Friday, May 16, 2008

Clearing The Air (again)

Long and boring but I want to get this out of the way.

When I got up this morning I decided to put on my honesty socks and have a go at clearing the air a tad.

The first thing I see is that things are once again spiraling out of control as some anonymous is outraged that I would post that Johnny is flying to his home in Nassau (a private island) for some R&R. I STILL do not see any harm in this.

There seems to be some animosity over at IMdb towards myself and I'm OK with that. Not sure why I'm constantly getting jabbed in the side with a pencil but if they feel better by doing so then I guess I'm making people feel better and it's all good.

I guess being to point of a blog spear has it's ups and downs . It's a learning experience for sure.

Stepping back 4 years.

I spent the first 50 years of my life staying away from writing. Being slightly dyslectic is not conducive to writing. Thus - I became a numbers guy. What happened was that those "numbers " somehow became poker and I became pretty darn good at it. I started writing a blog to help others win at poker. People seemed to like it and after six months I was asked by Full Tilt Magazine to become a featured columnist. They FOR SOME REASON like my writing style.

The government put the breaks on poker and many many companies and small business went belly up and don't get me started on THAT.

Jumping ahead 4 years.

Before Public Enemies came to Columbus I had never heard of Michael Mann, Rory Cochrane, Christian Bale, Stephen Dorff, Stephen Graham or many of the players in PE. Fan boy I was not. I was not even a Johnny Depp "fan". I appreciated his talent as an actor and enjoyed his movies but a fan? an enthusiastic follower? No, not really.

I've watched a lot of movies ( 1,432 according to NetFlix) but just for entertainment, not because of a certain actor.

So I start a blog that documents my experience with Universal in Columbus and all of a sudden it's like people think I'm an expert. I'm getting info from IMdb and making sure I post where the info is coming from.

I had a chance to be on the set in Oshkosh and people start emailing me tips and insider information and insider documents start to literally fall into my lap.

Back at the blog I'm trying figure out what I can say and what I can not say and contacts are feeding me pretty darn good info. So here is the rub and why SOMETIMES I might sound a little egotistical. It's because I'm not surprised! It seems like most ventures in my life that I start or join I end up being the guy in charge. I don't WANT to be the guy in charge but it just happens. If no one wants to make a decision, I'll make it, right or wrong.

I'm not afraid of being wrong. Sometimes it gets me in trouble but for the most part just MAKING a decision is the right thing to do.

So when a true Anonymous comments that my information is wrong and I have been getting valid info for weeks that is right. I disagree with him and because I'm constantly getting jabbed in the side with an IMdb pencil, at some point, I jab back with a snippy remark and I truly apologize.

IMdb is a awesome place for valid information and I feel we both are working for the same goal but in a different way.

The Public Enemies IMdb is a forum ONLY for that movie. It is an informational platform and once filming wraps up might become a little quieter. I don't know, never experience what happens, it's new to me.

Public Enemies - Columbus is an entertainment blog that consist of information on Public Enemies, my opinion on the good and bad of the small community of Columbus and the personal misadventures of yours truly with some history thrown in. Once filming wraps this will still be around (although with less readers).

So - let's just all get along. I'll try to not be so arrogant and continue to wear my flak jacket for pencil jabs for the time being.

Looking back at my life if I could start all over again I would be an Industrial Photo Journalist. I enjoy writing about and showing people how things work.
21 Jump Street - The Movie

Saw this in TV Guide.

So they are making a 21 Jump Street The Movie and this is the guy that will play Johnny Depps character?

Hmmmmm - I do see a slight resemblance. Perhaps it's Johnny in an alternate universe.

OK - I'm worn out.

If anyone cares I'm not Kurthing it tonight because I feel I should take care of my health.

Here is what you should NOT do if you catch a cold.

Day 1 - call into work with a sore throat but later in the night as it gets cold stand "on the line" for six hours until midnight.

Day 2. Call into work but then you Cleveland Pair tree is delivered and the guy says "You should get this in the ground as soon as you can". You look at the tree and it has a root ball the size of a Volkswagen.

Day 3 - completely worn out from Previous two days and sleep most of the day.

Day 4 - Go to work and get worn out from sitting activity. Then golf 9 holes in league and crash at 9:30.

Day 5 - Go drinking at the Kurth? Not a chance
Auditorium news.

A second estimate is being done tomorrow on the Auditorium Restoration. Things are moving ahead.

Talk to ya tomorrow!



  1. I see both sides here Rod. I guess I don't understand the need to post detailed information about Johnny's travels, so I get why that anon was posting. But, I can also see how you didn't feel it was a big deal, seeing as it was a private island and all.

