Monday, September 25, 2017

Too much TV

Thank goodness for DVRs with so much great television.  We can't find time to watch more episodes of Vietnam even though it's fascinating.  Then The Orville is proving to be MUCH better then I expected and Star Trek looks REALLY good.  I'm not sure what I like better at the moment.  IMDB is giving the edge to StarTrek  7.8 to 7.4.

I finally got DJ turned on to Outlander so we're catching up on that and of course Survivor starts Wednesday along with Seal Team, and Designated Survivor the real hit of the bunch so far.  I'm not a Leah Remini fan so for me Kevin  Can Wait gets booted but The Mick, a totally politically incorrect comedy that I swear is created by conservatives just to give us liberals cringe worthy moments starts soon (this week?).  No, seriously, The Mick will give you something that you will laugh at and then think to yourself "should I be laughing at this?"  moments.  I guarantee it.


Speaking of laughing - Gus.

Gus loves sitting on the deck with a trey or water and ice cubes in it.  GREAT FUN.  Yesterday he was trying to grab ice cubes in the deeper water but his nose was an issue.

Then, he figures it out.  He dips his nose into the deep water blowing out creating a stream of bubbles and then grabs the ice.  It was so funny and he looked so proud of himself.


Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has spent over $400,000 on government paid private charter jets. Your money working for him so he can be extra comfortable.


The Packers - never a good thing when an offensive coordinator gets fired and your team is the first to play the new one.    It's like betting ON a team that just fired their coach.  IF someone gets fired they are bound to get better.   Luckily the Packers pulled it out of the fire.

One thing that bothered me was they mentioned that it was the first time Rodgers won an overtime game.  Well, it was ALMOST the first time the Packers GOT THE BALL in overtime.


In Fanduel Elwood and I had a tough weekend.  We both felt it was going to be a hard week as there were always holes in salaries.  We always had $400 extra but nowhere to spend it or $100 short to get the perfect player.

Then we picked Philadelphia as our defense like 69% of all other Fanduel players and they totally sucked. We also felt like Oakland was a monster and had Carr as our QB.  GREAT   -0.7 points at halftime I think.

Luckely we had Chris Thompson the running back for Washington and A.J. Green the receiver for Cincinnati. Sadly we had Montgomery from the Packers (65% ownership).

We split going 2-2.


Getting ready for the yearly jaunt to Door County. Should be in the uppers 60s next week up there which is fantastic.  Much better then sleet and wind and cold which it is normally in October.

Gotta run!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Odyssey of Echo Company / The Popcorn Wagon

Sadly Columbus did not hit 90 yesterday - only 89.  We did receive 0.29 inches of rain from the storms last night!


I have a new book written by Doug Stanton.  Stanton has become one of my favorite living authors. The other two favorite but deceased authors are Stephen E. Ambrose who's father was my moms Doctor (grew up in Whitewater) and Cornelius Ryan.

I met and had dinner with Doug Stanton at a USS Indianapolis reunion in 2013. His first book "Harm's Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors"  is about my father in law adventures and members of the Indy.  Fantastic book that is in the same vein of Band of Brothers where you follow a group into the unknown.  A factual drama adventure soon to be an HBO event with multiple National Geographic specials.

His second book is also fantastic Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan about "specially trained mounted U.S. soldiers, deployed in the war-ravaged Afghanistan mountains to fight alongside the Northern Alliance-thousands of rag-tag Afghans who fought themselves to exhaustion or death-against the Taliban".

This is in the process of becoming a series/movie also.

His newest book is "Odyssey of Echo Company: The 1968 Tet Offensive and the Epic Battle to Survive the Epic Battle"  follows Echo Company of the 101 during the Tet Offensive.  I have only read about why he wrote this book and I have chills already.   Ken Burns says it well when he stated you really need 50 years after something to really get an unbiased view of events.


I have officially jumped on board of the popcorn wagon  . . . wagon.  Two thoughts.  If the wagon is "entombed" in the Pavilion it will remain safe and sound with lots of people seeing it that know that it is already there.  HOWEVER -  if it is OUT THERE in parades many MORE younger people will see it and perhaps 50 years from now they will have fond memories.

