Wednesday, August 9, 2017


On May 8th 1869 a golden spike was driven into a railroad tie with a silver spike maul completing the trans continental railroad.  As the spike entered a single word was broadcast to every telegraph in the nation. DONE.

Well, actually Stanford and Hewes both missed the spike on the first attempt but the word was broadcast anyway.

Last night in City Council drove the final spike when the final word was finalized and Drexel Building Supply will actually locate to Columbus bringing 40, $50,000 a year jobs to Columbus.

Unlike Foxconn bringing their  50,000, $40 a year jobs to Wisconsin.

What I HOPE is that the State takes as much time an pains staking detail to the Foxconn contract that the Columbus City Council did with Drexel.  For instance, we spent an hour and a half last night over one word ("four" instead of "three") and a coma in the final final MOU.

In the last year Council has been investing a lot of time dealing a with Drexel, Duffy and a huge Fromm expansion and we ain't done yet.  There is more coming but I think there will be a break in the action.  Thank you to all the players, not just council but everybody who had a hand in this agreement.  Well done and while nobody will congratulate the city or even give anybody a pat on the back . . . . they REALLY should.  


Trump declares war on North Korea . . .blah blah blah move on he sounded like an idiot.  His approval rating leaped up yesterday from a very bottom 36.6% to 36.9% so he has something to brag about now as more and more people like him.


53% of all homes in the US are owned by people over 55 years.  This is a high and it's shutting out younger people in the housing market. Ten years ago it was 43%.


There were 785 TD passes thrown by right handed quarterbacks last year out of  . . . . 786.  Yea - only 1 TD was thrown from a left hand . . . .it was a trick play.


There is $1.021 TRILLION in outstanding debt in the US right now beating the old record of $1.020 which happened in April 2008.   Yea - can't think of anything substantial that happened financially around THAT time.


No golf tonight as I have a gallery event but last week was awesome.  In the morning I tweaked my back doing basically nothing (it's awesome getting old) and it seemed to get worse all day. NO, NOT ON GOLF DAY.  But experience with this pain told me golf was not in jeopardy.  Just be careful and FOLLOW THROUGH!

So what happened?   Drives of 211,215,220,217,218 according to my golf app on the phone. I cannot remember striking the ball better.   A little too good actually as on the last hole I hit my shortest drive and took out my 9 iron approach shot (115 yards) and flew the green at Door Creek #9 leaving a sharp down hill "it will never stop" chip shot.  Of course the chip shot went 1 foot and stopped immediately leaving another chip shot which "never stopped" leaving 2 more putts back up the hill.  sigh

I still suck.  Had a 45.


Stay tuned tomorrow for a new feature - GUS PREDICTS (still looking for a good tag line) . Gus will talk about the Packer game and what he thinks will happen.  Even though he has no clue what football is but in my prime when I had a 1-900 number for predicting football in Collage and Pro Football Weekly (The Ghoddess was my partner back then) I realized that 99% of touts actually hit below 50% and here I was with my system called Bridgejumper that hit 65% for 20 years (it died about 5 years ago as all systems do).  Still does well in certain situations.

So Gus will carry on the tradition.

Speaking of Gus. He continues to grow and is waking up later as his peanut size bladder is also growing.

I'm reading a book called "Inside of a Dog, What Dogs See, Smell and Know" written by a cognitive scientist who loves the word "anthropomorphism*" . It's really fascinating and puts thing in perspective from a dogs point of view.

* the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities and is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology


Seems to be yet another small controversy growing about our new street lights . TOO BRIGHT!!  LOOKS LIKE WATERLOO.  Looking into this.


OH - I am obsessed with a TV show (who knew) called Quantico. About some very good looking FBI recruits and one is being framed as a terrorists.  It's really a pretty who dun it ride.  I got hooked when I read some former FBI reviews that said the training was pretty realistic.


Check it out as it starts with a bang and never lets go! See how the beautiful people save the world.


Gotta run and get an estimate on a BMW that Mel owned.  Yea - all was well until DJs brother rammed into the funeral home and bashed in the trunk.


OH - we need so home repair.  Our Frigidaire Refrigerator  SUCKS.  It's been leaking from SOMEWHERE for 7 years an no one knows from where.  Last night I was in the basement and heard water.  Ran upstairs and yup - water all over the rotting floor under the frig.  YET - not one drop anywhere. Hoses are dry. the ONLY water is under the frig.

That was it - we are getting rid of this monster but have to get the rotting wood fixed.  I will never ever buy another Frigidaire.

OK - gotta run

have a day - good chance of rain tomorrow but after that - nothing for the foreseeable future. In fact we won't even hit 80 for the next 10 days