    Maybe a good compromise would be that while it's ok to post that Johnny (or any other actors in the movie for that matter) have left Wisconsin (or Illinois or wherever), maybe we can leave out the detail of where he's going or coming from? Maybe then I'll be the only "cranky" one here. :)

    IMDb got very ugly for awhile, and there are still a few people over there that get nasty. Some are quick to jump down "throats" without really reading, and I'm getting really tired of all the people saying how awful the fans are for turning out day after day. Sometimes I think the people bitching are just jealous that they can't be part of it like we all have been so lucky to.

  2. Well said Rod! Truth is... you can't please everyone...but I think what you're doing is great! Thank you!

  3. Or to remind others that no one is forcing them to read any of the blog or comments...and they can just go their merry way leaving others alone if they don't like what is posted...
    Rod I think you've be careful of Universal and Depp's privacy all along...and stopped people from posting anything they shouldn't have...

    Is there really a Paparazzi training? That's sounds like a fun activity!!


  4. Damn you Rod! You always leave me hanging as the last poster from the previous day! It's like i'm being picked last on the playground ....AGAIN!
    *Sharpens imdb pencil*

  5. Tracy, if someone feels something is out of line, they're just supposed to let it go? If someone is concerned about information being posted, I think they have every right to make a post expressing that. Rod can delete it if he wants, but if you don't like it, don't read anonymous posts. It goes both ways. :) Being snarky or rude back to the anonymous posters is no better than them being rude to you. For some, that's exactly what they want - to get a rise out of people.

  6. J^P wanted to make sure no one read your last comment! LOL

    I'm not THAT stubborn and if Anon would have commented adult to adult instead of adult to child I would probably have responded with a more positive . . . . response.

    I will do what cranky advises.

    Thank you for being civil.

    Sorry for todays blog but . . . .

  7. Some people just get so huffy about the stupidest things :P

  8.'re mean! (and huffy)
    G'morning jenny! :)

  9. G'Morn JP!

    So Kurths is off the schedule for tonight? You mean no soda and popcorn for dinner???

  10. Why don't people just shut up? Why does anon care if we care where Johnny flew..I dont understand why this is a big deal. Rod has the right to post whatever he wants, its HIS BLOG!

    I am sure Johnny doesn't find this "creepy"..he knows that his life is broadcast, doen't mean he likes it, but he knows..

    Now, I can see if Rod had posted something about his kids or pictures of his kids- yeah Johnny would hate that...but saying he flew somewhere- big deal. That's peanuts compaired to some info out there.

    Honestly, people will complain about anything...and nothing..

  11. Wow! People are like this in the real world, too. That's why I like blogville. But now even that is getting ugly.

    It's Rod's blog - let him right it like he see's it for Pete's sake.

    Can we change the subject now? Rod, it looks like it's going to rain this weekend. I need to plant some stuff today, right?

  12. I feel a pontification coming on...

    Lucky for all, I'm in a hurry to leave this chair right now and won't be back until later tonight. ;-D

    I'll say it sometime. But in brief: Rod, you are a good guy-- anyone who meets you can tell that you are genuine, decent, and honorable. I'm not surprised you're a "leader" in your many endeavors. Your self-effacement keeps you in good stead with the regular folks you end up leading. You are a good writer, BTW.

    The imdb PE board feels like it's full of under-17s and first-time posters on the internets. It's wearying to even read. A thread topic entitled "Depp vs. Bale" just has no interest for me, not gonna click. The continued pencil-jabs are very odd indeed, in a way that totally reflects back on the posters in a questionable way(Unless, of course, they are under 17, then it makes sense.)

    And that's the short version of what I'm thinkin'.

    Anyway, no Kurth for me tonight either, I'll be away.

    Take care all, see you soon.


  13. Maybe the SSOJJ can take over the Kurth tonight?
    Ohhhhh...that would be rich!

    And yes Tracy Rod promised me we'd do a paparazzi training session...he said he was going to bring along his big black book of secret PE info, his contact list, the copy of the script he DOESN'T have (insert wink/wink emoticon here)....the lock of JD's hair he snatched at Monday's Meet and Greet...the sock of JD's he snatched at the Tues/Wednesday meet and greet, JMB's cell phone (not sure when he snatched that..), the license plate off of Adam B's toyota.....and....oh yeah a camera.
    But that might have just been the nyquil talking.....

  14. kathy - just a small sprinkle of rain if that. Real rain will be here Tues Wed and Thurs.