To be honest if I was George Hasey I would think he would want people buying popcorn out of it making people happy.  So, the question is - do we preserve history?  Or do we continue to create history for the future.


The Paris climate accords now only has two holdouts.  Syria and The United States


California is about to pass a new law making puppy mills and any dog or cat in stores that did not come from a shelter or rescue. Well done CA.


There have been 1,772 episodes of House Hunters on HGTV faux reality show.  I say faux because the people buying the home ALREADY have decided which home to pick and are just playing along!


Big Brother came to an end last night and I have not spoken of it this summer because it was one of the worst season ( according to IMDB voting ) since season one. In fact last nights finale' was the worst episode EVER in Big Brother history.  

The dumbest game players ever who let a veteran run the entire show like they were puppets and then they did not vote for him to win the money.  The players immediately found show-manses and then played either to help their partner OR help Paul the veteran. Nobody played to WIN.

Stupid stupid people in the most strategic game show on TV.  SAD.


Russia just sent 34 million in oil to North Korea.


Waiting for a new iPhone?  The problem ALL phone companies are having is the lack of glass for phones.  This is why the Foxconn (notice CON in their name) LOOKS so wonderful . . except for the multiple of times Foxconn has taken the money and not done anything.  But Walker and his cronies are dazzled are are throwing the dice knowing that if it fails they will be long long gone to take any blame but their base will suck it up.  Sadly it will not be until 2042 when Wisconsin start getting paid back for empty promises.

OH - I am all for Foxconn coming to Wisconsin if we did not have to mortgage our children future so Chicago and Illinois  people can have jobs.  


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Final thoughts

I'm not going to dwell on the subject since it seems the town is all a buzz anyway.  Yesterday I had a few politically incorrect paragraphs about what happened in town Friday. I deleted those paragraphs because some people thought I was anti police officers which I am not in any way.  I respect the Columbus Police Officers 99% of the time and I feel they do an outstanding job, I really do. However  I did not respect their actions Friday.  I never ever publicly condemned any officers as it was falsely reported in a blast email.  I did publicly condemned the Friday operation. There is a BIG difference.

Since I am an alderman many of my constitutes have been asking for my thoughts (since many don't read this blog until late) and I'll put this politically correctly -  I found the operation deplorable and embarrassing.

I was drilled a new asshole and was called irresponsible in an email sent to EVERYBODY,   Hey - I'm just voicing my personal opinion.   Hell, I think I became an alderman because I voice the opinions of many people in Columbus and they voted for me because they agree with me.

I have railed against the City Administrator,  the Police Department, Recreation, DPW, the Mayor, fellow alderman and I THINK I argued with the Popcorn Cart people.  The only person I have never gone after was the former City Clerk (she scared the hell out of me).  Should we just be lemmings and follow along and keep quiet?  Being an alderman I have taken shots about how hideous and stupid and inept the Columbus Government is.  So it works both ways.

Anybody that has read my personal  blog for the past 8 years know I am a downtown cheerleader and will fight and argue (to a fault) tooth and nail to make our downtown a place people want to visit. I've been a politician for 4 years and am not an "expert" in urban renewal but take this job seriously.  I have read 4 books cover to cover on how to make communities a better place to live and the answer in all of those books? . . . . .many many many small things that look unimportant by themselves but as a whole give you a chance to be something better.  Make it so families have things to do, bike paths, better faster internet a friendly police force and so forth.  If you bring the families the businesses will follow (and they are).

I love this town and see so much potential and know there are a lot of good things coming in the near future. We NEED more residents as more and more businesses are looking to move here and some big expansions are coming (none of them for official public consumption yet) so any negative blip really gets my attention.

ANYWAY - Nuff said and I will drop the subject.  In other news.  It looks like Council is leaning towards putting a step in on the sidewalk issue on James Street.  DOT will not put in a railing (which is needed) and if they did it would be the cheapest thing they could fine.

Metal people
My idea was that we have enough metal people in Columbus and perhaps we can get some metal artwork/railing instead of standard steel pipes.

again - this is one of those tiny things that show prospective business owners and tourists that we care.

Trees, benches, bike racks, artwork help make the downtown a place people want to visit and meet and hang out.


