Monday, May 12, 2008

An Unplanned Sick Day

Well ladies and germs I am not at work but actually at home with a head the size of a beach ball (not ego this time) and a sore throat.

I woke up Friday with that little "hmmmm, my throat feels weird" feeling and all weekend it was nagging me. Then this morning 2:00 it decided to make it self known that it was not waiting any longer.

So once I get this out of the way I'm back to the couch.

Having a head the size of a beach ball is obstructing normal brain waves so I'm just going to post some photos from Lost Lake Greenhouse where dj and I went visited yesterday. One of the best places for flowers I have ever seen.

I discovered these people last year when we were looking for hanging baskets at the farmers market in Madison. Week in and week out they had the best.

After buying a bunch of stuff we drove around for three hours yelling MARY MARY and honking our horn hoping she would come out of her house but then we realized she was at the Brewer game. OOPS!

Mary - is that your little house with all the wood piled up? :-)

So here are some Lost Lake photos and then back to bed.

Hopefully the comment section will keep people updated on PE happenings!

OK - back to the couch!