Saturday, April 19, 2008

That's a Wrap Oshkosh -& personal business stuff

The very first thing I want to do is apologize to Mary at the the New (used to be Blue) Moon. The food there is pretty darn good (when we had it) and you guys were under a lot of stress and working very hard. I don't know what went down with the problem with the Drivers and the Moon, no one told us anything except you banned us. Perhaps there was a miscommunication somewhere which I can understand because no one tells anything to anybody.

All we knew was we had to stand outside in the cold for an extra 8 hours with no food and then the meatloaf was full of eggshells.
Now a note to Universal City Studios.

Hi guys. You can be assured that any photos posted on THIS blog did not come from Drivers or me. I can understand why you are worried but I believe you should really be more worried about the newspapers that are videoing and posting photos. There were so many people on that set with cameras from the newspapers it was silly but nothing you see here is from us.

I'm a little disappointed as the newspapers are there to make money and I'm here to help the movie. There were so many stories I wanted to tell but NO CAMERAS and I respected that.

I think that being on the set as part of the production gives a person a lot of respect for what is going on.

As for photos. I have seen some REALLY nice shots and will post a few that will pump people up about the movie which is going to be WAY WAY better then people are thinking it will be.

Knowing a little of upcoming events I feel this movie is made to give Johnny Depp an Oscar.
To anybody that has emailed me in the last few days - stay calm. After deleting spam I still have 70 mails and all contain attachments, requests and so forth.
To the city and citizens of Oshkosh and all the people they stood by the barricades in the wind and cold for hours and hours.

I have talked to people from all over the Country that came to Oshkosh, Arizona, California and other far off and distant lands and they are honestly amazed at the friendly warm attitude of people in Wisconsin. I was told by more then a hand full of people that you do not get this in other parts of the country.

One woman from Arizona who was freezing said to me "I love Oshkosh, I don't want to leave, people are so friendly. The hardware store let us stand in the doorway and use their bathroom, that would not happen in other parts of the country. I might cry when I have to leave".

This is Emma and Spencer Garrett.

I will attempt to post photos from the week. I think it'll take a while but there is going to be some empty "no news" time this week as the crew is in lock down closed set up north so I'll have a lot of time for mindless stories and photos this week.

They should be up there for three days then coming back south the end of the week. All scenes, at least to the end of the month will be interior scenes or out in the country or very very late at night so I doubt there will be any super duper crowds that will see anything.

Please respect the movie people, you will be rewarded with a very amazing movie.
The Appleton Postcrescent has a zillion of photos.

Again - a fan of the movie vs. people trying to make money from the movie - they get the OK for photos! There were so many up close and personal stories from the extras I could have gotten.

Lost forever. It makes me sad.

Any Extras out there that want to share stories and their feelings PLEASE go to my profile and email me. You guys are awesome and I'll talk about you in the coming days.

So I'm going to hang up. I feel like I have a hangover from TOO much sleep. I'll be back.

A story from Julie B.

My husband and I got there and staked out our spots right on the curb on Jeffereson St. I had heard you couldn't see much of the filming, so we didn't even bother going over there. That's how we got in the very front (right by the barricade).

There was a little girl (about 7 years old) to my right. Her mom was a few people back and asked me to make sure he saw her. I told her I'd take care of her. When he got to me, he took my hand, and I said, "there's a little girl here that wants to meet you." He then proceeded to talk to her while still holding on to my hand! When he came back to me, I said, "thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us." That's when he put his other hand on my arm and said something like, "oh it's no trouble, I'm happy to do it." My husband was three people down from us. After he shook Johnny's hand, he leaned in to get the awesome pic!

Thanks Julia - great story!! MELT!! :-)

Rod Melotte


shakenbsis said...

Rod - I LOVE that you started your post with an apology. Among all the other gifts you've shared with us you bring humility too.

I know I've said it a million times already, but thanks again for all you do = )

Paul said...

About 8pm last night driving past EAA we noticed Johnnys plane ready for takeoff. Sitting on the runway behind a fence at Basler Flight service. It was a somber moment for us. A smaller jet took off 20 minutes before. This one was clearly Johnnys privat jet. It was sad to see him go.

Ashley said...

The lady for the Oshkosh paper was in Columbus on the fist day of shooting. I looked at the pictures that she had posted then and was surprised by some of them that she was able to get. Appaently it pays to be a newspaper photographer and not just an everyday fan...

M said...

"movie which is going to be WAY WAY better than people are thinking it will be"

I'm trying hard to imagine how that could possibly be! This movie seems to have so much good karma going for it, one gets a contact high just visiting this site!