OH - it was said that I support the legalization of marijuana (the CORRECT term is cannabis). no - not really. I feel there are employment issues in legal states and see problems. I'm not against it but only 60% for it for financial reason.  I am 100% pro decimalization so our police officers can do more important things.


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation health care premiums in 2016 were up 3% last year in America.  Weird as I keep hearing ads on conservative radio saying 20% .  It's almost as they are lying to America.


The new bill the GOP is trying to pass to repeal  the Affordable Care Act TOOK OUT $45 billion in funding to combat opiate addiction and treatment.   Seems the GOP feels opiate addiction and treatment is not that important.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Columbus: blah blah

So the Packers lost - well, they WERE playing the team that SHOULD have won the Super Bowl and they were opening a new stadium AND the Packers were missing their two tackles and the #1 defensive player.   Plus that 47 yard penalty pick play (that should not have been called) did not help but the Pack were given some free yards LAST week by the officials so . . . . .

But the good news is that Rodgers and Montgomery did great for ME in Fanduel where I finished 8th and 10th and in the money on both.   I wanted to get points on EVERY Packer touchdown so why not Rodgers and Montgomery.   Only 6% of Fanduel players had Rodgers while 71% owned Monty.   My big pick was Javorius Allen the back-up RB for Baltimore.  With everybody injured he was the man and VERY inexpensive.  Only 2% owned him and I got a staggering 18.6 points.

So between Elwood and I we are 6 out of 8 in the money.


Obamacare is in BIG trouble this time with a REALLY bad plans that will hurt even more Americans.  More as details come in but this new plan is the worst yet which changes some votes for Senators that do not care about their constituents.


The Robert Mueller’s investigation is really stepping up with shock and awe behind the scenes. Breaking into houses legally and taking computers and every scrap of paper in peoples houses. Kyle Freeny in a very very high profile money laundering case has all of a sudden been hired.

Meanwhile in the States where Trump won by 10 points he has dropped 18% in the polls


The LAChargers.  If you want to go to a Charger game - regular parking costs $100 per car.   Then you need a ticket which is how much ???   YIKES!!


Gus is on Dog penicillin with a cold or something.  I doubt they know but puppy's can catch anything so they put him on dogicillin for uncontrolled sneezing not reverse sneezing which is a thing.  Blake had reverse sneezing and it's scary for you AND it scary for a dog.

If you ever see a dog reverse sneezing you can help him.  Block his nostrils for a few seconds and hold his snout.  This will make him take a big breath which is what is needed.  Take him outside and calm him down talking quietly as he is scared.

If only I was human I could have bacon and go outside whenever I wanted 

Cleveland Indians LOST - in their streak they outscored their opponents 142-37


Only 2 country's in the world trust Trump more now then they did 6 months ago. Russia and Israel. Only one country in the world thinks MORE favorably of America.  Russia.


ANYWAY.  Hurricane Maria will hit St. Thomas and St. John as a CAT 4 hurricane. They already have no water or food.  Not goign to be anything left of those islands.  

GONE - 90% of those trees are stripped bare. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Battle for the Popcorn Cart

You know you live in a small community when there is controversy over a popcorn cart.   Oh, it's a part of Columbus history for sure and a wonderful yet tragic story, but controversy?

I'll just say one thing.  The "City" has not decided on one thing yet so keep the "city" out of your controversy.  I got rather . . . . animated at The Friends of the Popcorn Cart post that cuts down city government and I will ALWAYS defend the government (as it stands at this moment).  It pisses me off when someone who has no working knowledge on how things actually work make accusations about our ineptness.  It makes my blood boil because from what I have seen is that Columbus is moving in the right direction and actually gaining momentum.

We have a 9% greater equalized valuation over the previous year, 30+ new homes have been built in 2 years and the government actually has a vision of what will happen 9 years down the road.  NOT just dealing with NEXT year which seemed to be how things were before 4 years ago .

We continue to fix roads AND infrastructure which had been ignored for years so when I hear complaints about "how can we be counted on to do the right thing because we let the auditorium sit" . . . . WELL, PERHAPS are are bigger priorities?  $2.5 million does not grow on trees.

Good Lord.


