Friday, August 4, 2017

Brew Day

So my biggest issue at the moment is trying to figure out how to fix a 4K TV with this issue.  Horizontal lines

Not my TV but it needs to be fixed.

Any ideas? Solutions> Comments?  


it's brew day this morning so I'm in between boils and so forth so this blog is a little convoluted . . like normal.  Brewing my East Indian Porter.  The beer the sailors drank when shipping beer to India.

While the officers drank India Pale Ale (IPA) the crew drank the lower class East Indian Porter.


OH - with the coming of football season we had to get Gus ready.


Maybe things will calm down for a while in DC as Trump goes on a 17 day vacation.  He needs it - working so hard making deals.  OH - did you hear about the transcripts of those phone calls?  WOW!
He never wanted to build that wall LOL  WHO KNEW he would lie.   Again - just telling his clan what they wanted to hear.