise?" His answer was "Yes, once, it ended badly".

I wish the media would get the number of living Survivors correct. It's 19 now, not 22.

FUN FACT - the number of survivors from the Indy - 317.   The area code for Indianapolis . . 317.   That 318 guy . . bad luck. (sorry, dark humor)


Tonight Trump tells America when why it is such a GREAT idea to send more troops into battle and why it was a very bad stupid idea for Obama to do it but it's brilliant for him to do it.    


I think it is funny how Giancarlo Stanton of  the Marlins is aiming for 61 home runs as opposed the the steroid juiced 73 by Barry Bonds.     Hitting 61 will put him in 7th place all time.  BTW - Ken Griffey Jr.  The guy I have all of his baseball cards (15 UPPER DECK rookie cards**) hit 59 two years in a row (I even have a Japanese rookie card).

** quick look - a mint #1 Upper Deck card go from $35 to $2000 each.  I purchased mine for 50 cents each.  My Fleer cards are in the $400 range - BUT - who will buy them LOL

Just looking - I have a Cecil Fielder Minor League card . . he weighed 230 pounds.  I also have Ken Griffey Jrs dads rookie card, Ken Griffey (1974) and he is with Dave Augustine (then a Pirate).   I have Jose Conseco's Madison Muskie card.  He weighed in at 195

OH, look at this.  A Topps  #157 General Schwarzkopf card. OH, also found a  . Brady Anderson rookie card . . .hmmmmmm  well, we all can;'t be winners.  And must I say it?  I have a few Billy Ripken "F*ck Face cards.  Yea - as a joke when Billy was getting his photo taken someone wrote F*ck Face on the bottom of his bat.  Fleer immediately put out 4 more variations and my F*ck face cards $$ dropped like a rock.  

Still worth $50 or $5,000 on ebay . . .if you can find someone to buy them.  I have whole unopemn sets from 19 whenever it was.


Gus went to his first dog park in Columbus and was in HEAVEN!    Yea - this catches teh flavor of his Dog Park adventure.

What an awesome 6 acre park in Columbus. Beautiful play area and he LOVES all other dogs.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Power, The Dodgers and so forth

Yea - that's it, I'm done defending Trump anymore. He FINALLY said somethings that rubbed me the wrong way.  Providing comfort to racists and extremists is not MY idea of an American President.  And people thought Clinton was going to be bad?  This is better?  And sadly - it's NOT a surprise.  It was predicted MANY times but no one listened.

If your President's grandpa was a KKK member who could have predicted he would side with the alt-right KKK neo-nazi's white supremacist.  Well, ANYBODY that was paying attention knew.

I think all of this is a bad thing for the alt-right KKK neo-nazi's white supremacist because they live in a dark world where they can get away with things in the background without too much hatred coming back at them because they are just a "fringe element" not to be taken seriously.

Now confederate statues are dropping like rocks and alt-right websites are coming down and getting hacked with denial of service attacks.  The biggest alt-right websites are dark today.  At least 8 people have been fired from their jobs and CEOs are quitting the Trump administration like rats jumping off a sinking ship (6 now I believe have jumped).  BUT - the GOP will slap his writs and move on.   

SO - when the 3rd American Civil war breaks out what side will you be on. 

OH - the 1st American Civil War was the Revolutionary War.  More Americans were killed by other Americans in the Revolutionary War then by the English. 


then there are the LA Dodgers.

After last night they are 50 games above .500. As of a few days ago they had won 47 of their last 55 games!!  47-8?? HOLY CRAP.  They are 62-1 when leading after the 4th inning.  


FIND THIS SHOW if you are an American car fan. History Channel had a 3 part 6 hour special called "The Cars That Made America".   Truly fascinating and I hope Graham Man sees this. DJ and I could not stop watching it.  Who knew Edsel Ford was also a genius and saved Ford.  Who knew his dad was brilliant yet stupid at the same time.  WOW Ford was a complete asshole. 

The special uncovers the stories of the visionaries who built America’s vehicle landscape and chronicles the epic journey of how the biggest names of the automobile industry became the legendary household brands that car enthusiasts have grown to love. Through gritty, character-driven reenactments and never-before-seen archival footage, the special showcases the career trajectories of seven iconic and revolutionary figures: Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler, the Dodge Brothers, William Durant, Lee Iacocca and John Delorean.

