Friday, August 31, 2018

Sand bags available today

The Columbus DPW will have sand bags available from 10 to 3 today for all that need them at the Old Countryside building on James street (odd way to say the name of the old car dealership).


Because we are expecting a LOT of rain on the coming week.  By Sunday night we should have another  2.50 inches of rain but it does not stop there. Expect another 2.50 inches during next week.  There is a front that has stalled near the WI/ILL border and it ain't moving. We will have storm squalls moving in and out of the area for the next 7-10 days.

Temps will be around 80ish during that time and today will be the last sunny day for a long long time.


A Madison sports talk show that never talks about sports were discussing favorite movies, the one where you can watch it over and over.  My fav?  Easy  Patton and Signs. I can and have watched those two movies over and over.

Just sayin'


I made a mistake in my last blog.  I called the Downtown Beautification committee a committee. it's a TASK FORCE.


Before I forget have a happy Labor-less day.


Microsoft has a new rule for companies that provide hardware and so forth to them. They MUST provide 12 weeks of parental leave.

Meanwhile the President who says are economy is doing GREAT canceled all raises for Federal employees that were promised.  He also announced he will hold a campaign rally at the very say time as McCains funeral so he can also get more TV time (he did not say that last part).

I HAVE to think that a guy that LOVES being talked about is pissed off he can not be seen or heard at a National event and Obama will be all over the news.  Nothing worse then a black man stealing Trumps thunder.


Lost in golf as a wild card for teh championship.  In my life I have been in 5 playoffs for 1st place in leagues.  The first 4 times I played well and my partner has let me down.  At least this time we both played poorly.  OH - I made some of the best chip shots (bump and run) in my life but let down one to many times. I was 4 over my normal average and my partner had his worst round of the year.


The new virtual golf sim came out TGC 2019 and WOW - as one person on a from comment. it really makes you sweat.  This isn't some arcade grip it and rip it anymore. 

If you are bored and want to see the newest golf sim here is a guys first round - the main thing is the right side where you see the swing feed back which is so important.  I really does make you sweat!


and for my Big Brother fans - WOW - so you HAD two sides of the house. One side grouped together and call them selves Level 6 (there were 6 of them) and the other side clique had 5.

Here is the thing. Level 6 is very organized and the missfits are just dumb.  For 3 weeks in a row they had the power to kick out a person on the Level 6 team. Yet for 3 weeks in a row that accidentally kicked out their OWN team.  It's been hilarious.

Level 6 was like a football team. huddle up, make a decision and stick with it.  The other side was like cars after an ambulance goes by!  Chaos.

It's been a great year!


James Street Pizza opens for real today. WHOO HOO!!   I can't wait for another pizza, but will as tonight might be busy. I want to try some of their OTHER food. 


Anybody notice grass LOVES this weather?  AAAAGH! 


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Chicken George and James Street Pizza

Where is everybody.  Lowest turnout in a long time reading the blog.  Have I finally pissed off EVERYBODY?

So - lets get to it - RAIN

Columbus received 1.37 inches of rain and I'm waiting to see what Waste Water submits. They always seem to get a little more them me.   

I've been a member of CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network) for 12 years now.  I can remember when an inch of rain in one day was rare and a big deal.  NOT NO MORE!  Portage had a little less then 3 inches dumped on them and are now nearing ONE FOOT of rain in 48 hours.

Waupun is literally closed do to devastating damage. No one is allowed to enter the city with trees down everywhere and no power at all through out the city.  So many roads are out in Wisconsin it's tough to go anywhere. Columbus has had about 6.5 inches of rain in the last 8 days. But don't put away the sand bags just yet.

We have 3 days off of rain and then ALL NEXT WEEK starting Saturday - rain. 7 days of scattered thunderstorms and 2 to 3 more inches of rain. Temps near 80 and falling off to cooler temps.


Darvin - I have a few acquaintances that I have a love/hate relationship.  With that said - I cannot think of a better person to be on the downtown beautification committee then Darvin Frye. Just sayin'.   A LOUD cheerleader and someone who can push a square peg into a round hole by shear force.  Bravo Darvin.  I'm a fan (at the moment :-)


James Street Pizza - I'm not sure they expected to sell out 70 pizza's in 15 minutes with an advertised soft opening.  Perhaps not advertise a soft opening next time.  Makes it less soft (obviously).  People on social media were complaining about "things are different in Columbus I guess" and they had never heard of the term "soft opening".   WHAT? ONLY OPEN FOR AN HOUR?  WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS!

REAL opening Friday.

HOWEVER - in a twist where we did not expect the unexpected - Amy's brother is pictured in the middle. DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?

It's CHICKEN GEORGE - from Big Brother Season 1 and ALL-Stars.  OMG!  IT'S CHICKEN GEORGE, also know as George Boswell.

Season 1 was one of the worst because it was the only season the viewing audience voted.  Back then psychologists were REALLY worried about  people locked up in a house with nothing to do for 3 months and zero news of the outside world.  After 3 season I stopped watching for another 3 seasons until they fixed the show. It was all social dating hook-up sexy show and very little actual strategy. Just cliques voting out other cliques.   I believe "we" have watched every episode since they fixed it with actual game play strategy**.

**NOW - each week one person through a physical or mental competition wins "Head of House (HoH)" and puts 2 people on "the block" to be voted out. Then in another physical or mental competition the winner of THAT can remove one person and the HoH has to put another player up.

Voting takes place live and then a new HoH is established.  During the week players scramble to get on the winning side as alliances are broken and establish.  There is not much to do in the house so they just talk strategy.  Cameras are on each player 24/7.  They can not do ANYTHING (almost) with out the public seeing and hearing EVERYTHING (almost).  When I hear people say "scripted" it is literally impossible.   

George, then and now 
Anybody that has ever played the board game Diplomacy would LOVE Big Brother.  In fact there was an article in The New Yorker 5 years ago about how Big Brother is watched by more "higher IQ" TV watchers then any other non-scripted show on TV.  I obviously bring down the average.

ANYWAY - Chicken George in season one took care of the chickens and got the nickname.  George has been voted the most liked player in Season 1. He came in 5th but that was when the audience voted.  NOW - the people who get kicked out vote an who gets the $500,000.

See - that is why this game rocks.  You back stab and vote people out BUT, you still need them to vote for you to win $500,000. A very delicate dance.


The most average inconsequential team in sports are the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Phillies are #5 and the Brewers are #8 when ALL 4 major sports are tabulated.  In fact the 2018 Pirates are the most average team in MLB since 1971

We Checked 50 Years Of Sports History To Find The Team That Stands Out The Least


nuff said for today

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Build an arc - Build an arc

So I'm going to channel my inner Gus the Weather Dog and warn people about the coming cold front.   A line of storms will developed over Wisconsin bringing what could be 70mph winds and torrential rain to the area.

Columbus is in the bulls eye and with the right conditions we could get 6+ inches of rain if the line of storms trains over us.  2 inches is certainly a probability. This is a big deal event and with the ground already saturated that wind could be devastating to many trees in Columbus. 

Not trying to sugar coat it but just saying all the right ingredients are there.  Bring in any patio furniture.