    I plan on finishing the bee garden this weekend. Then move on to the clay garden to fix that up from winter death. Some plants did not make it.

    Also saw the best way to make that trench for the black rubber siding stuff to put around gardens.

  15. i dont think its a big deal that you posted that johnny went to his island... for me, as a fan, i see it as "ok cool, johnny can take a break for a while" its nice to know that he can relax....its not like you posted...his address...or his hotel room number... :)

    but, what id like to know, is where do you get this info? how do people find out in the first place that johnny is flying to stated place.... is someone on the inside that is leaking his personal info..or was it common knowledge...did the news say he was flying out?!

    shakenb-are you there? i posted on your blog....

  16. What scares me is Shakenbis - I really think she was hoping Jerry would "take her down" Monday night. LOL

  17. Why can't blogger have an edit mode? Really, right = write.

    No Kurth tonight here, either, again.

  18. on a different note..i know it was posted in a previous week.. but who is the guy that has been on set that looks like sean penn...
    my mom was looking at my pics and she was like oh sean penns in this movie, and i said no. ..she still doesnt believe me..

  19. jerry can take me down anytime! ;)

  20. Someone should have made "Fanboy" and "Fanboy" shirts and sold them in Columbus and Oshkosh. Could've donated the proceeds to the Columbus roof fund.

  21. CORRECTION: "Fanboy" and "Fangirl" shirts.

  22. People that nitpick have too much time on their hands. ;)

    The blog here has become its own meet and greet, and those of us who frequent it certainly enjoy the posts. And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.

    Rod-I'm on Day Nine. ARRRRGGGHHHH! I have two late closing shifts, an early in double, then another closing shift with one more night tacked on after that. When, exactly, am I supposed to rest and get better? Bleh.

    No wonder I sit at the computer and don't do anything when I'm not working. hehe...

    JP, you crack me up every single time you post lately. You smartass. :) Can't believe we missed you the other night.

  23. Rod- I am new here and have enjoyed your blog since finding it. Ignore those who are mean! IMBD is a rough place and I don't click on some of the ignorant postings. I always come to your blog first because it is always entertaining.

  24. Maegen: I was wondering the same thing! Shakenbsis WHERE ARE YOU??? hello? :)

    Hiya Suz!

  25. jsut posted my sad saga on yesterdays comments, so jp, you're not last.

    Sadly I'm computerless (it's broke.

    Rod - please feel better soon. I'm feeling better today finally, but running around with a kitty crisis =(

    sooo no Kurth's tonight. jp what's ssojj??

    I'm so bummed, i can't see any of the hugs/videos etc here at the bank where I've resorted to getting my fix! =( Sad day for this girl in bloggerville.

    hope to see you all again soon...

  26. No Kurths for me either...I'm going to JP's house instead.

  27. Just have to say it one more time before they kick me outa here...


  28. Have you guys ever seen a Solatube? We're going to get one installed in our kitchen.

    We had one at the old house and loved it. Really brightens up a dark area of the house and they are GOOOOD LOOKIN.

  29. BETTY! Waaaaaaahhhh! Nooooo! :(

    And Rod, isn't talking about a Solatube a little off topic?

    Hi dj!! *waves*

  30. To steer this back on-topic, maybe you know where Johnny Depp is right now??



  31. Great blog Rod! You do great work! Hey I saw that picture when I googled Johnny Depp one day! My kids asked if it was Jack Osbourne. LOL. I just knew it was NOT Johnny Depp. Someone on IMBd recently asked if all the whole filming was going to be done in Chicago. That gave me a laugh this morning when I saw it. Newbies are funny.

  32. Shaken - Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. My 6 y/o crashed mine a month or so ago. I did get it fixed, but we also bought a laptop. She's banished to the old one and can no longer go on the internet sites she liked. We got the laptop so we could monitor our older DD on IM and so there wouldn't be battles over the computer anymore. Love that thing.

    Rod - never heard of Solatube before. Looked them up and they really really nice, but I can't see where we'd be able to use them in the rooms we need them most since they are on the 1st floor of a 2 story house.

    Suz - LOL

  33. a smartass? No!!!! Wifey may be right? Is that possible?

    Shaken????? Booo hooo....get your stuff fixed ASAP and hurry back...

    SSOJJ = Secret Society of Jerry Juniors
    if you google or wikipedia it you'll learn all about it...basically it's a tight knit group of JD fans who buzz message boards/forum/websites enforcing their policies in regards to the safety of JD. You don't want to get on the wrong side of these me!
    They started just monitoring their own blog and message board...but they realized no one visits they decided to spread out. I believe the initial chapter was formed in roanoke, VA...but they're everywhere now! In order to join you have to be able to "steal" the real Jerry's cell phone and replace it with a pink Barbie one...without him breaking your collarbone.

