Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ricky Martin is GAY? WOW - that came out of left field! WHO'S NEXT!!! Elton John? Clay Aiken? Not that it's a bad thing! Always reminds me of a very good movie "In & Out".  "Should gays be allowed to handle fresh produce"?  

ANYWAY - before I get in big trouble I have to make a correction on yesterdays blog and I tell ya Doug, you should be honored. If I had to make a correction every time I had some fact incorrect I would actually have to have another sister blog that listed all of the errors from the original blog. I would have TWO blogs. Plus I need an apology blog for apologizing to all the people or groups I have made angry.  Three blogs!   

So there is this bike ride the and it seems I have been adding an extra "i" in Heine Ride. There is only one "i" in Heine. So if you are doing a search on the 2010 Heine Ride  don't use both of your eyes.

I think I'll get our bikes off their hangers, pump some air in the tires, locate some chain oily stuff and see if I still have the ability to balance.

Blake, the first time he saw a bicycle just freaked out.  Well, he freaked out the first time he saw a big bag of leaves with a pumpkin face on it also.  He would NOT walk past scary pumpkin bag.   I was walking to work the other day and there is a monument with Martin Luther King who sort of busts out from the granite and this German Shepard was just freaked by it!

New topic.
I see a few people are getting all troubled about the bond market.  I know I just lost 85% of the readers but . . .  anyway . . . it seems the gov was selling two-, five- and seven-year notes and the sale did not go well at all.  Many talking heads said this was a sign that the current bull market was losing steam and people were afraid to put money into the government.

ACTUALLY what is happening is that investors are gaining confidence and instead of investing in safe bonds are instead putting money into the stock market. The healthier economic environment is having investors feeling more and more confident.   So when you hear that Obama will kill America with his horrible fiscal policies!  Remember where we were when he took office? America was on the brink of collapse?  Remember? 
I won't go into this whole cutting music out of Columbus Middle School thing as I do not know all the facts.  I do know that when I lived in Fort Atkinson I was in the orchestra (1st chair cello) and the town decided to dump it's orchestra.  My parents were the tip of the spear when it came to changing city council (or whoever it was) minds and we won and I continued to play cello for many many years!   

So if you are in that fight. You CAN win!  

Something I have been looking for is when will the city pick up yard waste!

Thursday, April 29, Thursday, May 6, and Thursday, May 13, 2010

And lastly - 477,394 pages read. WOW.   Looks like August 2nd we will go over the ONE HALF MILLION MARK!!   mark your calendars.

Have I mentioned the weather?  November 8th of 2009 was the last time we hit 70 and we should be close to record highs near the end of the week along with record High Low temps.

OH - I just got an email - My Jesus in My Hashbrowns had no bidders!
back to the drawing board I guess. . 



  1. The city isn't picking up "loose piles" though, so you have to take it to the recycling center. (Just trying to save you from hauling it to the curb, then raking it up from the curb and putting it in something to transport it like *someone* I know did). Man, I'm so glad I have a gardener. Not!

  2. Greeat Blog!

    Ricky Martin finally came out! Yay!
    about time.

    Funny about Blake not likeing pumpkin faces.

    I hope Columbus will not lose there Music!

    Come on People!
    find better ways to make cuts!

    Music is the world!

    I can't wait till we see 70's
    i am tired of freezing~

    Yay on the blog readers!
    ( I know I am a part of this History!) lol!

    Have a great Tuesday all!

  3. " WHO'S NEXT!!! "

    Don't bet on that Dude!!!