Madison is shitting bricks with most of the Isthmus preparing to close from floods and the dam nearing it's breaking point.  Lake Monona is already the highest in recorded history.  Already many roads are underwater in Madison making travel into the city a clusterf*ck (as Elweed puts it).

BTW Elweed's condo where he works and takes care of the gardens is completely sand bagged.  The only good thing is he gets free bussing to work as many roads are closed. 
Elweeds condo that he takes care of 


Anybody have suggestion on deck builders?  The one we were going to hire is booked for 2 years.  Ours needs repair, replace and augmentation. 

Speaking of Russia.  The Russian government is raising retirement age for man from 60 to 65 and for woman from 55 to 63.  HOWEVER - remember that the average lifespan for a male is 67 and for woman 77.  In America I'm assuming the retirement age is 67 for both sexes (unless woman are keeping a secret) while the lifespan is is 76 for men and 81 for woman.


Something I keep forgetting about the Cubs and Brewers.  Both teams have built their rosters to be the BEST when playing at home.  The problem is both teams ball parks are opposite for the OTHER team.

Milwaukee has the best ballpark in the majors for left handed home run hitters while Wrigley Field is the WORST ballpark for left handed power hitters  (on anything but the very very best beautiful days) OK OK San Francisco is worst on ALL days for ALL ballplayers.

Chicago is better for right handed power hitters then Milwaukee.  So when the Brewers go to Wrigley Field they have a distinct disadvantage.


Today The Golf Club 2019 comes out with even BETTER ball dynamics. Now play out of the rough will be more realistic.  In TGC and TGC2 when hitting out of the rough you could still put spin on the ball to stick the green.  I guess that is not the case anymore and it depends if you have a good lie or bad. 

So many improvements to a game that was already fantastic.  I swear (and others have said this on forums) that TGC2 has helped my putting with visualizing breaks and what the ball will do.  Now I need to lern to hit the ball.

OH - with that said - I'm in the playoffs in REAL golf - who knew.  We shall see if The Oaks is open tomorrow with all the rain coming.

The Golf Club 2019


Foxxcon gave the UW Wisconsin $100 million.  I have never been against Foxxcon. I have been against our government giving charity and paying for their employee wages to get them to come to Wisconsin.

Like all industry there is collateral wealth that happens around all new industry.  I just hate bribes with MY money.


remember - Gus the Weather Dog has his own facebook page and is non-political.

and seriously - why does Starbucks get free advertising in the media.  PUMPKIN LATTE IS NOT NEWS!

Watched Avengers Infinity War Part 1 in ULTRA HD and Dolby Atmos and it was GREAT.

 Also watching Man in the High Castle which is one of the better Sci Fi shows I have seen.  It's an alternate reality series on what it America would have LOST WWII.  But wait . . . . . did they?  Some found films say we actually won the war. What's going on?

Check out the trailer for Season 3 - AWESOME



Monday, August 27, 2018

James Street Pizza review / Club La Mark

I've often thought the worst time to review or even go to a new restaurant is at it's opening.  I've also thought the worst time to review a pizza place is after you have had pizza for dinner 3 times in a week . . . so why not review James Street Pizza for the 4th pizza in 10 days . . .right?

Need I say more.

While in Door County with Josh, Jenny and the kids I was invited to attended a pre-soft opening/stress test at James Street Pizza.  Being a pizza lover I HAD to accept.  Even it if meant canceling a trip to the Wild Tomato in Fish Creek which I consider the best pizza I have had in Wisconsin.

This is a pizza chef
So - Friday we drive back from Door and after being home for an hour I head to James Street to pick up a couple small pizzas.  Pepperoni, onion and mushroom.

Anybody that cooks know that mushrooms are surprisingly full of water which is a nightmare for pizza cooks.  SO - why not toss that at them to see what happens on night #1 (insert evil laugh).

James Street Pizza is in the ol' Bistro Racine(sp?) which has been remodeled into a different look tiny place   A brick-ish look that made the place look bigger somehow.

So I get there and order a pizza to go.  Take it home and it looks really good.  Especially since this has to be one of the first 100 pizzas made in the brand new oven.

 I have to assume with any oven there is a learning curve, especially one that is a revolving wood/gas fired (called a MIX) fusion oven.  What could possibility go wrong.

Well, not much it seems.

The crust was very good, a New York style pizza.  a TINY soggy in the middle but I will chalk that one up to "new oven" issues.  The sauce was very good and plenty of dood ol' Wisconsin cheese.

The pepperoni was not super spicy and not super greasy.  The onions were . . well . . they were red which is not my choice for pizza as I believe they are too sweet but other onions are available to order.  I always feel red onions are a cop out and just left over from salads.

The AMOUNT of onion was a little scant . . I want ONION, not just for looks but for flavor but this is an issue I have with 90% of onions on pizza. Don't be afraid of onions.   

My only regret was not tasting any wood flavor but I'm pretty sure that will come over time once they learn the oven.

Something I had not thought of was what is the pizza like COLD! And DJ tested it the next day.    Excellent. The slices have enough sauce and cheese to withstand refrigeration for the next day so day 2 the pizza is still pretty darn good.

REMEMBER - this review is after I have already gottn sick of ANY pizza so I gotta say I think we have a big winner with James Street.

They will have a soft opening this week and I BELIEVE this Friday they open for good.



Last week DJ and I invited Josh, Jenny and the kids up to a quaint little cabin in the woods.

It as outstanding.  Fun time was held by all as the girls got to throw rocks in the lake and we just relaxed and tried not think about politics for 4 days (moron that later).

ANYWAY - I'll have more images as I get them out of my camera and phone.

We did go to the new Shipwrecked Brewery after it burned down last year. Still very good beer. Not a fan of their frozen over cooked hamburger patties.

HOWEVER - shifting gears Elweed and I ate at Club La Mark Saturday.  I have a small history with the Club as their employees asked me to take some secret glamour shots of the gray square box (at the time).  The owner happened to see me and was in my face screaming at me "What the F! are you taking photos of my bar for" type stuff. 

I made up some crap and all calmed down (certainly not the first time I have been screamed at for taking photos).

ANYWAY - we went into the Club and noticed outstanding breakfast plates and both said NEXT time we have breakfast in this little biker-sh dive bar that was literally full of woman.  No really - at the bar were 14 woman and 3 (including Elweed and I) males. What was up with that?

We ordered burgers and then Elweed tipped over his full beer (it was 11:30 . .COME ON . . already?)  But everyone was laughing and the atmosphere was like Cheers.

Then the burgers came.  HOLE CRAP!!!  THEY ARE HUGE!!!  Each burger comes with a knife and for $6.75 you get a BIG burger.  In fact - it's 9 ounces!  But here is the thing.  It's one of the best tasting burgers I have had.  Reminded me of The Bell south of Beaver Dam.  Fresh fresh fresh hamburger with an all important  bun to burger ratio. It was perfection.

I believe I ate 7 of the 9 ounces.  We both gave them as many stars as we could and will go back for their HUGE breakfast in a couple weeks.   WHO KNEW!!


I see the White House decided to NOT have their flag at half mast and Trump ordered the flag raised to give the finger to McCain one last time.  What a freaking low life Trump is. How big of a douche bag do you have to be to be told not attend my funeral, by a former President (and Republican) and another Republican war hero who served 30 years in politics.