It's on DIRECT On Demand.


Trick or Treat will be Saturday just like last year.


My life evolves around putting all our shoes up high so Gus does not play with them.  It's not that he chews them, he just hides them so we are always looking for the other shoe.


The NBA is changing their schedule and no team will play 4 games in 5 days.  Nobody really cares unless you had a system that did REALLY well with forecasting who would cover the spread in these situations.  Still, most teams will play 14 back to back games this year, down from 16 times.


Millennials are not into antiques!  Price's for antique furniture have dropped by 40% in the last 10 years because millennials just don't care about antiques.


Think our (America) electricity rates are high?

 WPPI - the company that Columbus buys it's power from is going to build the Midwest largest solar farm at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant. 700 acres containing 50,000 solar panels that will give us about 250 megawatts.  Scheduled to go online in 2021 I believe.

40% of our power that Columbus uses will be from renewable energy.  And in case you are wondering  - this is not some sort of green initiative, it's because renewable energy is now cheaper to build . . . . AT THE MOMENT.


I wonder if our neighbors are tired of hearing us yell  "NO" to Gus.  sigh!.  Puppies are so cute and SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS sometimes.  But boy can he fetch.  Seriously awesome.

The problem is that Gus has learned to ring the out out bell anytime he sees somebody walking a dog past the house . . .and there are a LOT of dogs on Vista Circle it seems.  He's TOO smart.

If you are on Facebook,  WKOW has a contest called "Cutest of the Pack" and I entered Gus into the contest so starting Saturday you can vote for Gus on their Facebook page (somehow).


Monday, August 14, 2017

Gus, Foam rubber, TGC2, Neil Walker, Lightning

I had a "Gallery" thing Wednesday night and had to attend because I sold a piece - not a big event but
 . . . . .   anyway I was with a few bona-fide real life storm chasers and one was talking about lightning and how it behaves. 

WELL - one thing leads to another and I bring up the old Columbus water tower which 90% of the town does not even know we have . . or care about.  It was agreed upon that the water tower could have saved a few lives.  

The lightning was going to strike SOMETHING in that 50 yard circle and the water tower just happened to be there.  Lightning was not attracted to the tower but since it was there and wet it was the easiest place for that lightning to go.  

Take the water tower away and it would have hit one of those houses or SOMETHING in that 50 yard radius.  


SO - Bear fans are all excited over their new QB who was awesome going against the 3rd string man to man defense.  One guy said it was like watching your dog run a 50 yard dash on his hind legs excited!   THAT!  would be exciting !


Speaking of dogs.  We took Gus on a socializing adventure to the Paoli Art Fair.  He LOVED it and it
seemed we were the center of attention.  Literally.  We had to stop constantly and explain to people what he was and how old and so forth.

At one point we had people waiting  (seriously) in line to hold him and take family photos.  What got me was a few times we had to stop and have him pose for photos.  No REALLY, and the weird thing was he would pose.  

I would put him on some wooden steps and he would sit up perfectly straight and look at the camera . . and he did this multiple times.  It's like he was aware of the cameras!!  DJ and I were at The Hop Garden and there was a family of 5 adults staring at us from 30 yards away.  Just staring, at me?  at DJ?  NO it had to be Gus.  Literally staring.

Gus was under a table as we were having a beer and a napkin fluttered by.  People all around jumped up and pointed making sure we knew he had a napkin!  

He will be stolen before we have him a year!  Kids were playing with him and adults were holding him and giving him water.

As a joke DJ says "Hey, see those kids over there? Say "Hey kid, I'll give you this puppy for that ice cream"".


Neil Walker the new Brewers 2B.

WELL - a few days away from being 32 years old so not a long term fix.  "good" fielding. Not great.  Average range and does not make many errors.  Good power so the bat will be nice and he is coming FROM a ballpark that is sort of like Milwaukee.  GREAT for lefties. And he is a switch hitter which is always good, slightly better against RHP.  Can't bunt, can't H&R, can't run, can't steal and hits into a lot of DPs.   His WARP is in the 3 games per season when makes him solid but he is 32 and coming off an injury.  For a player to be named later it's all good.


