Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Working for the Man

Weather Forecast - MANITOWISH WATERS - Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 70s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

This is a shortened blog for Julie of Julies Java House.

Julie has never read the blog. She came up to me at the Meet and Greet and handed a index card to me and said "write any stories you want to share". hmmmmmm I'm not sure I could fit the last 116 pages of the Public Enemies-Columbus blog onto one index card. She said she just did not have time to read the blog so I made a little short blog so she would not have to spend a lot of time.

Rod is Brain Scattered
Vanity Fair, Bryan Burrough is right - Rod Forsakes
Meet and Greet at Julies - how many keys? - Index card?
Rooftop Ralph photos
Wausau Daily Harald about PE up North
Depp/Bale - rarely together
Auditorium photos
I miss my hat
Repeating story warning
Flowers talk with Rod

OK Julie - on with your day! Have a good one.
I'm a little scattered today - more in shock actually so this blog could be a little more scatter brained then normal.

In the March 20th Vanity Fair edition of Bryan Burrough's blog he writes:

"There’s a fellow named Rod Melotte in Columbus, Wisconsin, where they’re filming most of this week, who, I swear, has forsaken his day job to post around the clock."

WOW - the guy can tell the future - I DID forsake my job ,but only for a little while.
The Meet and Greet at Julie's Java House was a smooth affair and lots of people turned out. Mayor Nancy Osterhaus was present and gave Adam Boor the key to the city. How many keys are there anyway and I'm getting worried about people leaving things open.

Also all the people that I met there - great to see you, if I could only remember all of your names.

For anyone interested I left a 20x30 poster at Julies of downtown Columbus. Stop buy, get some Java, buy a cool tee shirt and look at the poster.

Also here is a newspaper account of the event - Portage Daily Register.
I'm starting to get some photos so I might as well share them. This enlarge's up pretty good (well?). These were taken by a guy I will call Rooftop Ralph.

This is basically what the set looked like the last three days of filming (42 hours). Not sure who took the shots but I did see you and was praying for you. I was a little to the left outside the photo.

You can see fire coming out of the barrel of a gun. You can also see that Johnny Depp is on set because you can see Jerry Judge (silver hair). Jerry is like a Robin. If you see a Robin, spring is close. If you see Jerry, Johnny Depp is close. Jerry is Male #4 on the left. What I really like about this shot is looking at every person.

HEY - who is that dude with the little camera!! GRRRRRRRRR!!

And here is the REAL star that Scott and I took care of last week.
Is that a smile on the car???

From the Wausau Daily Harald

MANITOWISH WATERS — It’s a closed set, and security guards are stationed at the entrance of Little Bohemia Lodge to enforce that rule. But that didn’t stop gawkers Sunday from hanging around near the entrance to the lodge, peering in to try to catch a glimpse of a Johnny Depp or a Christian Bale or a Marion Cotillard.

Filming of the Michael Mann-directed film about John Dillinger, “Public Enemies,” is scheduled to begin on location at Little Bohemia Monday, and the area is already feeling the effects. Dozens of trailers fill the back parking lot of nearby Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, and crew members are lodging in various hotels in Manitowish Waters and Minocqua.
Something that I should mention that seems obvious once you really think about it.

Johnny Depp and Christian Bale area rarely together in the movie. Depp is trying to stay away from Bale and Bale is chasing Depp.

I had the privilege to tour the Auditorium yesterday and took some photos (note to Michael - I have sent your $ to the committee (LOL - the spelling checker replaced committee with sodomite).

Sit back and imagine what this could look like all fixed up.

The last performance was in the mid 1930s when Dillinger was doing his thing. And now we are trying to fix it up, once again, when Dillinger is doing his thing.

These were taken standing on the stage looking out. So many stories these walls could tell (if walls could talk, but that would be yet another story wouldn't it).

Gettin a little artsy!

Michelle and I could have stayed here a long time taking photos.

Sometimes you find beauty in the oddest places.

Yea - OK - getting a little carried away.

The walls are full of ghosts from the past in the dressing rooms

AND WHO KNEW - our hero was here!!!! Obviously in a hurry.

I'm not going to beg for money again (unless there is a chance you have a couple bucks to spare and then you can send it to)

Public Enemies - Columbus blog
Columbus Auditorium Corporation
PO Box 365
Columbus WI 53925

They have been getting a trickle of money from you guys and while it will not do much for actual construction it WILL show the people WITH money that there is major interest in the project from around the world.
After being on set for 5 days for 14 hours a day wearing my hat and having everyone around you wearing their hats. . . . . . I miss my hat :-( I might embarrass DJ and wear it more often

It's also odd that I'm still digesting last week (not the food part). If I tell a story that I said last week please excuse me. It all blends together a little.
Flowers Talk with Rod

I'm an idiot

I was all excited this weekend. It's 77 degrees and sunny. The birds are singing and the local nursery received their first shipment of flowers.

DJ, Blake and I go to Jungs and I have my book and list of flowers for my butterfly garden.

I find Coreopsis hybrida - Jethro Tull which I CAN'T turn down. Of course then I'm looking for any Liatris spicata - Pink Floyd but don't find any. I won't print the common name as I'm having problems coming to terms with my female side and THAT name is just wrong.

I end up getting Liatris spicata - Kobold.

And then I get this brain cramp. It's still slim pickens so when I fine Butterfly Weed I'm all excited. Problem is it is just a plastic thing of . . . . . dirt. Well, must be a plant in there somewhere so I buy three plastic things of dirt.

I'm planting my new little babies and as I dig a hole I realize I'm digging a hole in the dirt to just put DIFFERENT dirt in. WHAT WAS AI THINKING? Is there something in here? There seems to be a clump that is thicker then the other dirt.

Hell - I should have picked up seeds and planted THEM!!

We also purchased a Pink Princess (oh man, I feel I'm drifting to the other side) Weigela but we can not decide where to plant it.

More Flower Talk with Rod next time. Remember - the dirtier your hands, the cleaner your mind!
With that - I have 109 work emails to trudge through so I better get deleting.

Talk to you later.

Rod M