The ONLY flag in the country NOT at half mast is at the White House.  deplorable.


The Oakland A's are changing baseball once again. First it was Money Ball where instead of picking players that LOOK the part they picked players by statistics.

NOW - after 2 years in last place they are making a run by playing players by launch angle.  While the Brewers have power hitters that hit into a lot of double plays (Yelich and most of the Brewers) the A's have fly ball power hitters.  Now double plays for them.  If you are going to have a low batting average anyway, why have ground balls.

In the last few years they have been acquiring batters that are anti-ground ball.  Very interesting.


Gus the Weather Dog has his own facebook page now called . . . Gus the Weather Dog.

Last night a radar indicated tornado hit just south of Rio.  Gus posted this last night showing the wind. Red is one direction and green is the opposite direction.  You never want to see green surrounded by red.

The issue was there were so many strong storms that the outflow, the wind created by the rain replacing the air was creating turbulence and mixing with other outflows which was creating spin.  They are not strong tornadoes but still could be F1s

Columbus had 1.65 inches of rain while the Milwaukee area was in the 5-7 inches as the storms move east gathering strength.   

We should be calming down now for 24 hours but watch out for tomorrow as more sever and heavy rain is due when a large cold front hits the area. The high Wednesday won't reach 70. Weekend looks good, near 80.


Speaking of apples.  Red Delicious is no longer #1.  Oh they LOOK good but are bland.  Gala is now the #1 apple produced in America.


Nuff said this morning



Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Egg Harbor

SO - I hear (have not seen) that a certain individual that CONSTANTLY puts down Columbus in social media is complaining about people complaining about the bowling ally on social media (did that make any sense at all?)
I hope I did not come off negative yesterday.  My only FUNNY issue was the waitstaff struggling with first day logistics and I thought they were GREAT and had a sense of humor.  Yea - the pin ball machines were expensive compared  to the game room but they do need MUCH more maintenance. 

IT'S A BOWLING ALLEY  . . . . with surprisingly great food.

MEANWHILE - we are south of Egg Harbor staying in a little shack we found.

Just the right size for 4 adults and 3 kids . . . with an extra 3 bedrooms. 

Quaint living room 

 Typically when we are in Door County we are out doing things as the alternative is sitting in a hotel room or camping.  This time?  We just hung out and had a fire.

But the devil is in the details (is that how the saying goes?  Makes no sense).   Check out this kitchen table.  Knowing how much a custom made table costs from personal experience, this one has to be $7-10 thousand ???

HOWEVER - taking this from a 5 star down to 4 star is the microwave does not heat up.  How the hell does one make a hot dog!  :-) 

 I would have more photos but the internet is a LITTLE slow (0.68 download LOL) but at least there is SOME internet.  When we started to come up here there was literally ZERO television.  We missed our very first episode of Survivor EVER . . but that was a long time ago. 


In a latest survey only 35% of employees believe their bosses know what they do every day and have to consult a different boss to get the job done.

In baseball the average batting average is .248, the lowest since 1972. There are more strike outs then hits. 

Not much else to say at the moment with things "loading" slowly.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fast Lanes and YUP - rain!

A few rain totals from CoCoRaHS observers that report to NOAA.  The numbers after the city name is how far from city center

Columbus 1.2 S 2.87 (me)
Madison 3.7 WSW 8.05
Madison 4.8 NNW  5.32
Madison 6.1 W  11.32
Verona 5.5 WNW  10.47
De Forest 1.4 SSW 3.23
Beaver Dam 1.4 SSW 3.5

Those are the big ones in the area!

Costco - over a foot of water. 


A second high up Walker administer is running an add against walker and his corrupt government stating he has instructed his staff to ignore open record requests.  "I thought Scott Walker was different but he is just another politician looking out only for himself" he says .

Just reporting the news.


We decided to check out the new bowling ally in Columbus, Fast Lanes, to see what they have to offer and were pleasantry pleased. VERY pleased

Walking in we are greeted at the door and shown to a table. The large florescent lite room we all remember adorned like we were on campus at the UW.  Sort of odd but they are a sports bar type place.

It's not a romantic place to take a date but a very nice family restaurant with an extensive menu. SADLY, it is rumored that they only offer is 1/2 pound burgers which is a crime and a National Security breach.  Americans are getting fat on 1/2 pound burgers and we will not be able to run when the Russians come.  The menu didn't specify the size but waitstaff THOUGHT it was 1/2 pound . . but they were still learning where tables were and how to put an order in on their computer thingys so . . . .  LOL  first night open is always a pain.

DJ ordered a chicken quesadilla and I ordered something I have never ordered before, an Italian sandwich. It's not that I don't LIKE Italian sandwiches it's just that I normally order a burger, but not a half pound gut buster of which I toss 1/3 of the last half out (quick, how much is that?).  I gotta keep my girly man figure you know.

They have 21 tap beers ($3.50 for craft, $2,50 for domestic) and a few other things like root beer and cans of beer.

The Italian sandwich is actually a french dip which was REALLY good.  In fact one of the better ones I have ever had.  IN FACT - One of the better sandwiches I have ever had in Columbus. I got the garlic mash potato side dish but they were a little bland compared to the Italian, not a good combination.  DJ said they were good.  The chicken quesadilla was "just right" for DJ.

The only hiccup was the waitstaff  who were still getting used to the computer tablets for ordering and the servers who had no clue where the tables were. OH - they could FIND the tables, just not the right ones.  They would just wonder around sort of lost, hoping someone would say "that's mine" (which is what I did and we all laughed). Waitstaff was full of humor and we loved them for it

Very good food, atmosphere was what it was, a family style meeting room restaurant with outdoor seating.

The ambient noise from the bar/bowling alley/juke box was fine and subdued and not ever too loud.

Next the the large dining "room" are a few overpriced pin ball machines $1, a few games and pool tables.

Next to that is the bar with the many taps and more booths for eating and so forth.  Lower lighting and we might eat there next time.  Plenty of TVs to watch sports (33 I think?) and the bowling alley.

Then next to the alleys is The Game Room

where everything seems to be 1 quarter and kids of all ages will have a blast (I did) but no tickets to get garbage toys. Just high scores. Nice Plaza-like Hockey game for a quarter though.

Overall I think they did a great job and I can see Fast Lanes stealing customers only from teh downtown dive bars if they make the place dirtier and dingy but that is about it.  Family Restaurant and The Apple Tree will not see a drop in customers.  Cercis is a different style drinking place.

The place will do well.

Bravo Fats Lanes.

NOW we need James Street Pizza to open up in 2 Fridays

Speaking of money making ideas - Did you see what my cannabis stock has been doing?   Seems when Corona invests $4 BILLION into you company it helps the stock price.  That happened last Wednesday and the stock prices has been moving up ever since.  Nearing a 50% increase since Wednesday.

Corona is betting the farm in cannabis beer and said the $4 BILLION was just the beginning. They yesterday the company announced they were selected as an approved supplier for Ontario Cannabis to supply over 100 products Canada wide. What this does is make CGC the #1 supplier of everything cannabis in Canada. 

