Sunday, April 20, 2008

Movie Magic

For any garden people out there I have a little blurb on the end.
ludi - I'm trying to get some photos of Marion - I know they are out there, I've seen them.
There is a thread over at IMDB about WHY people were being forced to be so far away in Oshkosh.

Simple. The reason is that any closer and they would have been on the set. There were extras that were in shots that were running around less then 1 block from where people were allowed to watch.

There was one mammoth scene where they had extras over a two block area. Another thing is that seriously, people watching were a problem. Flash kills scenes and even though they are told repeatably DO NOT USE FLASH, there were a number of times when I heard over the radio "FLASHES ARE KILLING US".

PLUS - there are just some scenes they do not want you to see. It's a screenplay and not the book. Just because you read the book does not mean you know how the movie goes.
Little Bohemia.

Don't even try to go up there. My little woods elves are being shut down along with local news that were told NO videotaping of ANYTHING and they are sent packing.
So I did take a few photos in our down time. We were stuck in a hotel room (on set) for a while so I was able to take some photos. I was aimlessly wandering around and found a safe. I decided that I would recreate a bank robbery with some extras but alas, there was not enough room in the hall way.

So instead I got two coppers and a "stunt" passenger to pose for a photo.

The next time I saw cop #2 (on right) he had blood all over him. BUT STILL SMILING (I love that guy)!!

There were literally hundreds of photos I wanted to take of Extras that would have been fantastic. Some will be in my minds eye for many years. I suppose if I did not have this blog I would have said screw the rules (like newspapers) but, I don't know what came over me. I'm a photographer and am always shooting and asking questions later.

But why was it that at this moment I wanted to follow rules. I think it was because I have so much respect for this entire movie making process that if there was inappropriate photo it was not going to be ME that took the shot. Now if I was going to make money sure, I might sneak a shot or two but this blog is not about making money. It's about spreading movie magic.

Another memory I have is sitting there in wardrobe looking at the scene and thinking "This is really Hollywood, this is what it looks like on location." It was surreal. Not just a small film but a multi-hundred million dollar movie.

This is makeup where the Extras were a primped up to look good.

Another little bit of movie magic is how they can take one guy and make another guy look just like him but for a different scene.

For instance - Andy.

They took Andy and made some dude look just like him but in a different wardrobe. They named the alternate dude "Tony".

Then they were able to transform ME into a completely different wardrobe. Except for the fact that I had to put on shoes that made me look taller. I can not tell WHICH was the original photo. CREEPY!! WHICH ONE IS ME!!!! I CAN NOT TELL!! It is blowing my mind!

BTW - That is a Kurth Sweatshirt. Very soft on the inside. You can buy them at Sharrow Drug in Columbus!

And thanks to Scott the Driver of a 1933 Graham, (only three in existence, one is in Brussels . . or Belgium and the other is in Utah . . . . . did you know that his was special ordered to be black? and don't get me started on the color of his wheels) for letting the other Rod wear his coat in the photo.

HEY - how did this photo get taken. Must have been by accident.

I purchased my first perennials for the butterfly garden and showing my age I was forced to purchased three "Jethro Tull Coreopsis".

it's a cross between "Early Sunrise" and "Zamfir" brilliant golden yellow flowers with fluted petals. Since its petals are more consistently fluted and the plants are super floriferous, providing unbeatable color impact in the garden in early and midsummer.

Now I have to find some purple blooming perennials to go next to it.

OK - Maybe I'll see you at the Meet and Greet. Going golfing today and maybe a bike ride.

Have a great day

Rod M.