So you know I play virtual golf on the TGCTours using the game/simulation TGC2 engine.  A few of the rounds we have been playing recently have been outstanding with user created courses. Wish I could play these in real life.   I used to create courses in LINKS. My current computer does not hate the power to create holes like these.


WEATHER - look for 1.5 inches of rain this week with the main focus on Wednesday.  Some thunderstorms today later in the afternoon.  Highs near 80 most of the week 


Bored??  I watched a NETFLIX show called Modern Miracles.  About everyday things we take for granted that are truly a miracle.   The first half of the first show was all about foam rubber . . well, after a fascinating half hour on foam rubber . . . I turned it off.  You can only take so much giddiness over foam rubber.  Yea - it IS a miracle because it only takes a drop of water to go from hard plastic to foam rubber but . . . . . . 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gus Predicts

Hi, I'm Gus and all of a sudden my mommy (the one who I like to bite) puts me in this shirt and believes I know everything there is about the Green Bay Packers.   HELLO!  I've only been alive for 14 weeks. However - I do know a thing or two about  playing with a ball and chasing and catching balls so maybe I do so let's see what I can think of.

The game tonight is a pretend game or something as it does not count so the score is meaningless unless you win and then it is something.   The only bit of information I have come up with is when I had a piece of paper hanging from my lips from my daddy's (the man that feeds me) magazine that I chews on.  The Marc Lawrence Playbook.

It says that the Packers are 5 - 0 on UNDERS in the first pretend game.  The UNDERS is 38.5 points and seeing that the other ball game my daddy watches and complains about has scores  like 4-2 and 3-2 and like last night 4-0 I think the UNDER 38.5 seems a good deal.

Otherwise there is no reason to ever care about the pretend games unless something comes up.  For instance, last year I heard Coach McCarthy said he was going to put a wide retriever on an island and see how he did.  Well, I'm mostly a retriever and I'm on Grinders Island so I understand that so if I hear that kind of talk maybe I'll perk up but until then pretend games are just that.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


On May 8th 1869 a golden spike was driven into a railroad tie with a silver spike maul completing the trans continental railroad.  As the spike entered a single word was broadcast to every telegraph in the nation. DONE.

Well, actually Stanford and Hewes both missed the spike on the first attempt but the word was broadcast anyway.

Last night in City Council drove the final spike when the final word was finalized and Drexel Building Supply will actually locate to Columbus bringing 40, $50,000 a year jobs to Columbus.

Unlike Foxconn bringing their  50,000, $40 a year jobs to Wisconsin.

What I HOPE is that the State takes as much time an pains staking detail to the Foxconn contract that the Columbus City Council did with Drexel.  For instance, we spent an hour and a half last night over one word ("four" instead of "three") and a coma in the final final MOU.

In the last year Council has been investing a lot of time dealing a with Drexel, Duffy and a huge Fromm expansion and we ain't done yet.  There is more coming but I think there will be a break in the action.  Thank you to all the players, not just council but everybody who had a hand in this agreement.  Well done and while nobody will congratulate the city or even give anybody a pat on the back . . . . they REALLY should.  


Trump declares war on North Korea . . .blah blah blah move on he sounded like an idiot.  His approval rating leaped up yesterday from a very bottom 36.6% to 36.9% so he has something to brag about now as more and more people like him.


53% of all homes in the US are owned by people over 55 years.  This is a high and it's shutting out younger people in the housing market. Ten years ago it was 43%.


There were 785 TD passes thrown by right handed quarterbacks last year out of  . . . . 786.  Yea - only 1 TD was thrown from a left hand . . . .it was a trick play.


There is $1.021 TRILLION in outstanding debt in the US right now beating the old record of $1.020 which happened in April 2008.   Yea - can't think of anything substantial that happened financially around THAT time.


No golf tonight as I have a gallery event but last week was awesome.  In the morning I tweaked my back doing basically nothing (it's awesome getting old) and it seemed to get worse all day. NO, NOT ON GOLF DAY.  But experience with this pain told me golf was not in jeopardy.  Just be careful and FOLLOW THROUGH!