Like I have been saying - if America had only one beer company after prohibition would you not want to invest in them? 

HOWEVER - they have not made one dime yet so . . . . so VERY speculative.  8 weeks until Canada is legal.

With that said - we have a big trip to Quebec City in 5 weeks - bad timing :-)


The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975 is not the #1 selling album of all time surpassing Thriller. 

I have never liked the Eagles, more of a heavy rocker.  I like song here and there but that is it.  No fake California music from musicians from the mid west for me.


Who is the statistically BEST NFL team in the draft since 1999?   Green Bay Packers. The worst? Cleveland.  In FACT if Cleveland had "auto-drafted" they would be MUCH better.

Long article that I have not had time to read yet fully yet.

The Browns’ Suckiness Defies Math And Reason


There is a Ted Talks episode that is about the poor.

Poverty is NOT a lack of character, it’s a lack of cash.

Being a friend of someone who is 300% below poverty I found it interesting.  I know I have always been pissed at Elweed for not thinking ahead to get himself OUT of poverty but the thing is - Poverty creates MORE poverty.

If you are impoverished everything is for surviving NOW.  Not thinking ahead to next year. You do what you have to survive NOW. 

Helping the poor with cash will start the process of getting OUT of poverty.  Conservatives  say - MAKE them work by taking away benefits as they are just lazy.  Liberals say - help them by giving them benefits - this will change their way of living slowly and get them out of poverty.

Statistics say THAT is the correct way.   YES - some people in poverty take advantage of the rules and cheat.  Well, how many "rich" people take advantage of the rules and cheat. I bet about the same percentage.


Monday, August 20, 2018

RAIN RAIN RAIN / new Columbus business opening

HAPPY Eid al-Adha to you. As I like to call it The Feast of the Sacrifice the 2nd of two Islamic holiidays. I think we need to make this a yearly event in Columbus.  We could use the deer in the deer cages. I know I know the original intent was for Ibrahim to sacrifice one of his sons but I GUESS that is now frowned upon now (not like the good ol' days) so God provided a ram (how nice of him, always thinking).

Now here is where it gets complicated. Once the animal is sacrificed 1/3 goes to the poor, another 1/3 to relatives and the final 1/3 is for the family.  I'm glad it's not his son being divided into 3rds.


RAIN RAIN RAIN.  Look for HEAVY rain starting this afternoon.  There are flash flood warnings for the area.  Expect 1 to 2 inches with some local 4 inches clusters.  Yea - the atmosphere is saturated.


We heading to Door County tomorrow with the entire crew so blogging will be spotty this week. 


One of the things that always annoyed me was the lack of caring for the looks of downtown Columbus.  I THOUGHT we addressed this with a group that worked on downtown beauty and we ear marked $$ for railings, garbage cans, trees, bike racks and I expected them to be installed early spring  . . . I leave for a few months and nothing gets done.  That group no longer met and faded away.

I'm glad we have a new group for downtown beautification and hope they get the funds needed to create some beauty . . ANY beauty.

With that said . check out this beautiful school.   Makes kids REALLY excited to go to school through this beautiful entrance.  How inspiring.  Madison LaFollate HS in Tennessee

I can see kids really being artistic and thinking outside the box.


Today Fast Lanes opens with 48 taps, pizza and bowling. Gutter Gussie would be happy.

and in a couple weeks James Street Pizza opens with their Italian oven that gets to the temperature of the sun with it's wood fired oven.

Add Cercis Brewing and what is happening to Columbus. Next thing you know a hotel will be going up near Enerpac.



Truth isn't truth and facts are opinions expressed as truth.  - makes sense.


Anybody watch Kevin Spacey's new movie? "Billionaires Club"?  Probably not - it only opened in 8 theaters and earned a opening day total of . . wait for it . . $126.  But MORE then doubled it on Saturday with another $162. I'm not sure what projections were.


Be careful who you donate money too.  I've had fire AND police contact me asking for donations and making me feel guilty.  YET - in Dallas two organizations collecting money for fallen police officers received $3.2 million and donated 78% of it to themselves.

DPD sergeant collected millions for fallen officers. A fraction went to the families


Nuff said at the moment

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Walker vs. Oatmeal - who will win.

So here is the thing - Last night I irritated my eye taking out my contacts. Then as you always should do, I was messing with my eyelid and noticed a tiny zit (or something). My inner Macgyver takes hold of my Crest Complete and puts a dab on it the zit (or something) - WHY? - because non-clear toothpaste is great for zits (no really it is).

HOWEVER - 10 minutes later my body temperature has melted the toothpaste into my eye with it's minty freshness.  And then my face is melts off.

Luckily all is fine this morning.


The Brewers shut out the Cubs for the 3rd straight time. The last time the Cubs scored a run against the Brewers was the 11th inning 28 innings ago (they scored 5).


Tony Evers, who has the personality of a bowl of oatmeal will run against Walker.  Last time Tom Barrett which I likend to milk toast took him on. Why do Democrats always pick the most boring person available. 

The ONLY way Evers can win is if there really is The BLUE WAVE.  So far I have seen no cracks in this wave but without it. No hope.

I will back Evers 100% against the anti education good old boy Trump loving clown in office now (too far?).

MEANWHILE - Waterloo AND Fall River (the town who hates their children's teeth by banning fluoride - idiots) voted YES to a huge school referendum so all the communities around Columbus have voted YES to new schools. 

The Columbus school board, meanwhile, has more focus groups and meetings to go with the 3 years of focus group, meetings and non scientific useless surveys.  Analysts paralyses has set in. 

Three years into a new business plan and where are we?  More focus groups and hand wringing.


Seems Marine worms are eating plastic on beaches. The problem is they can EAT the plastic but not actually digest the plastic. What they are doing is making the plastic smaller and just pooping out tiny plastic.


What would Larry David do (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

We went to Dotty Dumplings and had a GREAT waiter . . except . . . everything we ordered we got a "You Got It" reply.

"What would you like for drinks"  Coke "You Got It", Tea "You Got It", just water "You Got It".

Wait We DON'T got it.  We SHOULD get it but we don't got it yet! 

I THINK it was some memory trick. He did not write anything down and I noticed at the next table a "You Got It" was after everything he would not write down.  It was like storing a file in your brain for later access.

When you leave a room to get something and totally forget what it was until you go BACK to the original room is a way that your brain is trying to work efficiently.  It closes a file in one room and opens another in a different room. That is why it happens. Go back to the original room and it opens that file again and you remember.


WELL - I pulled the plug and purchased my FIRST Harry Potter movie.  DJ and I have not seen 1 second of a Harry Potter movie and neither of us have read a page of any of the books.

We were at Play It Again and I got a Blu-Ray of the first HP movie for like $5.  I've heard it's good.   Now we will try to get Elweed to watch it with us.  He typically falls asleep after a big Saturday dinner and a movie.

NOTE - now that I am not on City Council I will change his name back to his 50 year old nick name.


TODAY - scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon starting about 4:00.

Speaking of weather - Gus the Weather Dog needs to come out of hibernation. We went to the Paoli Art Fair and literally people can up to Gus  "It's GUS THE WEATHER DOG" I kept hearing.

REALLY?  I need to figure out how to make money on this. LOL  it's what I do.

