Monday, August 14, 2017

Gus, Foam rubber, TGC2, Neil Walker, Lightning

I had a "Gallery" thing Wednesday night and had to attend because I sold a piece - not a big event but
 . . . . .   anyway I was with a few bona-fide real life storm chasers and one was talking about lightning and how it behaves. 

WELL - one thing leads to another and I bring up the old Columbus water tower which 90% of the town does not even know we have . . or care about.  It was agreed upon that the water tower could have saved a few lives.  

The lightning was going to strike SOMETHING in that 50 yard circle and the water tower just happened to be there.  Lightning was not attracted to the tower but since it was there and wet it was the easiest place for that lightning to go.  

Take the water tower away and it would have hit one of those houses or SOMETHING in that 50 yard radius.  


SO - Bear fans are all excited over their new QB who was awesome going against the 3rd string man to man defense.  One guy said it was like watching your dog run a 50 yard dash on his hind legs excited!   THAT!  would be exciting !


Speaking of dogs.  We took Gus on a socializing adventure to the Paoli Art Fair.  He LOVED it and it
seemed we were the center of attention.  Literally.  We had to stop constantly and explain to people what he was and how old and so forth.

At one point we had people waiting  (seriously) in line to hold him and take family photos.  What got me was a few times we had to stop and have him pose for photos.  No REALLY, and the weird thing was he would pose.  

I would put him on some wooden steps and he would sit up perfectly straight and look at the camera . . and he did this multiple times.  It's like he was aware of the cameras!!  DJ and I were at The Hop Garden and there was a family of 5 adults staring at us from 30 yards away.  Just staring, at me?  at DJ?  NO it had to be Gus.  Literally staring.

Gus was under a table as we were having a beer and a napkin fluttered by.  People all around jumped up and pointed making sure we knew he had a napkin!  

He will be stolen before we have him a year!  Kids were playing with him and adults were holding him and giving him water.

As a joke DJ says "Hey, see those kids over there? Say "Hey kid, I'll give you this puppy for that ice cream"".


Neil Walker the new Brewers 2B.

WELL - a few days away from being 32 years old so not a long term fix.  "good" fielding. Not great.  Average range and does not make many errors.  Good power so the bat will be nice and he is coming FROM a ballpark that is sort of like Milwaukee.  GREAT for lefties. And he is a switch hitter which is always good, slightly better against RHP.  Can't bunt, can't H&R, can't run, can't steal and hits into a lot of DPs.   His WARP is in the 3 games per season when makes him solid but he is 32 and coming off an injury.  For a player to be named later it's all good.


So you know I play virtual golf on the TGCTours using the game/simulation TGC2 engine.  A few of the rounds we have been playing recently have been outstanding with user created courses. Wish I could play these in real life.   I used to create courses in LINKS. My current computer does not hate the power to create holes like these.


WEATHER - look for 1.5 inches of rain this week with the main focus on Wednesday.  Some thunderstorms today later in the afternoon.  Highs near 80 most of the week 


Bored??  I watched a NETFLIX show called Modern Miracles.  About everyday things we take for granted that are truly a miracle.   The first half of the first show was all about foam rubber . . well, after a fascinating half hour on foam rubber . . . I turned it off.  You can only take so much giddiness over foam rubber.  Yea - it IS a miracle because it only takes a drop of water to go from hard plastic to foam rubber but . . . . . .