Rod, you are terrific whenever you have a point to make. (You would have made a great trial lawyer!) I'm guessing studios haven't kept up with technology and trends as much as it moves along (ask the Writers Guild about that, I suppose!) Their "understandings" with newspapers are longstanding. But I agree, you're not making money off of YOUR efforts, you're doing it purely for the film's sake.

What a week! Probably one of the coolest of your life! (Even though I'm sure your life is plenty cool otherwise!)


callie said...

it was so great last night, after he left the insane mob downtown, we booked it over to the airport, along with a total of perhaps 20 people.

he stood up in the dar, hung out the window (like his whole upper body) and thanked everyone and said goodbye. it was so personal.

also, if anyone saw, the most adorable thing, a young boy wanted an autograph so johnny was like "ok i will be a real sneeky guy" and quick signed it for him. it just showed the man is flawless, do do something like that for a young fan who cares so much, adorable.

deppfan said...

Rod, I know most of us are very envious of your time on the set.
Your posts are NEVER mindless!!!!After reading PE and seeing the photos and info on the film, I don't know how I could imagine it could be better, but I think when everyone gets a chance to finally see it they will be BLOWN AWAY!!!

I think Johnny Depp already deserves an Oscar. He is certainly as osh put it "a classy guy" I will change act to guy because even though he is a great actor, he is the real thing with his fans.

Get some rest and Many,many thanks for all you do.

Question:I thought they were filming "Red's death scene" or that robbery in columbus, PLEASE tell me it's not all @ nite or inside???.......

Christine - the Historian said...

I'm still reading your blog, but had to stop and post this -

"Knowing a little of upcoming events I feel this movie is made to give Johnny Depp an Oscar."

which he should have rec'd for Sweeney Todd!!

now I'll continue to read....

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts on being an extra:

I have to say the thing that really sticks out in my mind overall was not the cold & rain that Fri night at the airport, but how nice & friendly the crew was towards the extras. A lot of times they would go out of their way to make sure we were doing alright w/ the weather and gave us a little more encouragement. Colleen Atwood gave us all the once over before we left and I had a great conversation w/ her. Chris the head of props was really cool & funny anytime I interacted w/ him. I am not a huge fan of JD, but he really does go the extra mile and then some for his fans. Who else goes out every night after shooting to spend hours shaking hands and talking to people?

It was an awesome, once in a lifetime experience for sure!

Christine - the Historian said...


What another great blog posting and what an experience for you. I'm sorry you missed out on the photog chances. I'm looking forward to reading more of your experiences and those of the extras.

Also, Julie's story is such a beautiful one. I especially like this-"When he got to me, he took my hand, and I said, "there's a little girl here that wants to meet you." He then proceeded to talk to her while still holding on to my hand! When he came back to me, I said, "thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us." That's when he put his other hand on my arm and said something like, "oh it's no trouble, I'm happy to do it."

It made me tearieyed. I'm happy for all you who had an experience of a lifetime and for sharing your photos and experiences with us.

Anonymous said...

So they are for sure fliming on the 21st throught 23rd in Manitowish then???? Anyone??

Kathy said...

OH. MY. GAWD! I love hearing all this. Thanks everyone - Johnny is a good human, I'd say.

And a SMITH. Sexiest Man in the Hemisphere!

wlkingbluepirate said...

Rod, I'm with you on the making money vs. supporting the movie thoughts. It still irritates me when I think about the people selling pictures at CP. Anyway, I don't see how it is even possible for this movie to be better than we think it will. To me, it's the greatest movie ever and I've only seen about 30 seconds of it on a tiny screen from 50 feet away where I really could barely tell what was going. But I trust you, so I'll just have to take your word for it. Looking forward to hearing more stories!

shakenbsis said...

Thanks Kathy! = )

Anonymous said...

I can't find much information on Milwaukee filming. Does anyone know if its just the one day? And is it at Germania?

Grinder said...

What many people have seen is only the action parts of the movie which are great. What you have not heard are the subplots.

For instance - Marion Cotillard. How much Billie Frechette is in the book. Is it enough to hire an Oscar winning actress?

Milwaukee - one day I believe. to film the interior of the Greencastle robbery.

Anonymous said...

"Knowing a little of upcoming events I feel this movie is made to give Johnny Depp an Oscar."

Knowing that this is being released as a July 4th weekend blockbuster, I doubt Oscar will be involved. Not saying it can't happen, but Oscar bait usually is released later in the year. I do think he deserves one though and I would like to see it happen.

Grinder said...

"Knowing that this is being released as a July 4th weekend blockbuster, I doubt Oscar will be involved."

True - BUT - remember - this is up to a $300 million movie (not the 100 that is being given out).

Michelle said...

Wonderful stories! Johnny is a true gem. He was wonderful with my daughter both nights I brought her. So sincere and gentle with her, it just melted my heart. Of course, Julia is a charmer so he didn't stand a chance. He'll be Johnny Bopp (what she calls him) to me forever.