Started in kindergarten when I sold Creepy Crawlers, then in middle school I sold toothpicks with cinnamon on then (got in trouble for that one).  I'll skip high school and later online black jack when internet casinos started being a thing.  Easy $1000 a month in bonus's. One online casino would double your money each month if you played ONE hand of black jack.  It literally was free money, made $500.   Then Texas Hold'm before it got popular in America (3rd world players were really bad online)  . . . I have 40 Hold'm books if anybody wants some.     

Then photography before everybody had filters on their phones.

I have a crap load of Ken Griffey Jr rookie and minor league baseball cards.  I got a bunch when I traded my Mark McGuire rookie cards for Griffy Jr.  12 year old never saw it coming! 

I gotta find my next money maker trend.  City Council was not the financial wind fall I was hoping for.  I do make penny's on this blog - CLICK ON THOSE AD's I get 1/10 a penny every click.

I found this online but can't seem to find any link to ME.  No money in it.

And OK - while I was looking for the above image I came across this one. WHO KNEW someone would take a photo from above the complex!


Golf is getting a Tiger Woods bump.  Every sport needs someone to get people excited to boost the sport.  When tiger came in 2nd at Valspar in March NBC had it's best golf ratings in 5 years.

Since then - Masters, up 14%, The Open Championship, up 37%,  PGA Championship, up 69%.


Big Brother - don't know the ratings but this is one of the best season in a while. Real strategy from good players.  Now that the annoying people have been kicked out it's game on.  Awesome mind battles and blind sides. 

There was an article in The New Yorker a decade ago. Some guy was forced to watch Big Brother and write about it just to see the draw and he was surprised that it was fascinating and addicting. 

NOT like dating reality shows. Actual game theory and some pretty complicated game play.  Literally a thinking mans game show played my 16 characterers. 

I think that is what turns people off AND makes the game so interesting. They watch 1 show and believe these people are "fake" but no - they are real (and strange) humans with big personalities playing a game where they have to kick people out AND get their vote at the same time.

Moving on


that's it.  Have a great day

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Baseball is the BEST /Deadwood / Kestrel Ridge Golf Course

The beauty of baseball is that there are millions of games played and there is always something you have never seen before.

A few days ago the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers had a 3 run 9th inning comeback with a 2 out, 2 strike bases loads dropped 3rd strike where everyone scored.  DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING!


Mary Arnold's yard was vandalized last night in Columbus. She had 4 yard sings in her yard that were ripped up and stomped on. I'm thinking it was by a angry Republican but I have no proof. Could have been an Independent or perhaps Tony Evers? 


Independent book stores are making a come back . . . no really. According to the NY Times from 1995 to 2009 independent book stores fell 43%  . . however . . since 2009 the number of independent book stores is up 49% and sales in books are up 5%.  Thank you Omarosa. LOL


Cold front moves through tonight. Pretty quiet today with warm and humid conditions but conditions change tomorrow with a good chance of thunderstorms both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  The storms, wherever they hit will have a good amount of moister but not the flooding kind as they will move on.

The weekend is looking pretty much like last weekend unless a the LOWS that are suppose to hit tomorrow and Thursday slow down. It's a chance.  Rain on Monday.


Seems there was a hacking convection and an 11 year old managed to hack into a replica of the Florida election system . . . in 10 minutes.

Last time I looked the Columbus election system is not on the internet.  We are the Battlestar Galactica of election systems. Cylons BE GONE!

BTW - the spin off series Caprica was one of my favorites until it was canceled. 


Of the top 48 officials in the White House.  Only 4 are Latino, Asian or Arab. Nothing but white people to see here.  Making America white again.


I have heard of these in Amsterdam and Paris - public urinals.

Hopefully this will not catch on in America where men seem to have bigger bladders  . . .except on Kestrel Ridge Golf Course where men regularly pee in front of my house and in front of the neighbors house. NO REALLY - on THIS side of the fairway. Don't even need a tree it seems.

They just whip it out and pee for all to see.  (ooo that rhymes).   They need a sign that says URINAL 300 YARDS AHEAD!!


I ordered some shoes Sunday night.  I had a choice - Free shipping -arrive Saturday. $5 for Thursday and $10 for Tuesday.  I opted for the Free shipping Saturday.  Got a message - arriving this morning.


So relatives were here for a while and we were looking for a movie to watch. We have iTonya which is a GREAT movie with a fantastic sound track.  Truly GREAT music.  It's rated "R" and they have a kid in the 7th grade.

DJ and I talked and could not think of anything BAD - no sex scenes, no violence but a few swear words. Nothing Cam has not heard before right?

We watched about 15 minutes and HOLY FUCK!! Fuckity fuck fuck.  There are more F-words in the 1st 15 minutes then all 4 season of Deadwood.  And a few C words.  We all agreed - GREAT GREAT movie so far but WOW - perhaps not for a 7th grader  . . . over and over (an so funny). 

Speaking of Deadwood - what I believe is still the best show EVER on TV - A gritty western starring Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane and Keith Carradine is in the process of making the movie.

CAN . . . NOT . . . WAIT

This was the last REAL MUST SEE TV.  DJ and I would literally and seriously spend the next 2 days swearing at each other with the "F" word.  Our neighbors who also watched the show would see each other in the back yard and start swearing at each other laughing. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


Monday, August 13, 2018

tornado / Matt Taylor for 37th Assembly.

Thursday was the 20th running of the Andy Winn Memorial Outing (he still lives) where we play 18 holes and take in the Brewer game after.

Without going into the the detail and horror of the 9th inning which I do not want to relive, there was a storm.  The roof closed and sides closed and the inside temperature in Miller Park was nearing 200 degrees.

We were watching the storm on various radars but missed the important stuff.   The tornado.  Here is what happened.

Pretty sweet radar video!!


Besides that I literally almost have no idea what has happened in the world in the last 5 days with relatives here. Their kid starts middle school Thursday (Texas).

I do know Omarosa has a new book out and I believe what she says as much as I believe whatever Trump says.

I will agree that Trump has had a very large mental decline in the last 10 years. That, know one can dispute.


Brewers - sigh! what can ya do. It's a dog fight to the end. Going to be exciting and I will, of course, be disappointed if they do not make the playoffs but COME ON. As long as "we" are competitive I'm good. They have surpassed expectations so far in my book.


I don't know names of mushrooms but these little guys were in our back yard. Pretty small.


We golfed Nagawaukee (sp?) and had a great time . . . for the most part.  Tough course.  I ended with a 104?? ish.   Had a 9 on the 9th hole that blew my chance for under 100.


The budget deficit in the last 10 months is now at $684 BILLION, 20.8% higher then the previous time period with a projection of up 33% for the year.

Wages are up 2.5% but inflation is up 2.9% so workers in the US have gotten a pay cut under the GOP, BRAVO, well done.  Under Obama real wages were stagnant since the great recession - under the GOP real wages have dropped 0.4%. 

And I thought the GOP were the fiscally responsible ones?  I guess not.


The 3 month outlook for temperature has Wisconsin slightly warmer then average. In fact the next time Wisconsin is AVERAGE is May/June/July NEXT year.  YEA!!!  Below normal precipitation this winter so the ALWAYS big controversy over the 1 week we have snowmobile season will be yet ANOTHER stupid time consuming debate on city council.