    Hey Osh.....come on over...bring streetwiser and some cookies please. :)

  34. Someone posted yesterday to check Jenny's blog, but I missed the link. Could someone post it again (and remind me what I'm looking for there?)
    And there was supposed to be a link to the Portage Daily Register where you could get a copy of a special edition they printed??? Missed that one too! Please post again??
    Rod, don't change ANYTHING! Someone will always take a statement the wrong way and if you try to correct it nine times out of ten things only get worse. I think a lot of the bickering and fingerpointing are from people who are jealous for some reason. I won't say anything more on that subject!!
    No Kurth's for me this week either. My grandson is getting confirmed on Sunday and the examination program is this evening.

  35. speaking of SSOJJ...I was censured on a Depp forum for saying Jerry's kids didn't recognize him in Sweeny Todd...Jerry told me that, I mentioned it and the fact he lived in London. Wow. Like NOBODY would have guessed that one.

    I felt like a 3 year old that got smacked.

  36. I forgot to say that I took your message that Johnny had left for his home on his private island was an indication that any scenes with him won't be filming ANYWHERE for a few days. Quiet all of the speculation as to where they would be in the next day or two. See; it's easy to read so many different things into one little sentence.

  37. maegen, I did some research and the actor that looks like Sean Penn is Matt Craven. [Check out his picture at IMDb.] It was mentioned by a blogger in Rod's April 24 blog. There was also a discussion about the mistaken identity over at IMDb about the same time.

  38. I have a video from the 4 am meet and greet. Does anyone know how to move it from my photobucket to the depphugs one. I have the password but am not sure how to transfer the video over without reuploading it and remixing it all over again. HELP!!

  39. Rod,
    I have a Solatube and Love It!!!
    It was here when we moved in..
    And glad they have it there because it is a dark area of our Kitchen...

    Shaken~Sorry you computer took a trip to computer land...
    Hurry and get another!

    I love this place!!!
    You all make me smile!!!!!
    But no Kurth!bummer.


  40. KatieMae,

    Can you save it from your original photobucket?

    Or--I finally figured out that I have Windows Movie Maker on my computer and edited mine in that. It's easy! I know you don't want to remix it, but then you would have it on your hard drive.

    I did redo mine, and am glad I got it cleaned up and done right for my own collection. :)

  41. Any update on specific dates & locations in Chicago?

  42. I will try that. thanks suz!!!!

  43. Hey y'all.
    I posted this am but it showed up on yesterday's comments. I am slowly recovering from this inner-ear thing. I am so listless. So I've been reading the blog comments. Don't want to do much else. Hope you all have a great day. Oh--I finished my exams and successfully completed my first semester of Nursing!!!! Now that is something to celebrate. Once I feel better.

  44. I put links to PE-C blogger blogs on the from page on the left side.

  45. "Grinder said...
    I put links to PE-C blogger blogs on the from page on the left side."

    Now I will be really famous and will be forced to clean my bathroom. LOL. You rock Rod.

  46. Thank you, Rod. I already got three hits from here! :)

    (Now I really have arrived)! I'm working on a more thorough account of the Meet & Greets from this week, so hopefully I can share some really fun memories. Be patient; I'm sick, and I'm not as good as Rod at churning out posts.

  47. Sue - My blog address is:

    I have a few posts about JMB.

    I also want a copy of the Public Enemies Portage Newspaper Special Edition... How do you get one?

  48. Thanks, Jenny. I'll go check it out!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Portage Daily Register "Public Enemies" Special Editions available

    You still can purchase a special four-page Daily Register section that was sold in Columbus during shooting this week highlighting the filming of "Public Enemies" and Johnny Depp's visit. Cost is $1. Call 745-3500 for details. Copies will be mailed for the additional cost of postage.

  51. Jenny do you mean this one????

    If so, you can get them at
    Capital Newspaper on the corner of 73 & 16-60
    across from Sharrow Drugs.


  52. Robbi - Your link didn't work :(

  53. First off...Rod, you do a great job. If you didn't you wouldn't have had soooo many hits and look how many of us have stayed. I don't know about everyone but some days it feels like I've put in residency here lol...200+ comments takes awhile to read. Heck, I even started a blog! So, you just keep being yourself and let the nay-sayers blow hot air.