Speaking of refrigerators.  The proper temperature for a frig is 36 degrees and the proper temp for the freezer is 0 (zero).  I had assumed the freezer would be like . . . . below freezing BUT NOOOO!  I guess now.


The Columbus Library (a Carnegie library) was recognized as the 2nd Best Small Library in the Nation!    WE'RE NUMBER TWO,  WE'RE NUMBER TWO!!  HOWEVER - #1 have a stuffed bear so I believe Columbus needs a stuffed elephant to honor the elephant we used to have in the deer pen many many MANY years ago.  Or perhaps we could take one of the deer trapped in the pens as a mascot. Change the name of our high school  from the all too common Columbus Cardinals (Cardinals is a default when you can not think of anything else) to the Columbus Deer Trappers or something.


Pic-n-Save continues to reboot and yesterday was moving day with all knew shelving and cold cases and flooring.  Plus, LOTS of 50% off items that will no longer be on the shelves. GOOD stuff too.  Actual stuff you want to buy!   BRAVO Pic-N-Save.


The Cleveland Indians won their 21st game in a row. Before the streak they had a .552 winning percentage.  The chance of a .552 team winning 21 in a row is . . . . . rather small. Something in the 0.00038082% range.    However - they are now a .616 team so their chance of winning 21 in a row NOW are all the way up to 0.00038123%  So yea. much easier now.

This weekend we saw on average 10 minutes less of commercials in NFL games.   Meanwhile 46% of the teams that played did not gain 300 yards. Up from 22% last year.  The reasoning?  Offensive lineman talent is lacking.


Martin Shkreli - that asshole pharmaceutical guy convicted of fraud . . . . had his $5,000,000 bail revoked.  Reason?  He put out a $5000 bounty on anyone that will pull Clinton's hair.  This was considered as bad behavior by a judge I guess.  picky picky picky


Then there is Equifax who spent $500,000 on a lobbyist to convince the government to loosen the laws to limit the liability in case anything bad happened. . . . . TOO LATE!

    OOPS - just wandered off and never finalized this  LOL

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Baseball, football, and fatbergs

  • Fish, for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable.
Seems no one noticed I blogged yesterday  LOL   Take a few days off and BAM - I'm forgotten.

The Cleveland Indians won their 20th straight last night tying the 2002 Money Ball Oakland As, the team that changed baseball (well, not really, Bill James changed baseball and it's STILL stuck in the past, for instance, bunting).

But the LA Dodgers won.  Remember how good they were?  If not for a 1-0 win they would have lost 17 in a row.

Then there are the Brewers who used 7 pitchers last night to won.  There are some people that believe this should really be the norm.  Starting pitchers always pitch worse the 3rd time through a rotation so why pitch a pitcher more then 3 innings.


Next year all teams will play on opening day and it will be the earliest opening day ever  March 29th.


In the NFL - there were 3 games decided my 7 points of less.  The most lopsided group of games since 1973 (the year I graduated High School - I think I graduated - they tell me I was at the graduation but I don't remember  it at all)


So far 16 Republicans are retiring. Remember what I said so long ago?  As soon as one party holds the top office, that party from governors on up start to lose power. 100% of the time.
Hillary has a new book out about the past election.  Good Lord get over it.  yea yea the liberals will take over the political arena coming up . . . . . if they actually have some sort of vision besides showing how inept the GOP is at governing.   The blue tsunami is on the horizon if they don't shoot their selves in the foot again.

The interesting thing with the book will be how long people listen to the audio book.   George W Bush's book was 20.2 hours of listening and the average listener lasted 12 hours. Clinton's "Hard Choices"  was a 27 hour "listen" but on average the listener only listened to 8.4 hours.


38% of professionals believe the use of AI and robots will lead to more unemployment.  With that said - DJ and I have been binging on Outlander and I commented on how many candles are in use and there must be a HUGE candle manufacturing operation.  I bet candle makers hated to see the light bulb.   JOBS JOBS JOBS!  They come they go.  Deal with it.


Columbus Water & Light has two teams in Florida helping out working 16 hour days.  89 degrees with 72 degree dew point  . . . and no electricity for air conditioning.


London has a 130 ton fatberg.  What is a fatberg?  When you flush oil and grease down your sink it solidifies long before it reaches waste water facilities.  THEN people through napkins and other paper products that do not disintegrate into their toilets and that stuff catches the grease and oil. That is a fatberg and it acts like a giant 130 ton plug.