Council does a great job but ENOUGH with snowmobiles - it's anal.

WEATHER - scattered thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday but other wise beautiful temps. a tiny bit warm today and tomorrow but not a big deal. Otherwise highs in the upper 70s. Weekend looks awesome.


My secret ballot for Tuesday - Kelda / Mendala for Lt Gov and write in Matt Taylor for 37th Assembly.  He needs 500 votes to make in on the ballot in November


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

220 meg download! WHOO HOO /Brewers/Cubs schedule analyst

I want to congratulate Michael Clark for getting 80% of the votes to become an interim council member for the next 7 months.


I went to Charter and exchanged my router and BINGO - 220 meg download.  Yup - actually worked.  SADLY my computer can not do 220 meg download as it runs on gasoline and the components inside of it are too old.  I guess Windows Millennium is not as good as I thought. 


Started watching Salvation.  Not bad at all.  I like all the characters which is a bonus.  I liked the concept when I saw the previews last year but with summer shows I like waiting a year or two to see if it has legs.    


So so many coyotes last night.  A jet woke them up around 11:30.  Woke me up also as we normally don't hear that noise at night.  The coyotes started howling and Gus?   zzzzzzzzzzzzzz   Slept through all 4 times they howled . . . YET - he heard a dog bark ONCE a mile away and bark bark bark. 


I'm too sleepy to think of anything else.  Relatives and golf outings are coming so blogs could be sparse. 

Columbus voters - write in Matt Taylor 37th Assemble - From Matt

I had been looking at this race since late last year. I wasn't interested in a primary and had voluntarily stepped aside when another apparently qualified candidate stated their interest.

While this isn't a typical way to start a campaign, I'm confident as to my ability to adjust and do what is necessary to win.

I'll be happy to reach out to you today to address any concerns you may have. Otherwise I am available on Facebook, Twitter and

He is running against John Jagler and needs 500 write-ins to get on the ballot

Notice the gerrymandering of the 37th district

Watertown is solid Republican. Trump 54% Clinton 36% 
Waterloo is solid Republican   Trump 54% Clinton 38%
Deforest is solid Democrat  Clinton 70% Trump 23%
Columbus Trump 40% Clinton 51%  Sort of shocking!  ** this does not match from what I saw officially - comes from a small towns website   hmmmmm

The GOP can afford to gerrymander Deforest in because the DNC votes will be absorbed. 


The Brewers have a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way.  While the Cubs still have rain outs to make up the Brewers have zero and have 8 days off in the next 40 games.  The stretch leading up to the AS game was 21 games in 20 days and then after the break played 17 days in a row  TOUGH SCHEDULE.

Brewers 40 games - 8 days off
Cubs 43 games  5 days off.

Brewers play the Cubs 8 more times.

Looking at WHO we play - of the 40 games the average winning % is .495 for Brewer opponents and for the Cubs a SLIGHTLY easier .487 winning %


WEATHER - Not much to talk about  low 80s pop up thunderstorms Thursday through Sunday . All day rain NEXT Wednesday (at the moment - things slide as you know)

Carry on 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday morning ramble

TEXT is just ink on a page until a reader comes along and gives it life.  - Louise Rosenblatt

I suppose I should write SOMETHING before I lose internet for good later today.  I'm taking my old router in to get it replaced as they said I could get UP TO 200 meg DL by switching out my old router . . . . we shall see.  I'm typically at 68meg download at the moment so I doubt I will SEE any real improvement.

Of course a study said that people with high speed internet have 25 minutes of sleep LESS then people without high speed internet.

High Speed Internet Is Causing Widespread Sleep Deprivation, Study Finds


DJ, Elwood and I went to the Brewer game Friday night and what a game it was . . in the last inning.

As you can see from the image MY seat was not perfect.  Some guy with a huge mammoth head covered 1st base all night and 50% of the time people were taking photos or selling beer or just standing doing nothing in the aisle.

Lesson - always have the aisle on the RIGHT side of you.   We moved around so it was no big deal - had to get the $12 (literally) beer.  The seats I believe were better then the Club section - no wait - the club sections seats are better/wider but there is more, and better, beer the section right below the club section.  We found one place with 30 craft beers on tap . . . . for $12 each.  Seemed expensive. $12 for a Mudpuppy Porter.

Of course when Elwood had to have his cigarette we waited near TV screens and hung out with our favorite friends.

The game was GREAT - I've never seen a walk off Home run before.

Then the next night balderdash was at the 1st inning blow-out game and in the 9th inning I got a text about NOT going home early and now a home run ties it.  Brewers won, he could have left after the first inning.

HEY - I was not saying people need to leave early but if you are one of the many people whine about the length of MLB games - he could have left after the first inning knowing who would win. just sayin'.    PERSONALLY - I would not leave, it's stupid and I have no isses with teh length of baseball games.

His game took 3:09   about 8 minutes over the average.  My game took 2:46 and I feel ripped off.


Relatives flying in from Texas Wednesday to escape the heat.  Sadly I have golf league Wednesday night and gone all day Thursday on a 18 hole Nagawaukee / Brewer game day.  They are going to the Packer pre season game so no worries.

6:46 tee times in Nagawaukee. that means I gotta get up at like 4:30.  AAAAGH!! 


Detox Saturday DJ and I circumnavigated that little green jewel Fox Lake. We stopped at Town Park . . . .park on the north side to let Gus out and saw a beautiful rain garden surrounding the goose poopy parking lot.  This is something Drexil should have done on their parking lot

 In fact all Columbus parking lots should be surrounded by rain gardens that soak up massive amounts of run off rain instead of costing Columbus tax payers money to process rain water that leaks into the sewer system.

Then we stopped at a drive in in Fox Lake for a bite of food.  DJ gets a BBQ which was pretty much Sloppy Joe.  Mullins in Columbus is MUCH MUCH better.  I had a 1/4 cheeseburger (Mullins does not have 1/4 cheeseburgers - SAD!).

Gus was doing well and people were OF COURSE looking at him and then an older guy, out of the blue, comes over and asks if Gus can have the rest of his burger.  (Gus is like a beautiful woman who gets all sorts of free things from strangers).

We said yes and Gus gulps down a 1/8 burger.  We finish up and I take him over to say thanks and Gus shakes his hand and the man's wife asks if Gus can have a little more and the husband takes her 1/2 of a 1/4 pounder and shows Gus who GRABS it out of his hands and is gulping it down to laughter.

The crowd laughs and I turn to the next table saying this is how we feed Gus and what you YOU have.


Omega-3 - a $15 billion industry for something that has yet to be proven a good thing.  There have been 79 studies with over 100,000 people and so far "omega-3 consumption has little or no effect on promoting heart health".


I take 2 fish oil pills a day as MY doctor says it makes my blood slipperier and avoids strokes.


Josh Roselius - the actor that broke an egg for the "This is you brain on drugs" propaganda commercial is 100% for legalizing cannabis "It's healthier then alcohol" he says.