    Secondly...We have all said how this movie is more than just a movie with all the 'connections' it's made. The last 2 days I've been fighting bronchitis and last night I decided to just sit on the couch and watch some 21 Jump Street. Johnny's shows always make me feel better. Anyway, I was watching an episode from the second season called "You should be in Prison". Anyone remember that one? lol
    It's the one where Hanson and Penhall guard an actor. The script that the actor had was named "Streetwise"! Even though I had watched this before I immediately thought 'Wow, I wonder if Osh and Evan have seen this one?' lol
    I can't tell you how many times I've watched this episode but before PE I never gave the name of the script a second thought...

    Thanks Rod for the doorway to new friends and good fun!

  54. Jenny did you mean this one?
    You can get them at
    Capital Newspaper up on the corner across from Sharrow Drugs.


  55. Yeah, I have the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen one, but I wanted the Portage Daily Register too. Do you know what their hours are?

  56. Jenny look up, I posted the phone number for you

  57. No I don't .but here is a phone number for them..


  58. Oh ok. Well it's not like it is a HUGE walk from my house. I could just go over there too. :)

  59. A block away...
    I think you can handle it!!!
    Did you try the number I gave you?
    That is the number on the gals card that works there.
    I took some photo's of there window for them,and she gave me her card...


  60. If we're sharing blogs... This is my version of one... It's a video blog, but with the exception of the Depp video that I took of him saying hello to my wife, they're not self-made videos, but other videos that amuse me and make me laugh...


  61. Can anyone tell me when the one from Beaver Dam was printed? My mom saved one for me (it's at home so I can't look at it right now), but that was over a month ago. Is there a newer addition that I should ask her to pick up for me?

    I called the Portage Daily Register on Wednesday and am having them send me one of they ones they put out. With the postage the total cost was $2.34. Hopefully it will be in the mail today. I'll be in Portage on June 1st (aunts 80th birthday party), but I wanted to be sure I got one before they were all gone.

  62. Movie Star Wife, I don't know whether you answered my previous question from a day or two. At one point you mentioned that your movie star was told that he would be needed for 3 or 4 extra days. I assume that didn't happen. Did somebody call and say "sorry, but the plans have changed'? Just curious on how all this filming business works.

  63. He did work on Saturday night--mirror lake, Monday--Columbus, and Wednesday night--mirror lake. He said everything went so well that they were done filming. (He was on-call for Thurs and Fri night, just in case.) On Wednesday he got to "play dead" as one of the agents. It's quite amusing. He certainly will miss it though. On Tuesday our whole family went to Beaver Dam and people wanted his autograph. The girls and I finally got to see some filming and yes--Johnny Depp. My daughter blew him a kiss and he blew one back! That will love on in her memory for a long time. It's sad that it is over, but it will be good to get back to a "normal" life. I just finished my exams so we are all going to be chilling out now.

  64. I'm taking a break from jabbing Rod with a go embarrass my kids at school. So Rod...when is the Paparazzi training session going to happen next weekend? Don't leave us, your loyal disciples, hanging!

  65. Rod - don't feel bad about the pencil jabs. Nobody would have known about the private island; its name or anything about it if Johnny, himself, hadn't told about purchasing it in an interview. Besides we don't know if he is on the island or his private yacht in the Bahamas. :o) *dives behind couch to avoid flying pencil jabs from Anons* :o)

  66. Jenny, you can pick up a copy of the Portage one at the Daily Citizen offices here in Beaver Dam. I called the number that Osh gave and told them that I live in Beaver Dam, so I would need them to mail it to me and she told me to call the Daily Citizen. Their number is 887-0321. She put my name on one and is saving it for me.

  67. I just called. The office in Columbus is only open 8:30 - 5:00 Mon through Fri and closed on the weekends. They won't mail it to me, so she's putting my name on it to save one for me and I should be able to pick it up next Tuesday since I'll get off work early that day.

  68. HELP - I have a person that is in desperate need of a web person for her business.

    The person she had is leaving the area and basically did squat.

    Her business of 19 years can not grow any larger without a REAL website. It's a unique business with a serious upside.

    Credit card and buying online is not my forte' for web development.

    Can anyone think of anyone??

  69. Grinder I have some friends with a small web design business. This would be right up their alley. It's called JD Webcrafters. I think. I will check.

  70. I won't be able to get to the Citizen offices here until Monday or Tuesday either!

  71. Yup it is at

    Their names are Josh and Dennis--tell them Dawn sent you. :-)

  72. Oh Osh, I was posting in that Jerry discussion as well! I posted the scurrilous info that Jerry is a non-drinker. Aren't we naughty girls!