Remember how toilet paper used to be different colors? They found that the dye made it so the toilet paper did not disintegrate.  DON'T THROW non-crap (and I say that literally) into the toilet unless you want a huge bill at some point.


And on that subject - for $100 Olive Garden is offering unlimited pasta, soup, salad, and breadsticks for 2 months.  They tried this last year and sold 22,000 passes in their first 1 second.


OH - I suppose I need to mention this.  Seems to be a big hoopla about the Popcorn Cart and how the people in charge want to donate our popcorn cart to the city. WELL, someone who runs "Friends of the Popcorn Cart" was against this idea because the "city" might just sell it to help fund the budget.

SERIOUSLY?  are you on crack?  That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard (actually not really close to THE stupidest thing but you get the idea . . . I think the stupidest thing was blaming Obama for letting botching the Hurricane Katrina survivors).

ANYWAY - it seems the "friends" have no issues with a historical popcorn cart located in a bar where beer can be spilled on it or the back of a store where no one sees it.  No issues there but in a secure location so many people can view it on a daily basis, THAT is an issue?


         Nuff said


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Well . . .hello!

There is only one thing I hate more then lying. 
Skim milk, which is water that is lying about being milk. 

We were catching up on Steven Colbert when he had Russia Week.  He traveled to Russia to talk to the people there about Americans and so forth.  Colbert was invited to be on the State sponsored late night comedy talk show and one of of the things they did was take shots of vodka.

Obviously not something you can do in America on a talk show.  ANYWAY - they took shots and then ate a baby pickle.  It's a thing I guess.  Shots of vodka and a pickle.  

Well, I had to try that. Perhaps that was the best way to have vodka and since I had the summer of vodka last summer and we tried like 8 different kinds (there really is a big difference in vodkas) why not try it. 

So, last night I had a shot and a pickle and was amazed.  It tasted exactly like a shot of vodka . . AND A PICKLE.  No magic. At least it took away the taste of the vodka which to me is not that wonderful at all.  I'll take a shot of Fireball before vodka.   Fireball takes me back to junior high when I got in big trouble for selling tooth picks soaked in cinnamon extract.  It was a big thing in junior high. 

Probably why when I had my first few shots of Fireball a few years ago I got this warm fuzzy feeling. 


The Orville  an adult Star Trek spoof is wonderful and is getting rave reviews from everybody that is NOT a critic. Pure, simple entertainment that the IMDB database gives in a 7.7 and Rotten Tomatoes has 87% of the people who watched it love it.


Went to a Subaru celebration last night highlighting the Crosstrek which we are looking into.  We were given a Leatherman which is a pretty cool tool . . . but don't look up Leatherman on your computer at work . . .. 

The FBI National Instant Criminal Background Checks for firearm sales will be down 11 percent compared to last year.  Why?  Nobody is buying guns.  Gun sales are down drastically since Donald was elected.  Not a surprise.  The gun industry HATE Republican presidents.  Sales ZOOM with a Democrat in office and drop off a cliff with Republicans.


I want to invest in lithium but have no idea how.  $750 BILLION in new lithium mines are being proposed to keep up with demand.


You know that saying about 100 year floods and so forth?  Well, that does not mean a flood of that magnitude will happen once every 100 years.  It means each year there is a 1 in 100 change you will get that size of a flood.


I had a flurry of golf outings to end the summer and we played The Meadows in Waunakee Sunday.  baaaa   102. The greens were crazy fast and the holes were in stupid places.  We had one guy putt up hill and it curved around the hole and came in from the back side.   Another guy putted 4 times and the ball would not stay near the hole and would roll back.

Sadly putting was not why I had a 102.   We did vote to move our league from Door Creek and their rotten over priced slow food to The Oaks.  So if anyone wants to play The Oaks next year in a relaxed league where you can play with whom ever you want to each week. We have openings.  It's more just golf and a league as a by product.


Went 1-1 in Fanduel.  Had Rodgers and Nelson and seeing the Packers scored 0 points at half time was scary.  I was one running back away from placing in both tournaments.