It took me long enough, but I just got my video from the Columbus Meet & Greet on March 18 posted, if you are so inclined you can find it here:

Osh said...

Thank you so much for your blog. It has been such a pleasure to read. The Public Enemies Experience (P.E.E.) has meant so many different things to what appears to be in the thousands of people, how awesome that this movie and all aspects of it have united people from all over the world, and connected people in the same town that would never meet otherwise.
Amazing. Thank you.

Michelle said...

"Here here" to what Osh said! Many thanks, Rod.

Jenny said...

Michelle - You got Josh and I on video. We are right before the 4:00 minute mark after Johnny signs the little girls coat! I wish I would have said something to him. I was dumbfounded; All I could blurt out was "Thankyou"

Anonymous said...

While July releases are usually for money not awards, it doesn't mean awards are impossible.
Johnny Depp got his first oscar nomination in a Disney July release; something that no-one would have predicted prior to the release of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to try to go to Milwaukee? I know its interior shots but if we have a chance of him coming out at the end of the day it would be worth it. Crown Point and Aurora were closed sets and he still did meet and greets. Been following this blog from the start and just want to say Thanks, Rod. You really do make this so fun and exciting to follow and read about...I love how all the fans connect over this. My family and friends just don't "get it" obsession. I will probably be at the theatre watching this over and over when it comes out. I can NOT WAIT!

Rachel said...


Thanks for all the info on the History channel show tonight. I'm really excited to watch it so I appreciate you posting all the info. Hope to see you in Columbus :)


Grinder said...

Sunday Julies Java House Columbus - Meet and Greet with Adam Boor and crew members of PE 1 to 4.

Photos, stories and singing songs of our village.

Love to see some of you!

Michelle said...

Rod, I'll definitely see you there tomorrow. Jenny, do you want a copy of the video? If so, I can upload it to Viddler or something. Or, you know... we live two blocks from each other, I could drop it off.

debsmad said...

The Public Enemies Experience (P.E.E.) has meant so many different things...
Ok, to say "I love PEE!" just sounds so wrong. LOL!

How much Billie Frechette is in the book. Is it enough to hire an Oscar winning actress?
I've been wondering about Emilie de Ravin's part. It seems so small, like they could have used anyone standing around the set. Makes me wonder just what goes on in that scene. Ya know?

Jenny said...

Michelle - I would love to have a copy! Thank you! If you want you could just bring it to Kurths next time we all go.

debsmad said...

Now that Johnny & Co. have apparently all left and this is after the fact, I want to ask if anyone knows about them staying at the Heidel House in Green Lake?

Jenny said...

One last reminder...

There is a special on this History channel tonight from 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.CDT entitled "Crime Wave: 18 Months of Mayhem". Here's the description: "A 1930's crime spree gives rise to the creation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when people like John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson, and Bonnie and Clyde often had technological advantages over local police."

Kristy said...

Hey Rod,

Where is Julie's? I'm somewhat familiar with Columbus, but not overly. Definitely interested in seeing some of the crew there though.


Michelle said...

Not Rod, but Julie's is across from the train station, over the tracks.

kristy said...

Ha ha, thanks Michelle! :-)

Cherie said...

Hi All,
Michelle, I love the video from Columbus. I was there on the 17th first day of filming from Michigan. We got to see Johnny, but didn't meet him. It amazes me how quiet and calm the crowd was compared to videos I have seen of other meet and greets! Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and pictures! I check the blog almost every day and would love to make it back to Columbus on the 29th! Have a great weekend!

Emahlee said...

Thanks for the great post! =]

I went to Oshkosh yesterday and shook Mr. Depp's hand. Waited for like 3-4 hours, but it was definitely worth it!

So did they do callbacks for Milwaukee then? Since it is next Thursday?


Anonymous said...

What's the low down on Manitowish Waters?

Anonymous said...

So, just a question regarding the crew doing the meet and greet in Columbus. Are these local crew members or part of Universal's? Just wondering cause I know they're (supposedly) commencing filming in Manitowish Waters on Monday. Anybody? (Either way, it's cool!)

Sue said...

The History Channel program was very interesting. It was neat to see the different sites that will be portrayed in the movie from the filming in Columbus and Oshkosh!

Grinder said...

All I know is that Adam and "any crew".

Jenny said...

Just got done watching the History channel documentary. I didn't know Babyface Nelson was such a psychopath! He was evil.

Anonymous said...

debsmad, I'm pretty sure JD and other big names stayed at the Copper Leaf in Appleton. Another morsel, I have a friend who tends bar at Deja VU, they were in there Wed night & stayed until the very wee hours of the morning.

Anonymous said...

