Friday, June 28, 2013

The Magic is gone.

My Belgian Pale Ale came in 1st Place at the Wort Hog contest.  That's two 1st places in a row.  One for my Double Chocolate Stout and now this one.  The next contest has me making an exciting Amber.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   I won't win this one unless I brew it again. 

Problem was I was brewing during a thunderstorm and I didn't get the evaporation I was hoping for during the boil and the beer will be 5-10% weaker.  I guess when the humidity is 85% evapo is not as much.  Plus I did not have a RAPID boil as I should have.

Maybe I'll brew it again but I have to make a Weizenbock for October which I'm looking forward too.  I also want to make another batch of my Frank ZPA (Zytho's Pale Ale).  I need more money LOL

Anybody that is on FaceBook and gets updates from CH3000 (Channel 3) knows that the below photo from my deck is now their Cover Photo. 

6:00AM Vista Circle Columbus

I have a new blog post over at 

Adventures in Disc Golf 

The think I'm having problems explaining to people that Disc Golf is NOT Frisbee Golf.  Totally different animal.   A Frisbee is like a wiffleball, a disc is like a baseball.


Weather - 0.21 inches of rain yesterday in Columbus as a big storm skimmed by.   My question is this.

"Storms will become more widely scattered"  What does that mean???  More storms over a wider area?  The same number of storms but over a wider area?  Same area but less storms?


Last Saturday we went to Costco and got a few things and then put everything in to a tray that use to hole mushrooms. 

When we got home we put things away and Milo fell in love with the box.  when not up causing trouble he was in his box. Sleeping, looking around, watching TV,it was his most wonderful spot. 

Yesterday he threw up in his box. The magic is gone.  Move on, find a new place.  I even cleaned it up but the box is now dead to him.


I'm feeling a little guilty all of a sudden,   There is a Robins nest under our deck in a nice cozy spot.  I looked yesterday and there were 4 baby Robins looking at me.

This this morning I went to take a photo and looked up and said soothing words and then moved to take a photo an PANIC!!!!   They all  "flew" (more like tumbled) out of the nest.

Once they leave the nest can they go back?  Do they go back?  I suppose they know what to do.  I'll keep Milo inside today. 

 Have a nice weekend

Have a great weekend. 

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