Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Time to Pay the Piper

I come baring (bearing?) bad news - remember December? How nice and warm it was?

Well . . . . . . . .it's all going to come crashing down on his - THANK YOU ICELAND!! **

** more on Iceland later.

We have a BIG blast of arctic air coming our way and we should start to feel it's effects Sunday and it looks like we should have a number of blasts heading our way for January.  All that cold that has been bottled up north, as we bask in heat, is being pushed at us from the other side of the earth. 

"The rapid and unexpected destruction of the tropospheric polar vortex, via the historically strong North Atlantic storm this week, has thrown a significant monkey wrench into the January forecast,"  

That means that a blast of warm air going into the arctic circle is displacing the cold cold arctic air and where does it go?  Directly over US!  Not U.S. but us.    

There is good news and bad news.  We still have El Nino which starts to really take hold January through March and the idea is that once January is over we should get back into the warmer the average weather again. . . . . . . . or not.   I say this because I personally feel that when a pattern like this sets up it is really hard to change it's course.

The mindset was that February would be the  "pay the piper" month but with the"destruction of the tropospheric polar vortex" I think it is coming early.

Wisconsin is going to be caught in the middle of a yo-yo weather pattern. West coast hot, east coast cold, then the 2nd half of January West Coast cold East Coast hot but we will be in the middle, always sort of cold. 

SO - in a nut shell I'm expecting January will be just waiting to get bitch slapped with artic cold, let it blow off, warm up a little and BAM here comes another one.   sigh! 

A few other charts of interest.

You have heard a lot about the record flooding on the Mississippi.  This all drains into the Missipp 

Not good news for snowmobiles.


The armed terrorists ranchers in Oregon - WTF - they are already getting a GREAT deal from the government for grazing fees.  The Bureau of Land Management is giving them a 93% discount for grazing fees compared to the going market price.  Those fees only covering 15% of what it costs Americans to maintain those grazing lands. The other 85% is covered by you and me.

Where were the gun owners wearing guns to protect us from those terrorists - oh wait - those gun owners WERE the terrorists!  hmmmmmm!


Then there is Pre-K which studies are showing is not cracking up as wonderful as they thought it would. The benefits of pre-K just are not happening and in fact a newest study has shown that kids that went to pre-K are actually worse off once they hit 3rd grade.

1st grade pre-K students were doing well but by 3rd grade it was more like they were already getting burned out with school.


A new CBS News/New York Times poll has 92% of all Americans and 87% of Republicans are in favor of ALL gun sales needing background checks. Obama's executive order is pretty tame really, it's just closing loop holes.


Cannabis - I'm a big proponent for legalizing cannabis for medical use as it is literally a wonder drug for many illnesses and it will over take the US at some point.  24 States have made it legal for medical use and 4 for recreation. Of those 4 States, drunk driving deaths and accidents have gone down along with violent crime.

ANYWAY - like the gold rush, the people who made the BIG money were the ones that sold the shovels and pick axes.  So I've been watching to see how can I get rich selling shovels and pick axes to the cannabis crowd.

So far I've only found one company that is public, Endexx.  Basically they help keep track of EVERYTHING. Every seed, every plant, EVERYTHING in the cannabis operation is tracked and taxed.  Not what I was looking for at all but . . . . still looking.  I'll have to go to Brew and Grow in Madison (where I get my brewing ingredients) and talk to them about where they get all of their growing stuff.  Yea - they sell for "tomatoes" and so forth but I think they have their foot in the door for the future.  Just thinking out loud.      

If I REALLY wanted to make money I would invest in gun makers.  Smith and Wesson is up 850% in the last 4 years.  And when Obama took office their stock was selling at $2 a share, now it's neat $24 a share.   I'm sure there will be a surge in gun buying this week.  BUT NOW!!

Nuff said - later gator.

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