Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gus Predicts

Hi, I'm Gus and all of a sudden my mommy (the one who I like to bite) puts me in this shirt and believes I know everything there is about the Green Bay Packers.   HELLO!  I've only been alive for 14 weeks. However - I do know a thing or two about  playing with a ball and chasing and catching balls so maybe I do so let's see what I can think of.

The game tonight is a pretend game or something as it does not count so the score is meaningless unless you win and then it is something.   The only bit of information I have come up with is when I had a piece of paper hanging from my lips from my daddy's (the man that feeds me) magazine that I chews on.  The Marc Lawrence Playbook.

It says that the Packers are 5 - 0 on UNDERS in the first pretend game.  The UNDERS is 38.5 points and seeing that the other ball game my daddy watches and complains about has scores  like 4-2 and 3-2 and like last night 4-0 I think the UNDER 38.5 seems a good deal.

Otherwise there is no reason to ever care about the pretend games unless something comes up.  For instance, last year I heard Coach McCarthy said he was going to put a wide retriever on an island and see how he did.  Well, I'm mostly a retriever and I'm on Grinders Island so I understand that so if I hear that kind of talk maybe I'll perk up but until then pretend games are just that.