I have a question..I thought pictures of actual filming were technically not allowed to be published..the only reason I ask is I was looking at the pictures on the link (from the Postcresent) and some of them looked like they were action shots..I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble or sound like a goody-goody by the way, just wondering if someone could help me out on that..


Grinder said...

Kristen - you are 100% correct. This is why I'm a little ticked.

If I would have known it was going to be so easy I would have taken more.

Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

Yes, JD was at the copperleaf. A friend works for the company that does maintenance there and there was a small issue with his room. Hopefully he was able to have his privacy after he left the set and there weren't people hanging out at the hotel or in front of it.

I read about the Deja Vu sighting in the paper today. How lucky for your friend.

ludi said...

I would like to know : have you seen Marion Cotillard ? it seems she has not much time on the set.

Ludi, from France

debsmad said...

Anons - I wondered about the Heidel House because two people at work, neither of who are following the filming news, separate conversations, mentioned things about the place.

I was just curious.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude, but I find discussing where people are staying to be kind of creepy. What if he has to come back and some crazy is reading this? I mean, seriously, give the guy a break. He spends all day on set, an hour or so meeting his fans, he should at least be able to a hotel in peace. I understand the curiosity after the fact but when he is doing his own thing, what he does and where he stays is none of our business. If you accidently run into him fine.

The guy does so much for people, his privacy should be respected. All it takes is one person that is not well balanced to read something like that, for him to come back to refilm something, and well.. you know.

I love this board and I think everyone is great that posts so believe me I'm not trying to mean or "yell" at anyone. I just think JD has proven how much he gives of himself, the least we can give him back is some privacy and respect.

Anonymous said...


What's creepy is people chasing him down to the airport in Oshkosh when he left on Friday. When Johnny leaves the set after the meet and greet, that's it. Let him be.

What would have been disrespectful of his privacy would have been posting where he stayed while he was still there. I respect his privacy and kept what I knew private because I knew that not everyone who reads this blog can be respectful of Johnny. Someone asked, he's no longer there and can not be bothered, I passed on what I knew.

Grinder said...

"He spends all day on set"

Well - not really. He spends maybe 5 hours a day on the set. But I get what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree... following is creepy. People were giving his flight information out like it should have been printed in the paper or something.

I hope no offense was taken anon@8:16. I just am concerned if there is a reason they have to COME BACK to Osh that discussing the info could make for some problems by the unstable set.

Grinder, I know JD doesn't work all day, I just meant that he is around all day and then he is doing these meet and greets at night. There are people that do alot more than JD and I'm sorry for the mistake :)

One of the things that I like about this site is it isn't all gossipy like message boards saying " I have a friend who knows a friend who has a cousin who says that JD stopped in their gas station this morning and bought two mt dews." for the entire conversation. It is nice to talk about the movie and the filming wihtout all the celebrity gossip attached, ya know?

*Ducks away slowly*.......

toadlessgirl said...

Debsmad, way up there, asked about Emilie de Ravin's part.

I'm assuming she's playing Anna Patzke, a bank clerk who was taken as a hostage after the Racine robbery. Supposedly Dillinger saw her shivering on the running boards, so he invited her inside the car and gave her his coat. She was in the car with them for a while, and said generally positive things about the experience afterwards, so I'm wondering if they aren't doing a 'bonding with the hostage' scene like the one with Gene Wilder in Bonnie and Clyde. :D

Rachel said...

On the History channel special last night, they said that generally the hostages had a good time, singing songs, and hanging with the gang.

The robbers were seen as the heros up against the big banks.

I loved that special last night.. .very interesting!!

Anonymous said...

I (and I'm sure others) knew where JD and the crew were staying while they were here and I didn't say anything because I didn't want to "ruin it" for them. Now they're gone, I think it's OK to talk about it.

Now, if you really had some lunatic bent on tracking them down, there are plenty of other ways to do it than reasding it on a board after the fact. I'm guessing security was pretty tight at the Copper Leaf as well.

redgirl said...

Thanks for the apology. It means a lot. :)

debsmad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andra said...

Yeah I just happened to be in town visiting my family in Appleton and found out when I was there about the filming in Oshkosh and I made it to the meet and greet on 4/16 and got to shake his hand then went out that night downtown Appleton since my sister-in-law and friends were also in town for a conference at the Paper Valley, anyways late that night my friend got a text that Johnny was at Deja Vu so we ran down there and got to hang out there till bar close getting to see Johnny sitting at a table and getting good glimpses of him and also I got to talk to Stephen Dorff who I didn't even realize it was him as I was standing right next to him. On my way out of the bar at closing I waved bye to Johnny and he waved back and tipped his hat it was so awesome :) and I will never forget it!!

Anonymous said...

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