Another? Star Trek?  YUP - CBS all access will have yet another Star Trek - this one staring Patrick Stewart - YUP - that same one in the OLD Star Trek.  So while Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) plays Captain Pike if the new old new Star Trek  Patrick Stewart will play Jean Luc Picard (sp?) in the new new Star Trek.


BTW - Big Brother 20 has been outstanding.  Players that know game theory is making this show outstanding.  STILL - the best pure strategy game on TV.


I really hate this months horoscope for Aquarius:

"You don't always do well with relationships, but guess what? You are headed straight toward a whole mess of them. They will be uncomfortable, terrifying, nauseating, and chaotic - exactly the qualities you despise in life.

Your little world is about to come tumbling down and you are left standing with nothing but your dignity, if that. Oh well, you are used to making a complete fool of yourself. This month will be no different. "   


things you overhear

"Time flies when your life is going absolutely nowhere"


Seems white collage ages woman are fleeing the GOP in droves. 

 Other polling tidbits

5% of American call them selves vegetarians - the same as in 1999.
10% of men have lied to get out of jury duty while only 4% of woman.  MEANWHILE - I have never ever been ask to be on a jury - NEVER.
So far there have been no cracks in the blue wave.
Meanwhile - over 100 psychiatrists signed a letter and presented it to the powers in charge saying then believe Trump is losing his mental facilities.  Even Omarosa, a long time friend for 15 years has been shocked and said listen to a speech from 10 years ago and listen to one now.  Completely different.

He can't even say whole sentences now.  She said "this is NOT Trump being Trump, this is Trump losing his mental stability".   


Weather - after tomorrow (74) the temps will rise again to the low 80s. Pop up thunderstorms for the work week.  Nothing much happening

Thursday, August 2, 2018

USS Indianapolis / Clock tower / Golf

If you are reading this Friday morning, 73 years ago today the survivors of the Indianapolis have been in the water since midnight Monday.  Their have been atrocities and pacts to kill fellow seaman if they went crazy. . . . . many many went crazy from drinking seawater.

At about 11:00 a plane piloted by Wilber Gwinn (Angel) flying at 9000 was having issues with a new long range antenna that trailed out the tail of the plane . . AGAIN.   He went back to crank it in and spotted an oil slick, probably from a Jap sub and since they were submarine hunters, "open the bombay doors" and they dropped to 3000 feet.

Then . . wait . . what are those in the water, men? Going lower he spotted men and then more men, perhaps 30?  He followed the slick and kept counting more and more men, 130 was the count now but there were no ships that had sank recently.

He circled and was trying to call Peleliu but with no functioning long range antenna nothing was getting through and he was low on fuel.  He dropped a ink marker and circled as long as he could.

Meanwhile another plane at 9000 feet. a patrol bomber, saw the marker and then spotted Gwynn, also thinking it was a Jap sub. Gwynn said there were men in the water but unknown origin.

A message was sent


In Peleliu the message was received but being bored the radio operator decoded it himself instead of taking the normal 4-5 hours to officially decode.

Earlier - the control officer at Philippine Sea Frontier noticed the Indianapolis had not arrived yet and sent a message to the plotting section "erase the Indy from the board".

5 hours later the message came back - NO "Men in the water". 
Survivors 2013. Mel in red. Ed Harrell back right and seems to
be Mike Pence having a photo op. 

In Leyte the surface operations officer noting the Indy should have arrived 3 days ago. Frontier commander learned "men in the water" and he too upon looking noticed the Indy was not there either and sent a message.


That got every bodies attention all around the Pacific. The thought was that Indianapolis had never actually left port and contacted Guam. 

No - the Indy was not there. Perhaps Indianapolis was out on training?

NO, not training,

A simple message was sent to Admiral McCormick


McCormick's reply



I'm reading this book and literally have tears of excitement in my eyes that I need to wipe away . 

DJ and I have always felt we lived separate yet curiously alike lives.  One strange thing among many is that Mel was rescued by a PBY Catalina which is the exact plane my dad flew search and rescue in WWII.  So so many similarities. Her dad and mom were born 7 years apart, same with mom and dad. We both have entrepreneur brothers 7 years older.  I'm 7 years older then DJ, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

When I took Mel to a Madison Mallards game where he was honored, about the 7th inning and old guy came up to Mel. He said he was in Leyte and the crew of his ship were all wondering about the Indy and to a man they KNEW something was wrong but nobody would listen.  Nothing could sink the Indy.


Ten Million is what it takes to make you heart tick faster . . . .  is what I have always thought but what Phil Mickelson said about his upcoming one on one 18 holes against Tiger Woods on or near Thanksgiving.


In Columbus news - The Clock tower is missing hands - Did Darvin take them?  NO - he didn't and that is not even funny (well, sort of). The clock is being repaired as some 125 year old piece broke.  They just don't make them like they used to.


GOLF - had an interesting round where  I hit a fellow player in the balls with a line drive - I should have yell TWO!

Par three - instead of the CORRECT club that always comes up short I decided to go 20 yards OVER the green and NOT in the swamp this time.  Of course I popped it up and it went halfway.  So I drop my ball in the drop zone and duff it to 1 foot from a pot bunker, then into the bunker, then into the same bunker and then again into the same bunker.

What do you do when you are REALLY pissed off?  You take an anger swing and the ball FLY'S out hitting Tony in the . .well . . you know but the ball ends near the the hole.  I should have done that the first time.  I took an 8 on a par 3 and bought Tony a beer since he will no longer have children.

HOWEVER - on the 9th hole  I hit my 3rd shot on a par 5 and it lands literally 2 inch's from a deep deep bunker. SHIT!

I stand in the bunker as best as I can and the ball is now eye level.  It's not even a baseball swing I can take. I have no clue what the ball will do once it hits the club face and I still have 20 yards to go.  Club faces are not made to hit a ball in this way.

I swing and the ball ends up 1 foot from the hole.  PAR   

Ended with a 49 with an 8 on a par 3.  Hit 6 fairways again.  My new swing is awesome.  I flattened out out that puts my hips in play instead of all arms and falling back.

For balderdash - 6 bogies, 1 par, 1 double and a 1 blow up.


You know - I used to like Rudy Giuliani.  I thought during 911 he was outstanding.  And now - as someone who has a real writing career said

“Hey, when did Montgomery Burns become a real person, and why is he having an entire conversation with himself like he’s hearing voices?”  

Yea - now he is as incoherent as Trump and HE IS HIS LAWYER.


Does anybody watch Salvation? it's getting pretty good reviews even in it's second season. MIGHT have to watch it.


I had to laugh when I saw that Melania Trump only watch's CNN and there was a BIG fight on Air Force One because the RULE is  ONLY FOX.   Those two will be separated when Trump quits the White House or goes to jail. 


Late blog today because as part of the senior Center Committee we are now LIVE on the TV in City Hall.  Riveting entertainment for sure.
Gus - trapped in the bedroom by big Iggy last year


WEATHER - Should Gus the Weather Dog have his own account on Facebook?

 Heat index 94 Saturday and 90 Sunday cooling off.  Next Thursday for the BIG day. 18 holes and a Brewer game looking like 83 and thunderstorms starting about 1:00.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Politics from a Political Science dude

A friend who runs a football pool I'm in is a political scientists at the UW and had a wonderful write-up yesterday. We have been stressing that he should publish his text but ney.