Nobody is mentioning the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico.


Then there is Irma.

When Andrew hit St. John USVI I had a friend that was a tree house builder living there. It was chaos and for 3 weeks and he and all members of his family carried a gun and lived inside a make shift fort with other Americans. The US Navy did not get there for 2 weeks to rescue them.  The island is now completely wipe out.

90% of the trees have been defoliated and there are basically no standing buildings. No runnign water and no electricity. DJ and I had our poker paid for honeymoon on St. John (well, a few years after were married)


  St. Thomas is defoliated also from the images I saw.  So so sad.


Green Bay plays Atlanta this Sunday night. Many are saying the Super Bowl will have either Green Bay OR Seattle.   Green Bay is 2.5 point dog.


Its freaking loud at my house.  3 homes being build near us with things hammering, trucks beeping and so forth.  As bad as a few summers ago when they build Enerpac hill behind us.  There was never a time for an entire summer where there were not at least 3 trucks dumping dirt.  The most irritating summer ever.

Nuff Siad.   

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sound Proof, DACA, Golf, dish washers

Capitalism: God's way of determining who is smart, 
and who is poor. 

So with the money we saved on NOT getting the ultra sweet refrigerator we purchased a new dishwasher.  A Bosch which advertises 44Db for noise.  Most dishwasher companies advertise how quiet they are but here is the BIG difference.

All other companies install their appliance into a faux counter and then measure how loud that are.  HOWEVER - Bosch does it differently.  The put their washer in the middle of an empty room and measure it.  THEN when you installed the washer it's actually MUCH quieter.

I can stand next to ours and literally cannot hear it run.  PLUS - it's an Energy Star so we can get $25 big ones back from Columbus Water and Light.  The frig is not Energy Star.


There seems to be trouble brewing in CA if you are a wine drinker. There are not enough workers to pick grapes.  Now with cannabis about to become legal there is more of a problem finding enough workers.  Good thing the GOP want to deport 800,000 tax paying Dreamers so America can be whiter.  California has 200,000 DACAs. THAT won't help the problem.

Oddly Democrats are going after 14 GOP congressional candidates. DACA might come up in the conversation.


The New York Jets are 1000-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. O/U for the Jets is 3.5 wins.

But if you want a sure thing, the Golden State Warriors are 1000-1 to make the playoffs.


Shot a 94 at the Oaks and was feeling good until I saw that The Oaks is actually an easier course then Door Creek if teeing off from the White tees.  To be closer we would need to tee off from the woman's  Green tees.

The Oaks from the WHITES is rated at 67.4 while Door Creek is 68.9 so MEN should tee off from the Blue tees at 69.2 to be closer.   Our league is considering moving to The Oaks because the food at Door Creek is overpriced and not that good at all.  $9 for a frozen hamburger patty? (they do cook it).


OH - our government has canceled all the financial benefits for wind farms and solar farms that are being built.  Coal is the future you know.


This weekend we traveled to Kewaunee  because my brother is building a sound proof recording studio and since I have never build a sound proof room I was fascinated.  He needs it because his wife and he (him?) narrate books (like books on tape) and you need NO SOUND when recording.

The first thing I noticed was he was drunk when he started to put it up because all the walls are at angles.  Seems you don't want square as sound will bounce around (or that was the excuse he told me).

Then looking closer I saw the particulars. Double dry wall on the inside because mass is one of the most important things but wait - there is more.

The dry wall is attached to 2x6s(?) HOWEVER, those do not touch the outside dry wall as it would carry sound.  So there is another set of 2x6s that hold the outside dry wall and those never touch anything on the inside.

Then carpeting will be attached to all walls inside.   Pretty darn cool.  


Gus does not like this "winter" thing he keeps hearing about.  How much colder can it get he says

Here is one thing I should mention because it was so damn funny.

AS A DOG he likes to rummage through the laundry.  Well, he found some underwear when we were going to bed and was chewing on it with glee.  We thought, let the monster chew as he is happy.

Well, after about 5 minutes he was asleep and when I reached down to take it away . . . .HE WAS WEARING IT!!   Seriously, somehow he wrapped it around himself and was inside my underwear and was asleep.

DOGS!!!!!!!   You never know what they are thinking.