    It's a strange place that particular message board. All prissy and fluffy - the anti-imdb in fact. Odd when you recall JD's history.

    Rod, imdb has always had a reputation for flaming and vindictive posters. I suppose they will take umbrage at that now. Just don't play with the nasty kids, OK? As for the inside info - Johnny has a publicist who looks after his image, as well as the best security in entertainment. If they didn't want Johnny to be seen, or info to leek, it would not happen. I don't think anyone has the wherewithall to chase Johnny to his private island, and as someone said, at least people are not looking for him in Wisconsin.

    Thanks to all the contributers to this blog - it's been a great read!

  73. Thanks Jenny for the info on JMB. I thought he resembled Ray Bolger. But I checked IMDB and couldn't find any connection there.
    Rod I go to the message board on IMDB for PE and I noticed that someone takes a poke at you ever so often, I don't get it. I always come here first.

  74. ok... let me see if I have all of this correct.....
    Rod gets pencil jabbed...
    No one going to Kurth's...
    Shakenbsis broken puter...
    Johnny on the island....
    Just about everyone is sick with something....
    JP still cracking jokes and make me smile.....
    Cranky not so cranky....
    SSOJJ on Wikipedia....
    Osh & JP getting together... I want cookies too! =0P
    Beaver Dam newspapers still available.... ( will probably be getting calls from all over the world now that their phone number is up on this blog.... LOL
    Osh and MsWonderland get naughty girl awards for posting on some other site....
    WHEW!!! Is that it?

    You all are so much fun!!!!
    Happy Friday to you all!!!!

  75. Oh... BTW.. I have an account now... and a face! LOL!!!

    *waves* Hi all!

  76. Don't forget I'm looking for website help for the countries largest stripper clothing design website.


  78. Update from Union Station, Chicago. Just walked by and it looks dead! The catering trucks are MIA. The large white trucks are all still there and the backs are open, but it doesn't look like much work is going on. Mostly just security guards standing around. I did walk inside and noticed a few guys working. From the looks of things, I'm guessing they'll be filming inside. Also, on the doors, there were signs saying that the Grand Hall would be closed starting at 5:45 pm on Saturday. Looks like there won't be anything major going on until Sat. night or Sun. If anyone hears any info on what they might be filming there, please share! And I'll keep you posted with any other news. Happy Friday!

  79. I wonder if the Public Enemies plans changed because of the incredibly busy weekend we will be having here in the Dells. From what I've been told, they are not done at Mirror Lake. The 'Road Closed' is still there at Fern Dell Road, along side the road.

    I was out there briefly for the filming on Wednesday night (no Sauk County Sheriff pricks) and now I wish I would have stayed.

    One of the few resorts the majority of the crew had been staying at here in the greater Lake Delton area was going to be packed to the teeth this weekend with Army Reserves (gotta appreciate those who sacrifice.)

    When the movie finally comes out, stay for the credits! It will be interesting to see if Universal thanks the Wisconsin Film Commission AND the individual towns/cities they've filmed at in Wisconsin.

    I knew they weren't done yet in Wisconsin a week ago. I've been told they have "some reservations" until the end of June. Count of them being back, folks.

    -Jess Bruckner

  80. "Update from Union Station, Chicago. Just walked by and it looks dead! The catering trucks are MIA."

    There were rumors that filming was due to be done in the uptown area today, a one-day shoot for now. I haven't heard any confirmation but maybe that's where they are right now?

  81. Yea - I don't know why everybody kept saying they were finished with Wisconsin.

    I think they are not done with Columbus yet (but no hard facts).

  82. Did you guys see Mayor Nancy's blog? I didn't know she gave JD a key too!

  83. yeah, i saw she gave JD a key...i wonder what he does with it? do you think he kept it...or tossed it...???

    nancy o was there on tues night/wed morn taking pictures..i wonder what she did with them....she was taking pictures of people in line too....i wonder if she has a flickr account or something?

  84. There is also an article on the economic benefit the filming brought to Columbus at:

  85. I hope it's okay to advertise this here. I had contacted WBEV/WXRO after seeing the videos on their
    website to see if it was possible to get them on a CD. They just got back to me and are going to have a
    CD for $5 and the money is going to their Children's Radiothon (it's divided amongst several area
    organizations). If anyone is interested, I will have more details in a couple of days. Just let me know; my email is They gave a bit of the history of what happened at the Hotel Congress in the video. If you want to watch the videos before deciding, they can be seen at

  86. Wow....a Rory Cochrane mention in the blog! That alone made my day. lol

    Sending out my plea again, now that filming has apparently left our area....anyone with Rory/filming news, please do share! There *ARE* Rory fans reading here. :)

  87. Shakenb -

    Are we still going to have to have a throw down about Jerry? I did give him that remarkable shot glass :)
    That's how found out he wasn't a drinker but how can you not like a worm wearing a sombrero in your shot glass ? :)

    The weather is awesome here up north, a little cold but beautiful.

