Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mr. Mann I Presume?

That's right ladies and germs, there was a Michael Mann sighting in Columbus a few days ago. What was he doing? He was wandering the streets looking right, looking left, looking up and doing a lot of thinking about locations.

Rumor has it some things in Chicago are not going exactly as his vision has it so . . . . . a trip back to Columbus for a walk around was necessary.

And THAT my friends is some pretty interesting news. So I rescind my previous rescind which rescinded my original comment about a return to Columbus. Don't put those Rod-on-a-stick's away yet!
In some sad news (for me) I was told that maybe I should hold off on postcard #2 by Michelle. I gather we want to keep in good grace's with Universal and this card will have to wait.

Personally I disagree, it's not like we're harming anything or showing actors in a bad light - the postcard does not have the Nat'l Enquirer Seal of Approval. But - when people with greater authority then I say "jump" I say how high (actually I have always questioned authority but don't tell them that). I'm trying to be a good guy. STILL - awesome postcard even if I do say so myself and a loss for Columbus AND Universal.
The Tudors - Watched the first episode Season 1 last night and STILL love the show. DJ was too sick to watch it, I hope someday she will be well again! Maybe near the end of summer? This Cold has her by the . . . . . . throat.
Something I have noticed but am afraid to mention.

I received a very kind email last night from a woman and one of the sentences in the mail was "I am very shy so I haven't posted anything."

I pray I do not embarrass her but this seems to be a common thread I have observed, particularly among woman that are now commenting here or people I have met at the Kurth.

From my male point of view it seems that a lot of woman are shy. Why is that? Is it just my perception and not true? Is it because males grew up in a team/sports atmosphere? I could be totally wrong with this but again, it seems woman have problems having friends because of this shy thing.

Maybe the only people that read this blog are shy??

I was shy once, sort if an introvert. Then I noticed that when I started to make fun of myself, joke about things I total mishandled it seemed to open others up because they would see that others do things wrong also. Everybody blows it from time to time. So why be embarrassed about it.

It's the same with being shy. People think they HAVE to say something or they think "what if I say something dumb". HELL - look at me!! I'm a poster boy for saying dumb things (hmmm - I'm a poster boy for two things now).

So - I would love to hear from shy people in the comments about this - you can stay anonymous. How do you overcome "shy". I know there are a few comment people that are shy but you would never know it (can't shut them up NOW).
Bonus photo from Door County

OK - off to Sharrow to get cough stuff for DJ.

Rod - OUT