So if you are leaning right you can skip this.

The polling for the Democrats in Wisconsin has consistently shown a slight but outside the margin of error lead for the Democrats in 2018 here in Wisconsin.  Tammy has had a fairly consistent 10+ point lead on both Vukmir and Nicholson.  And Scott Walker fatigue is setting in.  Winning a third term is not easy (yet Tommy Thompson won FOUR terms), and historically a losing Presidential campaign typically burns up any political Capital Governors have back home, and Walker’s numbers only ever slightly recovered after he shut down his Presidential campaign here in Wisconsin.  After drastically cutting funding for public schools and the University of Wisconsin School system he is now actually running on the message of being the “Education Governor”.  While I will be voting for Kelda Roys early this week, I expect Tony Evers to be the nominee and he is the Wisconsin State Superintendent of Schools and Walker’s “Education Governor” meme was always based on the presumption that Evers would be the nominee and the GOP is trying to neutralize Evers on the very issue where he is strongest.  Our primary is August 14th.

But we thought we were going to be fine against Scott Walker before and fell short.  I place nearly all of the blame on Milwaukee County (and GOP voter suppression efforts there) that saw voter turnout plummet (especially urban black Milwaukee County voters) in 2016, allowing Trump to win the state by 20,000+ or so votes, and allowing Ron “super genius” Johnson to upset Russ Feingold for the Senate seat.  And the problem in Milwaukee county extended to this springs Wisconsin Supreme Court race where the Progressive Rebecca Dallett defeated an absolutely putrid GOP nominee Michael Schrenock.  What still alarms me about that wonderful election is that Dane County (Madison) had a larger voter turnout in actual numbers than Milwaukee county and Milwaukee County is far and away the most populous county in the state.  While it is tremendous that Dane county, the Progressive core of the state is so mobilized, the fact remains that Dane County should not generate more votes than Milwaukee County in raw vote totals like they just did in this Spring’s Supreme Court race.  So while I am cautiously optimistic for this fall in Wisconsin, I am not doing any happy dances yet to be certain.  Milwaukee County needs to wake up and start voting again if the Democrats are going to make progress on the statewide level.

I am also eyeing a couple of the House races that are sort of under the radar but could get interesting.  Glenn Grothman, the repulsive racist homophobe is showing signs of weakness in the district that has been Republican since I first was able to vote in 1980 (Oshkosh and Fond du Lac are the largest population centers in the 6th CD).  The Democrat nominee will be Dan Kohl, nephew of former Senator Herb Kohl, and his fundraising is outpacing Grothman’s by a considerable margin.  In fact. Grothman’s fundraising has been so anemic the House Republicans are sending up alarm flares over this race.   Have not seen polling out of the 6th CD yet, but Kohl will clearly have the resources to run a viable campaign this fall with 98 days to go.

And of course Paul Ryan’s open House seat is a slugathon.  Randy “Ironstache” Bryce appears on track to win the Democratic nomination against an aggressive primary opponent Cathy Myers, who has gone negative on Bryce, who has almost entirely focused on the GOP and Trump and Ryan’s failed leadership.  Bryce is a fundraising juggernaut, well over a million dollars raised and even Emily’s List has not allowed Myers to keep up with his fundraising.  I just hope she doesn’t cause him to spend so much in the primary that he is reduced to meager funds for the fall election effort.  The expected GOP nominee will be Bryan Steil, who is a bland man of few accomplishments unless chauffeuring Paul Ryan around the district when he is in Wisconsin is an accomplishment.  But the Big buck sugar daddies & mommies here in the state have anointed Steil as their guy, so I expect him to win the GOP nomination walking away.

The Brewers picked up a slick fielding second basemen which is weird and as Council said last night the Crew will have to get creative.  It seems Schoop, a 2017 All-Star was too good to pass up so lets take a look.

Schoop is a very very good fielder with very good range. A typical power hitting Brewer that strikes out a lot and hits into a lot of double plays (like everybody on the team) but when he elevates the ball it goes places.  Expect 25ish home runs. The one thing is this guy is an every day player and has missed only 2 games in the last 2 years. 

 Can't bunt, can't hit and run but is "ok" on the base paths. He comes from another  home run ball park so no change there.  The one thing that helps is he is right handed and his career numbers shows he hits RHP well so platoon is a viable thing. 

Then at 3B we have Moustakas who is almost an identical fielder to Shaw at 3B.  Big, VERY slow, poor against LHP and hits into a TON of double plays. HOWEVER - he comes from Kansas City a pitchers park so his HR total will go up. 

and we still have Shaw. 

Pitching the Brewers picked up  Joakim Soria.  Remember how good Kneble was last year?  Soria is better. When it comes to the bullpen, ERA is a meaningless stat but his FIP is outstanding.  Soria is a closer and I feel the Brewers sort of have four (4) closer's at the moment.  Soria is a ground ball pitcher as opposed to Kneble a fly ball pitcher so I don't THINK Miller Park will be a big issue with giving up HRs.

So there ya go. Brewers are tied for 1st place and we shall see what happens next.


Meanwhile - floating in the Pacific 73 years ago today the horrors started for real.  The survivors of the Indianapolis have been in the water for 3 days with no food or water and hallucinations are starting to creep in.  Some sailors are drinking the sea water and having a horrible death.

For 50 years the families of the survivors, in low hush conversations, have always talked about how they thought there were things not being mentioned about the ordeal at sea.  Now things are coming to light. 

What a nightmare because the crew is hallucinating and a few are turning to cannibalism to get liquid (not many but . . how many do you need) and there are other things going on in the separate groups now spread out over 60 miles.  My FIL was in a small group a floaters without a raft or net.  One problem is that when someone dies they don't sink. They just float with everybody else.

The Navy blunders continue to pile up.  The Indianapolis was suppose to go over a line, like in aircraft that go from one towers control to another.  When the Indianapolis failed to acknowledge a radio transmission they decided to wait until the Indy contacted THEM. 

Then when the plotters who keep track of military ships assumed the Indianapolis crossed the line to the other control, they just erased the Indy and assumed the other controllers would take over.  The other controllers did not know this so . . . the Indianapolis vanished from all plotting. 


Here is a funny story.  I wish Chief Miester was still reading this blog (he read it every morning) as he would get a chuckle.

In Waupon a stoner dude was golfing and asked a foursome if they wanted to get high.  WELL, one of the foursome was the Chief of Police who informed him it was bad timing.  The stoner dude started to run but stopped and was walking back and stuck the bag of pot down his pants - one small problem. 

His zipper was open and the bag fell out his zipper. THAT, is also bad timing LOL 


Did you see this new walkway in Vietnam? so awesome cool.  I wish the American government and Columbus for that matter was open for more art.


I think Columbus needs something like this. It would draw more people here and we would have a REAL tourist attraction and reason to visit.  Better then an old water tower nobody ever looks at that cost a LOT of money to save.

We could have used that money for a bike path that actually would have been useful to families who look to move here.


WEATHER - the only change is in the far out forecast. After Sunday the temps go down to the low 80s . Maybe some storms tonight around 11 and Monday into Tuesday. All else is the same.  Warm weekend. Upper 80s