Friday, May 16, 2008

Clearing The Air (again)

Long and boring but I want to get this out of the way.

When I got up this morning I decided to put on my honesty socks and have a go at clearing the air a tad.

The first thing I see is that things are once again spiraling out of control as some anonymous is outraged that I would post that Johnny is flying to his home in Nassau (a private island) for some R&R. I STILL do not see any harm in this.

There seems to be some animosity over at IMdb towards myself and I'm OK with that. Not sure why I'm constantly getting jabbed in the side with a pencil but if they feel better by doing so then I guess I'm making people feel better and it's all good.

I guess being to point of a blog spear has it's ups and downs . It's a learning experience for sure.

Stepping back 4 years.

I spent the first 50 years of my life staying away from writing. Being slightly dyslectic is not conducive to writing. Thus - I became a numbers guy. What happened was that those "numbers " somehow became poker and I became pretty darn good at it. I started writing a blog to help others win at poker. People seemed to like it and after six months I was asked by Full Tilt Magazine to become a featured columnist. They FOR SOME REASON like my writing style.

The government put the breaks on poker and many many companies and small business went belly up and don't get me started on THAT.

Jumping ahead 4 years.

Before Public Enemies came to Columbus I had never heard of Michael Mann, Rory Cochrane, Christian Bale, Stephen Dorff, Stephen Graham or many of the players in PE. Fan boy I was not. I was not even a Johnny Depp "fan". I appreciated his talent as an actor and enjoyed his movies but a fan? an enthusiastic follower? No, not really.

I've watched a lot of movies ( 1,432 according to NetFlix) but just for entertainment, not because of a certain actor.

So I start a blog that documents my experience with Universal in Columbus and all of a sudden it's like people think I'm an expert. I'm getting info from IMdb and making sure I post where the info is coming from.

I had a chance to be on the set in Oshkosh and people start emailing me tips and insider information and insider documents start to literally fall into my lap.

Back at the blog I'm trying figure out what I can say and what I can not say and contacts are feeding me pretty darn good info. So here is the rub and why SOMETIMES I might sound a little egotistical. It's because I'm not surprised! It seems like most ventures in my life that I start or join I end up being the guy in charge. I don't WANT to be the guy in charge but it just happens. If no one wants to make a decision, I'll make it, right or wrong.

I'm not afraid of being wrong. Sometimes it gets me in trouble but for the most part just MAKING a decision is the right thing to do.

So when a true Anonymous comments that my information is wrong and I have been getting valid info for weeks that is right. I disagree with him and because I'm constantly getting jabbed in the side with an IMdb pencil, at some point, I jab back with a snippy remark and I truly apologize.

IMdb is a awesome place for valid information and I feel we both are working for the same goal but in a different way.

The Public Enemies IMdb is a forum ONLY for that movie. It is an informational platform and once filming wraps up might become a little quieter. I don't know, never experience what happens, it's new to me.

Public Enemies - Columbus is an entertainment blog that consist of information on Public Enemies, my opinion on the good and bad of the small community of Columbus and the personal misadventures of yours truly with some history thrown in. Once filming wraps this will still be around (although with less readers).

So - let's just all get along. I'll try to not be so arrogant and continue to wear my flak jacket for pencil jabs for the time being.

Looking back at my life if I could start all over again I would be an Industrial Photo Journalist. I enjoy writing about and showing people how things work.
21 Jump Street - The Movie

Saw this in TV Guide.

So they are making a 21 Jump Street The Movie and this is the guy that will play Johnny Depps character?

Hmmmmm - I do see a slight resemblance. Perhaps it's Johnny in an alternate universe.

OK - I'm worn out.

If anyone cares I'm not Kurthing it tonight because I feel I should take care of my health.

Here is what you should NOT do if you catch a cold.

Day 1 - call into work with a sore throat but later in the night as it gets cold stand "on the line" for six hours until midnight.

Day 2. Call into work but then you Cleveland Pair tree is delivered and the guy says "You should get this in the ground as soon as you can". You look at the tree and it has a root ball the size of a Volkswagen.

Day 3 - completely worn out from Previous two days and sleep most of the day.

Day 4 - Go to work and get worn out from sitting activity. Then golf 9 holes in league and crash at 9:30.

Day 5 - Go drinking at the Kurth? Not a chance
Auditorium news.

A second estimate is being done tomorrow on the Auditorium Restoration. Things are moving ahead.

Talk to ya tomorrow!