    Take care all!!

  88. I found another video I think from the second night of meet and greets. Those still looking for documentation of their encounter might want to see if they're in it.

  89. debsmad -

    I think I'm the only one that actually met Rory :)

  90. Rachel - Did you take him up north with you? I see how it is now. :P

    Next time you toss food into the basement for him, ask if he's done filming or what.

    In the meantime I'll go watch CSI reruns.


  91. Debsmad... you are too funny!!! I haven't seen him up here... YET! But stranger things have happened before. If I do see him I'll tell him your looking for him and send him right down.

  92. Good evening everyone!

    to change the subject:
    is anyone excited about the 4th Indiana Jones movie next weekend?? anyone heard any reviews/opinions yet if it will be as good as the others??? not trying to "start" anything just curious (I am a movie addict in general and am looking forward to seeing it next weekend)

    Y'all are so funny-I have to carve out time to read blog/comments everyday-and not everyone is posting their own blog links too.....I will never have a "normal" life again LOL....I just can't keep up with Y'all :)

  93. oopsie

    Not "NOT" everyone NOW everyone

  94. Rachel - Hey yeah, send him down. I live in the country so, ya know, no crowds to do the fan-gawking thing. Heck, he'd probably spend the remainder of filming here where no one would see him. Woot!

  95. Rod, I think you have been doing a fabulous job with the blog. What you post on YOUR blog is completely your desicion which people may or may not agree with.

    mcskippy- Keep us posted with the news from Chicago... I'm hoping we'll be able to check out the filming one of the days!

  96. Rod,
    You have done a great thing with this blog, in many ways.
    Would I have otherwise gotten details and cool info on the whole movie thing and then ventured out to see filming?
    Would I know to send a letter to the city commission and send a donation to help save the auditorium?
    Would I have just friggin cracked up everyday while reading your blog and the comments?
    No! I don't read any other blogs, nor have I ever joined in on one - except, er, this one.
    And so -
    don't let anyone get you down...
    Keep it up and we'll be here!

  97. Not to mention the garden tips!

  98. Hey y'all. I met Rod the first day of Columbus filming and he told me of this blog. I even took a picture of his camera's display of the classic Johnny through the truck window. I think that really ignited my enthusiasm for getting some great pictures and video of this incredible experience. Anyway, I haven't really participated in the discussions here but I've been following it religiously, sometimes even on the top of a ten foot ladder. Now that the filming is mostly done in our area, I've been reviewing the pictures and video I've taken in Columbus and Madison. I think the Depphugs idea is great. In fact, I found someone's picture of my camera blocking their view of Johnny. Kind of funny. The first meet & greet I was able to videotape myself with my arm around Johnny and he said a little uncomfortably, "here we are". I was promptly, courteously guided away from JD by Jerry. From then on I always tried for quality video of JD meeting fans and never shook hands or sought JD contact. Needless to say, I've got some great stuff I'll share here or in my own blog when I get myself better organized. Either way, If I can get some of this content into the appropriate hands, I'm sure their will be some very grateful JD fans. Likewise, if anyone has a picture that I know was taken of some wild haired, tattered cap wearing, cam wielding guy with his arm around Johnny at the first meet & greet, please let me know. Thanks Rod. And isn't it great having something so far in the future to look forward to?

  99. :(
    I just watched "War of the Worlds" and I couldn't find John Michael Bolger (Man holding Woman)

  100. Jenny.....turn that frown upside down!
    Rod probably just made all that stuff up.....i don't think JMB is even in that movie!
    And besides...please keep comments on other words.....please redirect the conversation back to the stalking of JD. Does anyone know what JD had for breakfast? ;)

  101. No, JMB is in the movie. It is even on his IMDB page.

  102. Indiana Jones - I'm sorry but I can not get excited. I LOVED all of the IJ's but when I saw the trailers it was . . .well . . . . all the same. Been there - done that.

    Just like the last Star Wars which I thought was the biggest waste of time ever.

    It might be GREAT but I'm worried that the hype is over powering the movie. They can't ALL be great.

