Thursday, January 7, 2016

Congrats balderdash AND Ken Griffey Jr

Good points Clark and I agree.  I've been following Colorado pretty closely, looking for cracks in the ointment and problems.  I'm really amazed at how smoothly it's they are doing this. When there is an unforeseen problem such as the edibles being too potent their government fixes it in unbelievable time.  

Perhaps THAT is the problem. In Wisconsin there would be 3 sub committees and a year would go by.  Colorado is a get'r done government.  Illinois has medical cannabis but their government has pretty much made it impossible for residents to access.  

Wasn't it Iowa that ALMOST had it but the voters saw through big business take over. Only one company would be allowed to grow cannabis. 

What gets me is something you touched on.  Cannabis has been used for thousand of years to treat ailments all around the world yet our government made it impossible for modern science to even LOOK at this plant until recently and now that they have the scientific community is going WOW!   

National Geographic had an entire issue on cannabis and the medical community is astounded with this plant.  The PROBLEM (if this is a real problem) is that they have found they cannot separate the "medical" and the "effects" as they seem to all work together. One needs the other.

There IS one problem in Colorado though.  It seems bars are losing customers about 9:30.  One person says the bars in Aspen empty out about 9:30.  Cannabis has really changed the bar "drunk" scene in Colorado.  


OK - in other news - my buddy balderdash won a pretty big football fantasy contest where you have to pick the the WORST players that actually play. Big money - Bravo balderdash.

Ken Griffey Jr. made the Hall of Fame.  This is a big deal for me and my barber.  Back in 1989 we purchased a LOT of his rookie cards.  I have his Japaneses rookie card and I traded a lot of Mark McGwire rookie cards for MORE Griffey rookie cards. 

We purchased 50 of his his rookie SCORE cards for $0.50 each and just a quick look they are about $50 (or $475 at one place) each at the moment . . . . not that I have a clue how to sell them. Who buys baseball cards anymore LOL 

I'm not talking about the losers in my sets.  Like my Billy Ripken "Fuck Face" card.  Yea - he had his rookie card photo taken but someone put "Fuck Face" on the bottom of his bat.  I have 5 of those.  I think I could get $10 for them. 


Nobody won Powerball.   Powerball raised the odds of winning last year from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million but - there is always a chance.  This next one COULD be close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS.   I'll say it right now.  IF I win with my 1 ticket Columbus will reap some benefits! 


Finally the talking weather heads on TV are saying COLD next week but now I'm thinking not AS cold as they are saying. They want you to tune in now and are forecasting much more cold then I think will come.  I think our coldest day will have a high of 12 now. 

Carry on!