Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Set - 360

Weather Forecast

6:00am 28 F Wind Chill 21F Cloudy
8:00am 330F Wind Chill 22F Cloudy
10:00am 34F Wind Chill 26FF Cloudy
12:00pm 37F Wind Chill 28F Rain/Snow Showers
2:00 pm 39F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
4:00 pm 39F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
6:00 pm 38F Wind Chill 31F Rain/Snow Showers
8:00 pm 36F Wind Chill 27F Rain/Snow Showers

Tuesday - Showers all day Temps normally in the upper 30s
Wednesday- Cloudy Temps in the upper 30's
Thursday - Sunny lo 40's

Had an opportunity to ALMOST get to the middle of the intersection of town so I took a 360 degree shot so you can see ALL of the town.

I'd like to say Hi to michelle - nice meeting you and maybe we shall see each other tomorrow morning about 4:00. SOUNDS GOOD IN THEORY!!

RIGHT in front of me is where the main cameras will be set up tomorrow.

Making a clockwise circle

The bank is next to the orange awning, they escape and will come towards me! If I was allowed to stand there.

Still fixing up buildings on the left.

The building in the middle with he awnings is Red's Pharmacy where, sadly, Red dies.

On a side note I read a review of the script and the review said it was OUTSTANDING.

And back to the beginning where the cars will turn after the robbery.