  103. I'm excited for Indiana Jones. I really liked the first one. I didn't like the second one. I loved the third one, So I'm hoping this next one will be good too.

    Plus I like Shia LaBeouf and I'm also glad Marion from the first movie is gonna be in it.

  104. Maybe I should start a blog.

    Wait - it's too late.

    I'll start a Coen brothers blog! :-)

    I wonder where they are TODAY!

  105. *whew*
    It took us all darn day, but JP and I finally made it to to Johnny's private island. Currently we are treading water beside his yacht hoping he will notice our gifts of cookies, cheese curds and Wisconsin wine.

    Rod...our swim suits are off to you...without your blog we never would have been able to track him down. Kudos mate.

  106. I know, Jenny, pretty scary thought, but it seems t be keeping the sharks away.

  107. Union Station is still quiet this evening. The catering trucks are still missing in action, but the wardrobe trailer has popped up. I'm guessing things will pick up tomorrow evening when they close down the Great Hall. Have a great evening, everyone!

  108. So Adam Boor AKA location scout? Also is the lead singer of a band! Is this correct? Check out this site. I think he is adorable and thought you all might find this interesting.

    Check it out ;)

  109. Johnny's menu:

    Hot coffee (just the way he likes it)
    Sourdough toast with just a smidge of butter.... fresh strawberry preserves on the side

    Hot pastrami sandwich with extra deli mustard.... dill pickle spear on the side

    Chicken alfredo... no peas please!

    a wonderful fresh made chocolate eclair with some nice port wine to go with it.

    How do I know all this?

    I read Rod's blog!!!!!


  110. Will they only be filming in Uptown Chicago? Were the dancing scenes already filmed? I know they were asking for extras who could think they could learn a particular dance in only 1 day.

  111. ROD! You have just found me the perfect gift for the guy-who-has dad will love the beer belly. I might need one for myself, too.

    Osh, I love your swimming story.

    Thanks for the laughs, everyone!

  112. Rod,
    Guess who was filming just outside of LaCrosse at Mindoro Cut this week? A car friend found out when he was taking a cycle ride today from the 70 year old lady bar tender in Mindoro. Awesome secluded location, WI State Patrol closed the roads. Not a single news place found out here. So much for going home to Nassau….


  113. HI ALL

    Just wanted to pop in and say a couple things:

    1.) Rod- your blog is great. Don't let anyone ever tell you different. You are such a wonderful person, and I don't even know ya! I love this blog, and all the people on it.

    2.) Great pics on the depphugs site. Been checking it, and posted some hugs yesterday. Whoever put up the last batch of 5/13-5/14 pics...thanks. You caught a good one of my friend getting a hug....but sadly I have dissapered from the shot lol. I can't believe my friends got too "starstruck" to take a pic. I am hoping someone got me. :)

    3.) If they ever do come back to Columbus....I want to meet you all somewhere....maybe you guys can keep me from just "nodding" at Johnny instead of talking lol, and also perhaps a chat with JMB.

    Hope you guys are well!


  114. LOL osh!
    YOU are the naughty one!
    (not as naughty as Rod...but then again...who is?)

  115. If JD was in LaCrosse then just whose plane did we chart and follow? HMMMMM? I saw it with my own 2 eyes I did.

    Oh well. Now that the rum is gone, I better find my clothes and swim home. Come along JP, quit bothering Vanessea.

  116. You guys are hilarious.

    Sun Praire I missed your link to the whole video.
    can please repost it or send the link to my email...


  117. hahahaha
    JP I just went to your Streets of Fire website...good lord I am laughing so having all that fun while I was 3 doors down at Polished getting my nails done like a lady...

    Your house must be filled with laughter all the time. Either that or your wife takes lots of pills.


    This song says it all.......

    I think I'm going to wear my El Debarge tshirt today!

  119. *tears*
    Girls like her are very special
    Girls like her don't rest
    'Till you too are a believer
    'Till you too have caught their fever

    There she goes and knows I'm dying
    When she says "Who is Johnny?"

    I remember when this was a cutting edge video...

  120. LOL Osh.....sadly...I remember those days too.
    I'm off for a fun day of softball with the twins...coaching, photo taking, playing the crazy parent screaming in the stands....cya all later. :)

  121. Good morning bloggers...beautiful day outside --trip to the nursery today--hoeksta's near fox lake--thank you all for the great laughs-- osh bring me home some rum would ya!;)
    was the water blue-er that johnny was there--lol
    rod -hope you are feeling better-get some sunshine therapy today!!

  122. Stopped by mirror lake today...some random generators with big lights in is gone...nuthin else really interesting.

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