Saturday, April 19, 2008

That's a Wrap Oshkosh -& personal business stuff

The very first thing I want to do is apologize to Mary at the the New (used to be Blue) Moon. The food there is pretty darn good (when we had it) and you guys were under a lot of stress and working very hard. I don't know what went down with the problem with the Drivers and the Moon, no one told us anything except you banned us. Perhaps there was a miscommunication somewhere which I can understand because no one tells anything to anybody.

All we knew was we had to stand outside in the cold for an extra 8 hours with no food and then the meatloaf was full of eggshells.
Now a note to Universal City Studios.

Hi guys. You can be assured that any photos posted on THIS blog did not come from Drivers or me. I can understand why you are worried but I believe you should really be more worried about the newspapers that are videoing and posting photos. There were so many people on that set with cameras from the newspapers it was silly but nothing you see here is from us.

I'm a little disappointed as the newspapers are there to make money and I'm here to help the movie. There were so many stories I wanted to tell but NO CAMERAS and I respected that.

I think that being on the set as part of the production gives a person a lot of respect for what is going on.

As for photos. I have seen some REALLY nice shots and will post a few that will pump people up about the movie which is going to be WAY WAY better then people are thinking it will be.

Knowing a little of upcoming events I feel this movie is made to give Johnny Depp an Oscar.
To anybody that has emailed me in the last few days - stay calm. After deleting spam I still have 70 mails and all contain attachments, requests and so forth.
To the city and citizens of Oshkosh and all the people they stood by the barricades in the wind and cold for hours and hours.

I have talked to people from all over the Country that came to Oshkosh, Arizona, California and other far off and distant lands and they are honestly amazed at the friendly warm attitude of people in Wisconsin. I was told by more then a hand full of people that you do not get this in other parts of the country.

One woman from Arizona who was freezing said to me "I love Oshkosh, I don't want to leave, people are so friendly. The hardware store let us stand in the doorway and use their bathroom, that would not happen in other parts of the country. I might cry when I have to leave".

This is Emma and Spencer Garrett.

I will attempt to post photos from the week. I think it'll take a while but there is going to be some empty "no news" time this week as the crew is in lock down closed set up north so I'll have a lot of time for mindless stories and photos this week.

They should be up there for three days then coming back south the end of the week. All scenes, at least to the end of the month will be interior scenes or out in the country or very very late at night so I doubt there will be any super duper crowds that will see anything.

Please respect the movie people, you will be rewarded with a very amazing movie.
The Appleton Postcrescent has a zillion of photos.

Again - a fan of the movie vs. people trying to make money from the movie - they get the OK for photos! There were so many up close and personal stories from the extras I could have gotten.

Lost forever. It makes me sad.

Any Extras out there that want to share stories and their feelings PLEASE go to my profile and email me. You guys are awesome and I'll talk about you in the coming days.

So I'm going to hang up. I feel like I have a hangover from TOO much sleep. I'll be back.

A story from Julie B.

My husband and I got there and staked out our spots right on the curb on Jeffereson St. I had heard you couldn't see much of the filming, so we didn't even bother going over there. That's how we got in the very front (right by the barricade).

There was a little girl (about 7 years old) to my right. Her mom was a few people back and asked me to make sure he saw her. I told her I'd take care of her. When he got to me, he took my hand, and I said, "there's a little girl here that wants to meet you." He then proceeded to talk to her while still holding on to my hand! When he came back to me, I said, "thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us." That's when he put his other hand on my arm and said something like, "oh it's no trouble, I'm happy to do it." My husband was three people down from us. After he shook Johnny's hand, he leaned in to get the awesome pic!

Thanks Julia - great story!! MELT!! :-)

Rod Melotte