So what happened?   Drives of 211,215,220,217,218 according to my golf app on the phone. I cannot remember striking the ball better.   A little too good actually as on the last hole I hit my shortest drive and took out my 9 iron approach shot (115 yards) and flew the green at Door Creek #9 leaving a sharp down hill "it will never stop" chip shot.  Of course the chip shot went 1 foot and stopped immediately leaving another chip shot which "never stopped" leaving 2 more putts back up the hill.  sigh

I still suck.  Had a 45.


Stay tuned tomorrow for a new feature - GUS PREDICTS (still looking for a good tag line) . Gus will talk about the Packer game and what he thinks will happen.  Even though he has no clue what football is but in my prime when I had a 1-900 number for predicting football in Collage and Pro Football Weekly (The Ghoddess was my partner back then) I realized that 99% of touts actually hit below 50% and here I was with my system called Bridgejumper that hit 65% for 20 years (it died about 5 years ago as all systems do).  Still does well in certain situations.

So Gus will carry on the tradition.

Speaking of Gus. He continues to grow and is waking up later as his peanut size bladder is also growing.

I'm reading a book called "Inside of a Dog, What Dogs See, Smell and Know" written by a cognitive scientist who loves the word "anthropomorphism*" . It's really fascinating and puts thing in perspective from a dogs point of view.

* the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology


Seems to be yet another small controversy growing about our new street lights . TOO BRIGHT!!  LOOKS LIKE WATERLOO.  Looking into this.


OH - I am obsessed with a TV show (who knew) called Quantico. About some very good looking FBI recruits and one is being framed as a terrorists.  It's really a pretty who dun it ride.  I got hooked when I read some former FBI reviews that said the training was pretty realistic.


Check it out as it starts with a bang and never lets go! See how the beautiful people save the world.


Gotta run and get an estimate on a BMW that Mel owned.  Yea - all was well until DJs brother rammed into the funeral home and bashed in the trunk.


OH - we need so home repair.  Our Frigidaire Refrigerator  SUCKS.  It's been leaking from SOMEWHERE for 7 years an no one knows from where.  Last night I was in the basement and heard water.  Ran upstairs and yup - water all over the rotting floor under the frig.  YET - not one drop anywhere. Hoses are dry. the ONLY water is under the frig.

That was it - we are getting rid of this monster but have to get the rotting wood fixed.  I will never ever buy another Frigidaire.

OK - gotta run

have a day - good chance of rain tomorrow but after that - nothing for the foreseeable future. In fact we won't even hit 80 for the next 10 days  


Friday, August 4, 2017

Brew Day

So my biggest issue at the moment is trying to figure out how to fix a 4K TV with this issue.  Horizontal lines

Not my TV but it needs to be fixed.

Any ideas? Solutions> Comments?  


it's brew day this morning so I'm in between boils and so forth so this blog is a little convoluted . . like normal.  Brewing my East Indian Porter.  The beer the sailors drank when shipping beer to India.

While the officers drank India Pale Ale (IPA) the crew drank the lower class East Indian Porter.


OH - with the coming of football season we had to get Gus ready.


Maybe things will calm down for a while in DC as Trump goes on a 17 day vacation.  He needs it - working so hard making deals.  OH - did you hear about the transcripts of those phone calls?  WOW!
He never wanted to build that wall LOL  WHO KNEW he would lie.   Again - just telling his clan what they wanted to hear.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday is photo day . . I guess

This was Gus at 7 weeks

And this is Gus at 12.5 weeks

With such long legs he reminds me of a Star wars machine

He's more of a mini Golden Retriever.  Technically he is a F1B Golden Doodle but there is more Golden then Doodle in him.


Then last night a balloon was flying our way as we sat on the deck.  As luck would have it it was right over us.

Hand held 300mm lens laying on the deck with a puppy jumping on me.


Trumps disapproval rating has hit a new all time high at 56.9% and his approval rating is a new all time low at 37.6%


In the past 5 years 1 in 5 U.S. counties saw opioid prescriptions increase by more than 10 percent.

Heroin is not the drug problem the US is facing - it's opioid addiction. Oddly in states with legal cannabis had prescription for opioid's  decrease dramatically - thus, big pharm is spending millions to combat legal cannabis.  It's all about profits.