Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Set - 360

Weather Forecast

6:00am 28 F Wind Chill 21F Cloudy
8:00am 330F Wind Chill 22F Cloudy
10:00am 34F Wind Chill 26FF Cloudy
12:00pm 37F Wind Chill 28F Rain/Snow Showers
2:00 pm 39F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
4:00 pm 39F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
6:00 pm 38F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
8:00 pm 36F Wind Chill 27F Rain/Snow Showers

Tuesday - Showers all day Temps normally in the upper 30s
Wednesday- Cloudy Temps in the upper 30's
Thursday - Sunny lo 40's

Had an opportunity to ALMOST get to the middle of the intersection of town so I took a 360 degree shot so you can see ALL of the town.

I'd like to say Hi to michelle - nice meeting you and maybe we shall see each other tomorrow morning about 4:00. SOUNDS GOOD IN THEORY!!

RIGHT in front of me is where the main cameras will be set up tomorrow.

Making a clockwise circle

The bank is next to the orange awning, they escape and will come towards me! If I was allowed to stand there.

Still fixing up buildings on the left.

The building in the middle with he awnings is Red's Pharmacy where, sadly, Red dies.

On a side note I read a review of the script and the review said it was OUTSTANDING.

And back to the beginning where the cars will turn after the robbery.



  1. I check your blog everyday from Perth Australia, not sure if I'm showing up on your map. Thanks for your fab pics. you'll have to tell Mayor Nancy you've got to let the set left behind, cause we want to visit.It would be wonderful to show how small town America used to be. btw Columbus looks and feels like a great town.

  2. Same as me but from Brussels in Belgium! I thank you a lot for these amazing pics and hope to see more soon... I'm a huge fan of Mr.Mann and i think he'll shoot this film on 35mm. Two reasons for that: It's a period film and Dante Spinotti (the cinematographer)is accustomed to "film". This film has a fantastic cast and Marion Cotillard is the best choice for the female lead role. The American spectators wont be disappointed by her!

  3. Fabulous pictures! Hi back to you. I'm home warming up briefly and then I'll be heading up to Base Camp.

  4. Great pics and glad you're all gearing up for the big day. Sure hope that the weather doesn't disrupt the activity!

  5. Wow, I was unaware downtown Columbus looked so much like downtown Oshkosh.